Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 21

Volume 1 Chapter 21 Haunted Mansion Ii

The layer of this whole mansion is just simple. Above for rooms and kitchen and bathroom below. There's only one comfort room on the second floor but it's not working anymore.

Su Ci Yi was acting to look a little scared to blend with the current situation.

Chua Ting seated near them and is nearly hugging Qin Tao.

The dripping sound now came into stop but the three of them were still glued to each other. Qin Tao pulled his high definition camera and started to click randomly hoping to capture something. Chua Ting is a scared cat that would need to hold the hand of anyone near her just to feel secure. Her heartbeat is beating fast and her breath is rigid. It so happen that she didn't know when she took the hand of Su Ci Yi while they are walking slowly into the source of the sound.

"Master, is there anyone here?"Qin Tao look excitedly to her direction.

Su Ci Yi nodded. Indeed, there is someone behind from that direction.

The night is so dark compared to any other nights. the eerie quietness reverberated on the entire mansion. Only the squeaking sound of the rats running wildly on rotted ply woods and the loud sound of sparrow could be heard.

The sound of the water earlier came outside the door. It is clearly heard as if it only came form the other end of the door.

Su Ci Yi slowly turn the doorknob open and peek-outside, then she dragged the two out when she observe that no one's there.


They were startled.

A sound of someone stepping into a slimy liquid was noticed and each one look at their own feet.

Just as Su Ci Yi look down CHua Ting shouted " Blood!"

Under her own very eyes, she saw a trail of red liquid on the floor.

Chua Ting paled even more.

Ling Mo who was at the other end of the room came to go to where the commotion is. What he saw was the pale face of someone .

"B-blood...I step on blood..."

Chua Ting repeat it again but this time it is not a shout anymore though her voice is trailing.

Ling Mo could also see the red liquid that she had stepped upon and later sigh. "This is only a tomato sauce"

Chua Ting froze.

Su Ci Yi bent down and tried to examine it. Just as her hunch is. This is not the real thing.

Chua Ting now relaxed seeing that its not the real deal. The real problem lies with the question "who dares to prank on them?"Is this some of pranks that this film added in order to gain the essence of horror?!

Ling Mo, "Its not the crew who set this up. i just know someone who has this kind of habit.

Remembering something Chua Ting gasp again and said, "We heard also the sound of dripping water earlier..."

Hearing this, Ling Mo sneered " of course I also heard it! It's pretty loud that I can hear it clearly into my room" he then fished his phone out and dialed someone on it. Not later a few steps from them they heard a loud vibrating sound. It's the same frequency as they heard from the sound of water earlier. Su Ci Yi pulled something underneath the carpet and pulled a latest edition of Samxung Galaxy Pro.She just pick it up when someone harshly grab it from her.

Shui Zi immediately took her phone and set it on silent mode. Then she look up at the people in front of her as if nothing happens.

Ling Mo only just shrugged at the attitude displayed by this woman. He was already accustomed to it.

Chua Ting burst into anger. She is so nervous and frantic earlier that she felt she would gonna have a heart attacked! "Was it fun playing prank?"

Shui Zi replied apathetically " It's fun seeing people pissing their pants from nervousness"

Chua Ting, "You bitch!"

Shui Zi signal a f.u.c.k u symbol on her hand.

Chua Ting is trying to hold out her anger. She taught that she's only experience this emotions from her aunt, who knows that there are people who exists with the same mentality as her aunty. She look at Su Ci Yi hoping to see the same expression but what she only saw is the blank and unemotional deep eyes of her. She may taught that she is hiding it properly but Chua Ting could clearly see the bottomless pit on those hallow eyes. It was as if, the world did not revolve around her but it was her who's having the world at the palm of her hands.

"Just continue that attitude, don't you know that we are being recorder? Aren't you afraid that your true nature would be expose to the public?" Chua Ting threaten.

"Oh about that, I don't think the Director would not release that clip who could make even his career worst aren't he?"

Shui Zi looked up on the camera and showed her sarcastic smile.

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