Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 212

Volume 1 Chapter 212 Qin Yu's Inner Plan

Qin Yu's eyes glint as he looked in front of him.

Su Ci Yi cringed just by looking at him as she diverted her gaze into something. She didn't want to know if there are any underlying meaning behind it. Somehow, she thought that when she's with this man, she's diverting away from her former self. He was too troublesome to deal with and Su Ci Yi's normal emotionless and aloof side won't be enough to be with him.

"What do you think?"

Qin Yu didn't let this chance be wasted when he had this right moment to ask.

"What?" Though she heard him well, she didn't fully understand his question, or rather he's asking in obscure language but still, tried to answer with her own understanding, "Ah! Your family's long-line of tradition is something commemorative. To think that in this modern era such distinction is amazing, it's worth being featured on a TV show!"

Qin Yu pouted his lips. Why did he even ask her? When he almost knew this woman's trail of thoughts.

In the end he will give up or now.

He needed to find a more aggressive way to catch her.

And something like this won't affect her deeply.

"Come with me." He said in a tone without negotiation.

He pulled out two scarves on his cabinet drawer and put the other one of Su Ci Yi's neck while the other on him. Then he grabbed her hands and led her outside the house.

Such imbecile! Su Ci Yi thought. However, it only remained in her thoughts alone.

"Where are we going?"

"Just follow me."

"Why do I need to follow you?"

"Just is a just."

Su Ci Yi puckered her lips being left in the dark.

The sun wasn't that high and the day is almost closing in. During the daytime, the heat of the sun was too hot, while during the night it's freezing cold.

At his parent's backyard, there's a hidden door going to his secret base. Qin Yu dragged her going over to the small wooden door. And from there, one couldn't almost make out the front from the tall grasses that were growing on the surrounding. The height of the leaves almost reached Su Ci Yi's level that she needed to sweep her side with her own hands in order not to get cut by the sharp leaves.

While Qin Yu was almost doing all the sweeping of the thick leaves, but when he saw her getting uncomfortable with her surrounding, he instantly took off his clothes on and put it on her, in order for the leaves and thick vines not to get in touch on her skin.

He miscalculated the path here. Last time when he sneaked on this backside, there weren't grown molds and sharp grasses here.

Su Ci Yi let herself be coated by his jacket and along the way, she felt uncomfortable since the man's cologne was too sticky to her nose.

From back then, Su Ci Yi hated the masculine effect of any man. Like, literally - all of it. Even her senior brother's smell which is like the fragrant Dama De Noche of the night is too intoxicating. Times like this, she shouldn't like it as well. However, the man's smell was too addictive the longer it stayed on her body.

When Su Ci Yi first smelled it, she felt not really good, but as time goes by, the intoxicating scent is like a fragrant lavender bloom she often smells in the forest.

"We're here."

Qin Yu announced.

Su Ci Yi's pupils contracted from the sight. She hadn't had realized it because of her overthinking earlier, but where her eyes laid upon it; the sight was too unimaginable.

The aurora light shone along with the field of vibrant and variant flowers.

Like a colorful palette in painting, more lively and brilliant. The freshness of the smell lingers on her nose. Colorful butterflies and the likes were fluttering their wings and flapping their way in the different varieties of the flowers. Since the day is closing in, the temperature was cool with the cold breeze of the wind.

She tried to count how many varieties of flowers are on the field but in the middle of doing so she gave up, it's just too many!

One thing for sure is, those budding little plants were like a rainbow on the ground, and they were even arrange based on their colors.

Did such a spectacle really existed on this land?!

She didn't see something like this in her past like. So much excitement she was experiencing as she walks in a trance. She was careful not to step on the little buds and torn them off accidentally.

She seated in the middle and looked at it closely.

How should she explain this feeling

Like being inspired for the first time that she really felt she could compose a 12 stanza poem in one go,

Or like an inspiration to every artist and conduct their own lively artwork on a small span of time,

But Su Ci Yi is a cultivator. When she's inspired like this moment, she meditates. Such good feelings of the heart are needed to be captured at this very moment.

She seated in a lotus position and inhaled deeply. The moment she exhales, her body begun to sink into obliviousness as her senses gradually diminished their sharpness into half.

As it was, the concentration of the spiritual influence on this place is too strong, pure and the nature reserves are dominant. These might be because of the major contributor to the surroundings, such as the wild flowers in bloom.

If she will be here, she felt that she could jump from several stages of her cultivation.

On the other side, Qin Yu felt satisfied deep inside.

This place was his hideout since he was young.

Although it's hard to explain, the l.u.s.ter of the brilliance of this place didn't depreciate. The last time he saw this place is exactly the same as to how it looked, up until now. No major changes happened and this place even bloomed that he didn't expect.

He didn't maintain this place nor took care of these wildflowers. They all just grow beautifully and steady by the coming of days despite the intense weather.

Qin Yu went near her. Squatted on her side and pulled a twig of red roses.

He slowly lifted his slender finger and ruffled her hair; caresses the remaining hair that had come out on her forehead. Then slowly, he stuck the twig in her ear. The scarlet roses complement with her fierce nature. As soon as he saw his latest artwork of humanity, he took out his phone and snap a few shots.

He even set the photo as his wallpaper as soon as he saved it.

Su Ci Yi was still not moving.

Qin Yu was curious about how much concentration she put into her meditation as he started to poke her cheeks.

No response on the other side.

He tried to pinch her cheeks.

Still no response.

His smile widened as he leaned forward and give a light peck on her left cheek.

There's still no response at all.

Qin Yu let out some small laughs in his mouth. Right now, he's like a high school student having his own fair share of spring days - when the hearts were still pure and young.

Qin Yu's naughty side triggered as he even leaned closer and would have tried to give her a long smooth on her cheeks but, right at this moment, Su Ci Yi opened her eyes and turned her head to the imbecile man who was having fun by himself.

But her timing was wrong and Qin Yu's lips overlap on her.

Qin Yu swore that it's a coincidence! It's a coincidence! He didn't mean this to happen at all!

Even coincidence is taking side on him!

Although he thinks like that, a smirk was already forming on his face. As a man's instinct, he even leaned closer to her and put much strength on his lips. His hands-on her back as he pulled her closer.

Su Ci Yi was dumbfounded as her brain at this moment stopped working.

She was only at this Island for a couple of days but her experiences with this man had already far exceeded their deal!

She was thinking what kind of punishment she should give to this imbecile man who has no moral acts at all!

She was on her own world that Qin Yu was able to nibble on her upper lips, before he part. It was only a few seconds, but he left a minor wound on her lips. Su Ci Yi almost jolted from the pain she received from it.


Qin Yu's reply was to only lick his mouth that had a small red dots smeared on it.

"It was a coincidence." To show his sincerity, he raised his two hands in the air.

However, his lips were grinning from ear to ear.

And he's saying it's a coincidence?! Is she a joke to him?!

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