Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 208

Volume 1 Chapter 208 A New Servant

Shu Minxue stood up from her chair and took a good look at Su Ci Yi. Her current position is very far away from her and before she takes the last call for the day, Minxue wanted to see the face of this imbecile woman.

When she looked at her, she was quite disappointed. A small and petite woman was what she saw. She has raven-colored hair and only wearing casual clothes. This was quite different from what she viewed her. The clan that almost crushed them was not so elegant and hadn't had a noblest charm around her.

She felt that the person in front of her could die easily by just a single flick of her neck. Minxue is a tall woman. Almost the same height as her son, therefore Su Ci Yi's appearance is like a pea on her vision.

"What is your name, child?"

She ought to have her name at least before she clicked her finger and signal to fire bullets on her.

Su Ci Yi tilted her head. What's the use of having the name of her enemy? Dragging time like this, in every battle is a way to a loss. It's basically as giving your enemy a heads up and a chance to overturn the table.

Su Ci Yi had been standing all this time. Her legs already gave up and she slumped on the ground while crossing her legs. The scorching sun above is also not a good thing on her head. It makes her vision blurred and felt her surrounding is spinning around.

"Ungrateful child, the elder is asking for your name and you slump of the ground. Just how much of an irresponsible child you are? Even my son isn't someone as ungrateful as you are!" Minxue burst in anger. She was already losing her patience in front of her.

"My name's Bruce Lee. I like martial arts and slapping people with a boulder of cement. I could jump up to 10 meters from the ground or could leap from building to building." Since the woman is taking her time, it would also be all right to go along with the current flow. Su Ci Yi loves wasting other people's timeanyway!

Minxue was stunned and saw through her fake name.

Guess, Bruce Lee is a prettyfamous name that she can't use freely.

Minxue then stomped her feet and shouted, "Bruce Lee?! If you use an alias, you shoulduse a woman's name! You think I'm stupid!"

Urgh, She reallythought this woman is stupid.

She thought of another name and replied, " I'm Jackie Chan then. It's a pleasure meeting you!"

"Dumbass, I am so sure that your surname is Su!"

Su Ci Yi raised an eyebrow, "Then Su Jackie Chan?"


Su Ci Yi stopped her antics. Anyway, she was already satisfied when she saw her heaving her chest and was panting in anger for her.

Also, it seemed thatthis woman had done a massive background check on her as she knew her surname. Though it baffled her why this woman didn't know her name thatshe still needed to ask.

At this moment, Su Ci Yi thoughtthatit's not an excellent idea if she will leave them without any scratches. She needed to input some sort ofgrave injuries or else, this person will retaliate if not taught a severe lesson.

"Guards on your line!" Minxue instructed her people.

What followed was an intricate formation and position of gunmen in front of her.

Minxue's people surrounded her and pointed right through her head. If she's an ordinary human, her brain would have already been reduced to a bean paste the moment they pulled the trigger.

Anyway, it's a good thing that they ran on her, whereas it'll be a bad thing if they capture Su Ming first.

"Fire!" Minxue instructed to fire their gun on her, as soon as she said ither eyes never left her position. Engraving on her head how this tragedy will befall.

The silent neighborhood just a while ago, exploded with a massive barracks of ammunition from the destructive weapon. The place where Su Ci Yi sat was reduced to blur silhouette of billowing dust smoke and sand. Even the gravel soil cracked when the bullets hit it.

After minutes of the destructible loud noises, the firing squad reverted to their position and line up while taking back their gun to its respective holster.

Minxue's triumphant smile overflowed on her lips that it almost reached her ears. At this moment she was expecting that a pool of blood would flow on the crack and the gash on the ground. However, her wide grin immediately disappeared from her red-tinted lips.

"Madamthis isWhere did she go?"

The person on her side gasped in disbelief.

Minxue couldn't even utter a single word from her total surprise.

The ground that supposed to be in a bloodbath, was only cracked and not a single sight of a corpse on the spot.

She tried to roll her eyes to find where their target go when a familiar voice echoed up above.


The high tone is ridiculously energetic and joyful. Minxue looked up and saw the impudent woman on the air slowly descending on the ground. When she landed on the solid soil, it created an enormous tremor on the ground.

Su Ci Yi jumped up in orderto avoid the incoming bullets. Since there's no escape from her both sides, why not go up?

As soon as she landed, she went near the line of the firing squad and swept a load of punches to each andevery one.

Those people hurled on the ground, not knowing how to counter since the opponent move in an insanely fast speed. Even the guns on their waist had been dissembled and shattered on the ground.

Minxue saw this happening and she already concluded that something is definitely wrong with this situation. She couldn't help but cast a doubtful glance at the perpetrator. No wonder their spies and assassins that they sent to them all failed their mission. It turned out that family is keeping a monster beyond the eyes of the human!

"You!!! How are you You are a monster!"


It was the first time that Su Ci Yihad been called like that.

"That's quite an irony, coming from someone who cornered an innocent lady away from the civilization and hired men to barrack her with ammunition? If you call me a monster" Su Ci Yi dashed swiftly on her front. When she reached her, she stopped just before her, "you are wrong. I am a grim reaper who will collect the souls who had a debt on me."

"Stop! Get away from me!" Minxue collapsed on the ground and crawled as far away from her. Su Ci Yi didn't try tochase after her, instead, she pulled her dagger from the inside of her clothes and threw it directly on the woman's head.

"Ah!" Though the dagger didn't hit Minxue's head it grazed her cheeks.

"My bad, my hands are trembling, next time around, my aim will not slip." As soon as she pulled another dagger inside her bosom, she didn't findanything at all. The reason whyshe pulled a gun that hadn't been shattered on the side and still had a few bullets left.

She pointed it on the woman aiming at her head.

"Stop! Don't!" Minxue was trembling. Since her men were down, she got herself on her own.

"That's funny because this is the same thing that you did to me. However, I didn't rattle like what you are doing now."


Su Ci Yi's hand pulled the trigger.


Minxue almost held her breath. Good thing the gun didn't go through her body. It bounced on the ground just beneath her.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Su Ci Yi fired another set of bullets towards her, but this time it hit her thighs and her arms. Minxue shriek as she was hit. She curled in agony and cried a gallon of tears.

Blood spurt incessantly like aflowing water on her body and she couldn't feel anything at this moment except the intense pain of her wound.

"Stop.... Please...Don't kill me. I won't get back to you. I'll stop trailing or harboring a grudge. I'll also tell my son not to bother you anymore. Just don't kill me, my son still needed me."

Su Ci Yi almost laughs at her plea. If she was just an ordinary woman, this situation is reversed. Those people who had been on top were arrogant and look down on people. They had the world on the palm of their hands because of the wealth they own.

Thesekind ofpeople were the one she hated the most.

It's just right to teach them a little lesson in orderto bend their high-end narcissistic attitude, where they only care for themselves and crushed the weak.

One more time, Su Ci Yi pulled the trigger and it hit the other arm of the woman. Now all her four limbs were hit by the bullets.

"Please...don't kill me..." Minxue cried as she curled on the ground.

"Fine then, I'll let you off the hook but you need to abide by me. You will be my servant serving under my name and no one should know about it."

"Yes! I accept it! I'll be your servant for a lifetime. Just don't kill me now!"

For the first-ever time, Su Ci Yi's lips crooked into a weird smile, moreover,her eyes glint in total maliciousness.

Other than killing, there are lots of torture methods that could make one's opponent suffer in the long run. That was why, she decided tolet her be; she knows this woman will not go against her will anymore since she had tasted life on the brink of death.

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