Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 206

Volume 1 Chapter 206 Intentions

"We heard you're going on a vacation?"

Su Mo asked Su Ci Yi one time when they are having dinner together. Because a lot of things had happened these few days, the entire family hadn't had time to even gather for their meal. Tonight was special and the table was filled with every member.

The dinner table is composed of vegetable salad and a few meat dishes. This set-up of dinner meal is solely for Su Mo to avoid getting tempted to eat prohibited food as per advice of his doctor. Su Gi specifically arranged for the meal tonight.

The people who compose the dinner table were only, the whole family of Su and Qin Tao. Qin Yu is missing almost every night for supper. Qin Tao however, on the other hand didn't seem too lonely since his father is always away.

Her father's tone earlier when she asked him, wasn't gentle. And Su Ci Yi had been too used to it. It was kind of voice with a tint of force concern as if he's doing it as a familial responsibility.

"Yeah. It is so sudden but I guess I'm going."

Su Mo harrumph, " If Song Mao hadn't had told me beforehand, you will not going to tell your parents, aren't you? Are you going to disappear again like last time without proper approval of your elder? You are lucky, even though you showed disrespect; yet you are still welcome to this house."

Is she still a kid that needed her parent's approval before going out?

Also, they hadn't even care when she was still at the mental, so why the sham show of concern about her?

She was reallywrong to bring the kid with her on this supper. Qin Tao shouldn't hear some discussion like these or he will begintothink of funny ideas.

This kid isn't even acting like a normal kidanyway.

Qin Tao, who was sitting beside Su Ci Yi spilled the soup that he almost brought to his mouth. Su Ci Yi saw him being messy therefore pull out a table napkin and wipe the child's mouth.

"Thank you." Qin Tao politely said his thanks and went back to eating.

"See, even your child has good manners. I'm reallysure that the child got this personality from his father. Try to be a little more concerned about your attitude towards your parents. Don't set a poor example to the child."

Nag. Nag. Nag.

For the entire night, Su Ci Yi felt that the topic for dinner was her flaws. That man Su Mo was literally targeting her.

Su Gi had enough of her husband's nitpick towards Su Ci Yi and change the subject of their conversation. She turned to the child and brought him a dessert that she had made this afternoon. A manga flavored pudding.

Qin Tao's eyes immediately glittered seeing the sweet dessert and excitedly grab it from Su Gi.

"Is it good, sweetie?"

Qin Tao nodded, "Thanks, grandma, I reallylike it."

"Are you excited about your vacation? Don't stay too long there or your grandma will miss you so much."

Qin Tao in a hype mood exclaimed, "Don't worry grandma, I will bring a lot of souvenirs for you and grandpa. I will not forget it when I will be there."

Su Ming heard this and pouted, "Hey, how come they have souvenirs from you, why am I not included? Am I adopted of the family?"

Qin Tao patted Su Ming's hand for reassurance, "Auntas well. I will not forget it!"

What a sweet little child! Su Ming pulled the child and brought him to her bosom and tickled. 'Such a sweet tiny kid, where is your ticklish area, huh? Aunt will give you good tickling exercises!

Qin Tao giggled as his side wastickled. Su Mo and Su Gi both laugh just looking at the hysterical laughter of the kid. They will miss this child if ever he went into a vacation.


Time swiftly flew by and before she knew it, it was the day for their vacation.

The morning had a very refreshing glow from the rainfall that happened last night. The flowers are sparkling and had already budded in a beautiful color. The servants on the area also give their blessing for their safe trip ahead.

Su Ming helped Su Ci Yi bringing over her travel bag.

Qin Yu had said that she didn't need to bring anything at all, however, it's too uncomfortable for her going on vacation without bringing anything at all.

When they came down, Qin Yu had been waiting down the stairs.

He was only wearing a pair of casual clothes. An obsidian scarf and a pair of shades shoved on his head. He's also wearing shorts and an inconspicuous pair of Adidas sneakers. Though his fashion is normal, Su Ci Yi couldn't help to admit that this new look of his, ridiculously showed his fresh and youthful charm. Anyone who will see him wouldn't think thathe had already a kid.

When Qin Yu saw the bulk at her back, he frowned. He didn't literally hide it but it showed on his face. The disapproval look that plastered on his face is like a kid on a tantrum when his mother didn't buy his favorite toy car.

When she got down, the man immediately clung to her side and whispered,

"Yi, I thought I made myself clear to you not to bring your luggage." When he puffed his breath into her ear, Su Ci Yi shivered from the sensation.

"This is to make sure. How can you be so confident that you brought everything necessary?"

Qin Yu smiled widely, like the sunshine this morning, "I bought everything for you. Including your necessities. I even bought the exact sizes of your underwear and brassiere" His gaze went down from her head to her feet. She cringed from the kinky vibe this man oozing. Would she really be okay together with this man throughout their journey?

Su Ci Yi glared at the man. She was stopping herself from punching the smug smile on his face.

"So, if there's reallymissing along with the things, we could always go shopping from the nearby department store."

Qin Yu insisted not to bring anything at all, therefore Su Ci Yi left her travel bag inside her room.

The man brought with him his Ferrari which is too catchy to the eye. Even his father praised him for owing such a gallant and exquisite vehicle.

Qin Tao's excitement couldn't be hidden as soon as he saw his father's car and ran off inside.

The two bade farewell from Su Ming as they followed Qin Tao's trail.

Qin Yu and Su Ci Yi seated on the front while Qin Tao stayed on the passenger's seat. But before they could even proceed tostart the engine, Qin Yu pulled out a small rectangular box in his pocket and presented it to her.

Su Ci Yi without even thinking received the box and opened it.

On it sat a brilliant diamond ring that she estimated would be on the size on her middle finger. As soon as her eyes laid on it, a suspicious doubt appeared on her face and glanced at him.

Qin Yu saw that she was still hesitant to receive it, so he urged her to wear it. However, he was not satisfied and even assisted her to put the ring on her middle finger.

The ring was exactly the same size of her finger.

Qin Yu really had a knack for her personal measurement, isn't he?

"What's the purpose of this?" Su Ci Yi blandly inquired and her gaze didn't leave the diamond treasure.

"It's for us to look credible."

Credible. Why is there a need for a ring when they are just visiting his parent's home? This man now is becoming more and more enigmatic. If only he told her the reason for her appearance, then she wouldn't think of funny thought, however, Qin Yu's lips are tightly zipped whenever she inquired about it.

This is her first wearing something like this. Even that Huan Ro, at the time of their engagement didn't even bother to buy it to her.

Anyway, since this look fancy on her fingers and she like the small glittering gemstone in the middle on it, she decided to stay put for a while.

"This diamond is authentic and came from a renowned artisan. This is the only ring with this style and design out of his collection."

Such a rare treasure. She wondered how will this cost on the market?

"Yi, don't trytosell it. After we go back home, you need to return this to me."

Su Ci Yi was befuddled, did he heard her thoughts?

"I won't"

"Also, be careful not to chop your finger from a robber. This is a desirable item especially for a person with ill intent."

"I'll chop their head first before they chop my fingers."

Qin Yu leaned his back on the chair of the car and put his foot on the pedal. He's not reallyworried about some random morning thief who will steal the ring. He knew she can defend herself pretty well.

"I see. Please take care of it for a while. Let's go now."

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