Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 209

Volume 1 Chapter 209 Proceed To The Plan

Although Minxue was reduced to a limp, bloody paste on the ground, it was a heck of a miracle thatshe hadn't fallen unconscious yet, when this is the time she needed it the most just to escape from this woman.

However, when thinking thatshe might not awaken on the 1% probability, it's better to be awake by then.

Just how

Just how much did she reduce to being her servant

So much for taking revenge for her son. If only she knew, if only she listened to her father then nothing like this would happen. Now, how can she encourage her son not to chase after this girl anymore?

"What? Do you resent being my servant now?

Su Ci Yi pulled the chair that this woman had been sitting earlier along with the umbrella that was hurled on the sideline. Then, she sat right in front of her while Minxue was still sprawled on the ground.

"No! No. I'm very grateful for your benevolence for keeping me alive!"


Minxue nodded her head. The elegance of being a wealthy woman had all been diminished in front of a devilish girl.

On the other hand, Su Ci Yi was feeling hype at this moment. After dealing with her, she didn't leave yet. She stayed for a while and having the spectacle to see Minxue in front of her.The longer Su Ci Yi stayed here; Minxue's wound throbbed a lot, though she didn't complain about it.

Since when did she felt this sort ofreverberance before? Right. It was at that timewhen she was still hailed as a great lady immortal. When at that timeshe only needed to wait for a couple of hundred years before the heavenly tribulation and she could ascend to the heavens. Then she'll be recorded in history to be the first-ever woman on their sect who ascended into heaven.

However, things didn't go on her way. And she was here right now,swept into the mundane world barely scraping spiritual energy on the air.

Fate is a cruel thing that likes to play human's destinies.

Su Ci Yi had all been immersed in her own little world that she hadn't now that a red Ferrari stopped by in the distance. Followed by a couple of black limousine cars line up behind.

Qin Tao hadn't had any idea of what was currentlyhappening as he had fallen asleep right after their lunch earlier.

"Boss, it seems thatwe are not really needed. The lady took care of it." the leader of the group stood behind him as he witnessed all the scenes that had transpired earlier. He was also stunned for the play of events. He thought deeply that how could a small body of a girl hide such enormous strength at all. It was beyond expectation!

"I didn't call you all here to assist her." Qin Yu rejected his statement. " I would like you to know the strength of her and hope that you can fight against her. That lady wishes to have a fistfight with you all. Do you think you can satisfy her?"

His bodyguards behind were surprised. A sweat of bullets ran through their spines. Seeing the well-coordinated movements of the woman, they really thought her ability is beyond them.

Finding the right momentum to take off, and with the right timing, she evaded easily the spontaneous fire of bullets. It's beyond the human level to achieve. A master of martial arts can be her opponent.

They really couldn't go against her. Even if their number is large, they will still fall short to her.

Qin Yu saw the reluctance of their expressions and thought of a certain someone rather than them. Now that he remembered him, that person might go against her abilityafter all.

Qin Yu looked into the scene unfolding before him.

At this moment, Su Ci Yi stood up and walked towards Minxue. She pulled out a gun on her b.r.e.a.s.t pocket and aimed at her again. Minxue began to get anxious and trembled on the ground,"I- I thought you will not kill me?"

Su Ci Yi's lips were playing mischievously. Then she pulled the trigger and "Bang!"

Minxue instantly curled up and trembled. Waiting for another bullet to patch on her body however, it didn't come. Also, there wasn't any single sound that came from the gun.

Minxue took a peek toward Su Ci Yi.

"My bad. I don't have enough bullet now."

She hurled the gun on the ground and walked out.

"Remember not to touch my Su Ming or you'll end more than this. Although I'll not kill you immediately, but I'll make you suffer the torture of hell. Bear that in your mind."

As soon as she said those words. She walked out in front of her.

That was the only time when Minxue felt relieved. Now she could focus on sensing her pain. The stimulator is gone and she felt she would die any moment soon. Her position even worsened from the scorching heat coming from the sun.

As soon as her people woke up, she was immediately brought at the hospital. She was already losing her consciousness when they brought her to the surgery room.

Her guards were on standby outside until someone from the family will come up. However, as they were waiting, the leader was approached by a man dressed in a tight suit and had a cover on his face. He had a dangerous aura around him thatthey didn't dare to antagonize him.

"My master said that you should give this message to the head of your family."

Upon speaking, the man handed Qin Yu's business card.

When they received it, Minxue's people were surprised.


Such a three-letter words surname yet had a humongous impact on the receiver.

Since he was working under the lady of the clan, Shu Minxue,from the business industry sense, he knew the tiger power that lurks behind all of it

And this clan had the wealthiest and powerful authority in the industry.

"Remember to tell your master not to bother with the Su Family. If they don't abide, this person whose name appears on this card will be the one to crush all of you. Remember it."


"What happened to my mom! Why hadn't you guys protected her?"

Shu TianYi burst into the hospital the moment he received the message regarding his mom's condition. Her supposed to be guards were standing like a dumbass without defending themselves and with that passive attitude of theirs, he was even infuriated. Instead of defending, they handed a business card on him.

"What is this! Should I supposed to eat this? Will this heal my mom?!" Out of his rage and concern, he scolded with a loud voice. He didn't care if this despicable attitude of him will be heard. He just needed to take out his frustrations and anger.

"Young master, please take alook at the card name."

Shu TianYi took his time to read it since they were insisting. What's the big deal with the nameanyway?

After reading it, he almost collapsed on the ground.

"No way." His face paled incessantly. Were these the reason whythey can't drag them down? Did they just get an enemy with enormous power in the entire city? It won't inflict some damages on his grandfather's business right?"

Thoughts falling on his head. All negative thinking that could ever happen to them, he could already visualize it.

"Young master... please stop trailing the lady. It isn't this man's people who did this to your mother."

Shu TianYi raised his head and blandly look at his men, he already lost hope "Young master, it was the same lady that made you suffer...also, who fought with us alone and made us lose"

Shu TianYi's shoulder drooped down.

Sometimes, when you're facing a mountainous enemy thatis way beyond your level, stepping down and retreating is the far best option. Thinking over, his misfortune started the moment she met this woman.

How did their path cross, anyway?

Yes, right. It was Baronette who introduced her to him. And by then, she disappeared into thin air. He also tried to search for her trail however, she's like a mouse that he couldn't sniff in.

Even Baronette is a mystery for him thathe couldn't solve.


"Have you finished your business?"

Qin Yu inquired as soon as Su Ci Yi went inside his Ferrari.

Qin Tao had just woken up and his eyes were still bleary. "Master where did you come from?" He immediately inquired when he saw her face had light scratches.

"Did you just wake up? Did you have a delightful dream?"

"Yes!" The little child beam in excitement, " I dream of aliens invading the earth and master is the only human living that protected us! Master had the most powerful magic beyond all!"

Su Ci Yi puffed a slight grin on her face, "This kid really knows how to cozy to her."

"Yi, if you don't have any other business, we should go now."

As Qin Yu heard her nod, he started the engine and ran the car. By now, if there are no disturbances they will reach the island in three hours. By the time they will arrive, it will be surely dusk.

A wonderful chance to see the mesmerizing setting sun from the ocean.

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