Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 210

Volume 1 Chapter 210 The Island

The Island beneath the city, a place thatwas privately ownedby the Qin Clan, and they hold percentage shares of profit in all the businessesaround it. Although there are a lot of establishments, especially resort around the area, his parent's homage is situated at the most tranquil place in the area.

Qin Yu's family owned a yacht that is used to transport passengers from the mainland to the Island. There was also an option of boat shipping however, yacht usually gained large profit than the other, for almost all the travelers or passengers were the sons and daughters of an elite family.

Qin Yu's parents' home wassituated far away from the uptown and socialite loud resorts. Their place was at the far end of the island which was an exclusive property on their own.

The security was well defined and strict inside. He made it like this so that Qin Yulin wouldn't be able to sniff them away.

When they arrive in front of a semi-cottage home with a modern-era design in it, it was already dark. Su Ci Yi had fallen asleep. Qin Yu had thought she might have been tired from her display of actions earlier. Qin Tao, on the other hand was as energetic as always. He had taken a nap earlier, the reason he was still awake and jolly.

As soon as he had taken his seatbelt, he turned to the child and ask him, "Ah Tao can you go inside first and inform your grandma to prepare a room? Her guessed had fallen asleep now. I will follow you in a moment."

"En!" The child rapidly went down the car and swiftly ran in front of the house.

He hadn't reached the doorknob when the door opened from the inside and a middle-aged woman wearing a collar coded formal wear, pick him up, and hugged him tightly. Qin Yu saw that Qin Tao pointed in their car while laughing and giggling.

Next second, his father walked towards them. Qin Yu went out of the car and greeted his father.

Old Qin MuYao only nodded his head and immediately peeked inside the car.

"She fell asleep on the journey Dad. It seems that you won't be able to talk to her tonight."

Qin Yu apologetically humbled himself. He knew his parents were totally looking forward to this day. In fact, his mother even dressed formally tonight that goes beyond her style.

"It's okay. She must have been tired from the long journey. Your room is set. Bring her to your own room."

Qin Yu twitched hearing his father say it. He brought her here to satiate their curiosity and to stop their nagging for him to find a suitable partner. And also, to bridge the gap between him and her.

"Xiao Yu.." His mom came to him while hugging Qin Tao. When she saw him come out alone, she also peeked inside and saw the asleep Su Ci Yi. Qin Yu repeated the same exactwords he had told his father. " Mom, she fell asleep on the journey. Just let her sleep for tonight."

"When she did, she will feel hungry by then. Why don't you wait for her 'till she wakes up and shares a dinner with her? A meal is worth eating in the presence of someone, especially since she is new in this place."

That's what Qin Yu had intended to do. Anyway, he had brought some doc.u.ments to work tonight, he'll just finish those first while waiting for her.

"I'll wait also!" Qin Tao shouted.

Qin Muyao and Qin Ting both laugh at his declaration. He presented himself, however; they knew he'll fall asleep first than anyone of them.


When Su Ci Yi woke up, it was already night. The sun had already fallen and the black shadows of the night engulf everything creating an almost black abyss of the land.

"Are you awake?" A man's voice immediately registered on her ears as soon as she woke up.

Su Ci Yi scrutinized her surrounding. A large bed, a child on her side, a working table at the far end where a man is currentlysitting. This room is unfamiliar to her. Nothing like her original room at all.

Then she remembered that she was currentlyon vacation and thought, 'Ah, this must be his parent's house'

Qin Yu stood up and walked to her bed. He pulled out the blanket she was using and cast it aside, "You must be hungry. Come out now. I already set your meal."

"Did I sleep that long?" She inquired half yawning as she wentdown the bed and followed him.

Qin Yu laughs as her childish inquiry, "Yes you did. Now get up and follow me." His voice is gentle and soothing to hear.

"How about the child?" She was referring to Qin Tao who was peacefully asleep right now.

"He already ate with his grandparents."

Qin Yu brought her to the dining table just outside the room. He pulled two plates from the upper part of the vermillion cabinet and put it on the table. He also reheats the soup and meat dishes that had gone cold from exposing too long on the table. Su Ci Yi noticed that there was no single servant around the place and that Qin Yu was doing the whole thing. While she was left to sit back and wait for the food to be served to her.

"Why, haven't you eaten dinner earlier?" She inquired when Qin Yu pulled a chair beside her and also wolf down the dishes in front. He was gobbling intensely that she felt he had been starved.

" You should have eaten earlier if you are hungry?"

" I still had a business report to finish, so I tackled those first." He answered nonchalantly as he put the spoon on his mouth."Also, I was waiting for you," he added.

Su Ci Yi felt stunned for a while before proceeding to eat. Though deep inside she felt a warm-hearted beating of her chest. She didn't know if it's her eyes playing tricks but Qin Yu's appearance right now radiated at this very moment.

Soon there was an eerie tranquility on the air. Only the clattering of the spoon and the sound of midnight crickets coming from the window can be heard.

After a long while of silence they finished their dinner and went to their respective area. Qin Yu went back to his desk and returned to his work while Su Ci Yi went back to sleep. However, after a few turns she couldn't do so and decided to go stroll around outside.

This place had a strong concentration of spiritual energy. A goodplace to cultivate. She conducted a small-time meditation and plan to be back by dawn. She has still to meet his parents in the morning and her presence is highlyneeded.

She couldn't go missing in the morning when they are expecting her, isn't she?

Actually, she had been rude for sleeping upon their arrival and not personallymeeting them the moment they arrive. If Qin Yu had already woke her up by that time then she could have still greeted them.

Su Ci Yi was busy these days, she couldn't let herself forgot to cultivate. She was about to face a mysterious entity that had been pulling the string to make her suffer. The reason she needed to be strong.

Also, she hadn't had any information about Baronette's whereabouts. It's just like she disappeared on thin air. Her identity was of coursea fake and her residence had been abandoned.

Su Ci Yi knew one thing for sure. This woman may havebeen gone now, but she knew when she came back, she will have something on her sleeve to pull out.


It's only been a day since her sister's vacation and Su Ci Yi hadn't had message her. Although Su Ming could understand if she's having fun in there but she should at least inform her of her situation over there!

What if they were abducted? Some hoodlums took fancy of their car and took it? Or if they met an accident in the area?

Of all this negative thinking, she could only feel at ease if ever she texted her!

Su Ming didn't leave her attention from her phone. While she was still at the meeting, her phone was set just in front of her in case it will vibrate.

Also, she already sent Su Ci Yi a message asking for their current condition on the other side and was now waiting for a reply.

The meeting she was conducting finished and yet there was no response. Su Ming is a worrywart person knowing Su Ci Yi is a magnet of trouble. She couldn't feel at ease sitting on her chair if there's still no response from her. If this goes on, later at night she will suffer insomnia again.

While she's still at it, Su Ming returned to her job but only to be disrupted when she heard a commotion downstairs. When she came down, there came a man of whom she was an enemy.

A tall pale man, wearing a few layers of jacket and thick glasses. His fashion drastically changed from his flashy and in-trend one.

What was he doing here?

However, Su Ming didn't expect his next move. As he approached her, Shu TainYi kneeled on the ground with his head almost touched the floor.

Just what a twist of events!

Su Ming was left stunned daze on the spot.

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