Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 207

Volume 1 Chapter 207 The Capture

"We are they now?"

Shu Minxue inquired from her people about the current place of the person she was trailing. It's been days since she was following this Su Family and she was aiming to conduct her plan perfectly. The villa in which they are housing isquite situated on the conspicuous part of the City.

This morning, her person informed that the daughter of the family will go on a vacation trip although, they hadn't had details of their destination yet, however, this moment is a perfect time to lay out her plan.

She has just entered her sports car as she inquired about their current path.

"They are currentlyon the southwest district, main road."

"Understood. Don't let them disappear from your vision. We'll corner them in a conspicuous area."

Shu Minxue's final instruction wasfully received by the other party.

If it's for her son, she will do everything beyond means to take care of it. Her father might not care about it, but she won't just let it go. She will make sure that she will be the one to take those people down. She will make them suffer for bullying her son! Shu Minxue will make sure of it!


"Is there something wrong?"

Su Ci Yi noticed Qin Yu's restlessness while driving. Though he didn't show it off but his eyes would sometimes turn to the rear-view mirror. Su Ci Yi followed his gaze to see if there was a car following them however, there seemed nothing behind.

"A car is following us earlier. Now it's gone."

Su Ci Yi turned her head again and found nothing.

"It must have sense that we knew they are following us."

If there is someone that would have a chance of doing it, then it must be from their latest adversary. Though Qin Yu had taken care of the disputes regarding their company however, she didn't think thatit will just end it there. For a person who had been in a battle, she could sniff out if a person hadn't had enough for her.

Anyway, Qin Yu had dealt with the internal affairs of the company, if they will notbe stopped on their first warning, she will be the one to deal with them personally. If that Shu TianYi won't back down on their first warning, then she'll not have any choice but to raise her iron fist.

"Are you hungry?"

Qin Yu inquired for both of them, changing the ambiance inside.

The sun was already scorching hot and it's almost midday. They hadn't had anything eaten since they left the villa earlier.

"Dad, I'm hungry!"

Qin Tao at the back raised his hand and shouted. Su Ci Yi looked at him in surprise. It's reallyobvious that his hungry.

"Then we'll have lunch first."

The restaurant he picked this time is beneath the road and had an expensive and gallant shop design. There were only a few customers in the area and somehow all of them were business professionals and had their uniform on. They might have been here for a lunch break.

The three found a place on the second floor of the building with an overlooking beautiful garden from the window.

Su Ci Yi only ordered a steak and rice for her lunch, Qin Yu and Qin Tao's front was filled with dishes she was foreign with.

The child seems hungry that the moment the food arrived, he immediately wolfed down his food. Qin Yu only glared at the messy child but the one receiving the harsh look didn't even bothered by him. When Su Ci Yi held the fork and the knife, she again noticed the glittering stone on her middle finger.

She really was mesmerizedby the gemstone. It was the first in her life to see this kind ofstone, fully polished, and looked sophisticated.

The man said that he will get this back, so she was thinking of replacing the stone with a much average one. However, that Qin Yu guy possessed sensitive eyes and he will definitely notice if she replaced the stone.

"Yi, do you like it that much?"

Qin Yu inquired since he saw her staring at the ring for the entire time.

Su Ci Yi nodded." "Such first time seeing it. This world sure offers a lot isn't it?"

The man didn't get bothered by the strangeness of her statement and asked, "Yi, do you want it?"

Su Ci Yi arched her eyebrows. If she said she like it, will he give it to her? Anyway, something like this is just a cinch compared to the fortune of this man.

"Well, it's not that hard to get. Just marry me and I'll give you even a dozenof it." Qin Yu's voice was firm yet she could sense a tint of mischievousness on his eyes.

"No thanks. I don't really need it. I just admire it fully." Su Ci Yi blatantly rejected.

Qin Yu felt a sharp fang on his chest from her statement. He kinda admits he got a little sad on her blunt reply. They had been through thick and thin, through the cold and the drought but he didn't still have her heart.

When he thought he slightly moved her heart, he was wrong. It seems he will need to try harder for the next years to come.

Su Ci Yi was first to finish her lunch, after, she went to the ladies' room while the two were still eating their lunch. She got suffocated from the stiffness of the surrounding area of this shop. The people were too formal and quiet. Not a single noise could be heard.

After five minutes of staying inside the women's comfort room, she decided to go out and get back to the father and son duo. However, she hadn't had stepped on the outside line of the room when a gun was pointed at her head.

The one holding the gun is a tall woman in a tight-fitted dress. She must have to hide her gun on her thighs that even Su Ci Yi didn't notice it. "Don't move. Don't shout. Follow me. Or this bullet will plunge into your head."

She blew her words into her ears as a warning and dragged her out at the back of the shop.

She was forced to enter a black-tinted van with a lot of tattooed people waiting for her inside. The woman who captured her, seated on the front and drove ahead.

It was almost half an hour when she was dragged down from the vehicle again.

Now the place they stepped into is a wide field with cyclone-wires as a fence. There were no houses nor establishments nearby and the entire place was too eerily quiet.

"So we finally met?"

A woman with a high-end ponytail, a charcoaled eyes, and vibrant red lipstick greeted her. She had a lot of bodyguards around her who offered a chair for her and pulled out an umbrella to shield her from the scorching sun.

She looked at her like she would eat her any moment.

" If I'm not mistaken, you're somehow connected to that Shu TianYi guy? Are you the person he hires to dispose of us?" Su Ci Yi made a rapid check on her overall appearance and she concluded that she almost looked like the old woman version of that Shu TianYi. Everything is carbon copy except for the make-up and the dress code.

"I'm not only related to him, in fact I am his mother." The woman introduced herself, feeling proud of her own son.

Oh, so now he even dragged his own family to take revenge on her?

"I do not know who's behind your back protecting you, however, I can't just sit back knowing what you had done to my son. As a mother, I can't help but to feel the agony on his pain and therefore I am here to conduct your punishment." Shu Minxue reiterated with diction in her speech, showing her well-off education and background.

"That's funny. As a mother you should need to know the whole details first. Don't you know that your son started it first? He even sneaks inside our house in the middle of the night. And good thing we have discovered him at an earlier state. Your son is an idioteh? I wonder where he got that?"

"How dare you" Shu Minxue flared up hearing her speak however, in the end she managed to calm herself,"...Seeing no remorse on your part,don't blame me for the tragic fate that will befall on you. I had enough of it, and I'll just put my anger into action rather than dilly-dallying to you!"

Su Ci Yi put her hands on her h.i.p.s, "Is that a threat?"

As soon as she finished her sentence, the men she had with earlier pulled their gun and surrounded her. All of it aimed directly at her.

"I'll allow you to weave your last words before you disappear completely. Don't worry, it'll be not painful, you'll die eventually. After I finish with you, I still have your sister to deal with."

Shu Minxue was rejoicing on this current situation. She didn't think thatit'll be a lot easier to capture this girl. After she wasdone with her, she'll capture that young sister of hers.

She waslost in thought thatshe hadn't noticed Su Ci Yi's serious face.

Shu Minxue had just spoken the trigger words, and now Su Ci Yi's stare is like throwing daggers at her. She shouldn't have mention Su Ming to her nor to threaten in harming her, or she will really turn this woman's life into a hell of circus!

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