Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 211

Volume 1 Chapter 211 Qin Yu's Mother: Qin Ting

Su Ming didn't know what had transpired that the man in front of her needed to kneel down. Although, she already knew that their company had been spared from not renewing its license, this man didn't really need to do it at all.

However, as soon as she looked into his sincere and tearful eyes, she felt pity that she shouldn't have.

"Please spare my father's business. He had attained this far because of his perseverance. Also, it is the lasting inheritance of our ancestors to us. They pour their blood and sweat to run this company and establish our clan's name throughout the industry."

Shu TianYi's face was pallid and there are suspicious eye bags covering under his eyes. His looks are distinct compared to the last time she saw him.

" You you don't need to go that far. Lately, our company had been operating smoothly. Although we really despise you for putting us on that kind of dilemma, so far everything's good now. I don't know if your company will be on the verge of the investigation also, but if you're asking for that mercy, the authority doesn't lie on my part."

"No. No, it's not that." The man shook his head. "Please, spare my mom. She did all those things for my sake. Whatever contract your people may have made, please don't involve her here. I'll take the deal for her."

Su Ming's eyebrow quirk up. Why was he so agitated and fearful?

Her concentration for him was disrupted when her phone vibrated. She immediately answered the call and exclaimed, " SiS!"

Shu TianYi flinched just hearing the name.

" How are you now? Are you having fun? It's great that you call me or else I don't know what would I do, if by night and you still haven't called me yet!" Su Ming complained non stop. She poured all her heartaches and complains to her.

While the other side was silent while listening.

"Aunt, this is Xiao Tao."

"Oh, can you let me speak with my sister?"


It only took a few seconds until Su Ming heard the familiar voice.

"Ming'er? Is there something wrong?"

Why did she have a feeling that Su Ci Yi forgot to call her and it was the child who dialed at her first? Really? She didn't forget to remind her about it!

"Ah, it's nothing. I'm glad that you are doing fine. And by the way" Su Ming took a glance at the man in front of her. "Did you do something at the Shu guy? He's here at the company acting out of pity. So I bet you made some awful play about why he is here?"

Su Ci Yi laughs on the other side.

'Sis, this is not a laughing matter.' Su Ming grumble inside.

"I took care of his mother. Just for sure that they won't go after you. If something happens there, remember to call me immediately. I made a deal with the woman."

So that was why this man is so jittery. Somehow, Su Ming didn't want to know what kind of deal she had made with her.

"Don't you want to know?" Su Ci Yi asked on the other line.

No, I don't.

"It's a kind of servant-master contract. It's really beneficial on our part. Now, they will need to abide in our bidding and we won't get anxious if ever they will strike back. I taught them a good lesson, huh?"

Su Ming was speechless. She somehow couldn't imagine how she was able to bend the will of those people. When clearly, in the beginning, they were at the disadvantage.

"All right. All is well. Please be careful on your end there and have fun."

Su Ming bade goodbye to the call and returned the phone back to her pocket.

She looked back to the person who was still kneeling on the ground.

"My sister told me about your situation. She's on vacation now. Whatever she wanted to do with you guys had nothing to do with me. Get out here before I tell her of your pestering on our company."

Shu TianYi immediately got up. "Yes. I'll disappear right away."

He ran outside the building like his butt has been lit by a fire.


Su Ci Yi put down the call and return to the dining room. They had just finished eating a meal and was already helping Qin Yu's mother to do the dishes. Since there were no servants nearby, the chores were left to the people inside the house, and right now, since she was here, she ought to help a little.

"Our Xiao Yu hadn't had said much about you earlier and seriously, you guys were still awkward with each other. Tell me, didn't my son pick you up from somewhere just to have someone introduced to us? Tell me when he's still not here, I won't get angry."

Woah. This woman is too sharp with the surroundings.

"No, Madam. Our Xiao Yu is a person who likes to hide things and conducts surprises. We met last year and by then things escalated. One really can't predict what would be going to happen next in the future."

She made a deal with him. Su Ci Yi at least knows how to stand her loyalty.

"I knew it! You're not just some typical girl my son had brought. I can see that he's into you with his glances!"

So, she was only testing her?

"That man won't depend just on anyone. From a parent's perspective, it's hard to have an almost perfect son that won't depend on his parents that much. My genes are too dominant, he took so much on my side." She added and tackled hers and Qin Yu's same characteristics, even in appearance and morals.

Now, Su Ci Yi knew where did the man get his narcissistic side. It's too obvious where he gets it.

What could she reply with this? But to only nod her head and utter a couple of affirmative nods.

"By the way, I saw you two have been engaged. The ring looks exotic. My son really knows how to please a woman, isn't he?"

" Yes, although it's dangerous for me to wear it. A good and simple one could do. He went overboard with this that I'm afraid I would like to display it in a home cabinet. It's too good to the eye."

"No, it's all right. No danger will come after you. For me, this color suits you well, dear. When you get married, my son will bring you even more valuable treasures other than that. Aside from that, our family had this ancient tradition to give initial wealth to the bride's family. Although it was already our ancestor's tradition we still kept it in the long run. So when that time comes, don't get too surprise"

Su Ci Yi's eyes shone hearing it. Qin Ting managed to notice her sparkles and thought this girl had really a chance to be their in-laws! She was not a stereotypical mother who despise women who loves wealth. Because the Qin had so much of it that she'll get too used to it. In fact, Qin Ting saw it as a bribe to speed up the wedding ritual. And she couldn't wait to embrace her own blood-related grandson soon!

"Also, you don't need to worry about your own dowry. Our family doesn't need it. It's only on the groom's side." Qin Ting added.

Su Ci Yi was flabbergasted. Such a good deal and wealth to only marry a man!

Dang, Su Ci Yi's materialistic side is too showing! This is bad. She needed to do something with this attitude. She'll look like a gold digger in this case!


"You're having fun chatting with mom earlier? I overheard the two of you." Qin Yu inquired as soon as she entered their room.

Yes, it was literally 'their room'.

Good thing Qin Tao is staying between them every night or she won't know what could have happened if the child was not there. Someone's blood might spill if he tried funny things to her!

"You're giving dowry for your bride? That was new to hear." When she was engaged with that Huan Ro guy, she didn't even receive any kind of engagement gift aside from flowers. Seriously, could people stop giving flowers? It's only a waste of money and she couldn't even eat it!

" Besides, I didn't tell you yet? Aside from dowry, the wife will receive a monthly salary which is half of the salary of her husband and she is free to use it however she likes. That was the tradition here."

Qin Yu added. He felt amused how Su Ci Yi's eyes shone if there's a talk about wealth. Other ladies would like to hide this to their inner core and pretend to be the noblest woman of all, and after the marriage, all their flaws came out and the family started to crumble. Qin Yu liked it to see all of her flaws first and would like to embrace it together with his own understanding.

While Su Ci Yi was still digesting what he had said, he tilted his head and teased her,

" However, on my part, I wouldn't mind giving my girl all of my savings... my money... my wealth... since she deserves to have all the things that belongs to me, be hers and hers alone."

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