Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 213

Volume 1 Chapter 213 Strolling The Wet Market

It was a fine sunny day on the Island.

Living for a few days on the Island, Su Ci Yi concluded that it differed greatly from the usual city life she had experience. The air, the atmosphere and even the people... What could she described it it's more like the people were all laid back. Also, there was not any sign of a hectic and busy environment.

No extreme noises from the machines of vehicles and the road were calm and peaceful. If there's a car that would pass by the road, it'll only rage between two or three in a day.

Since Qin Yu's home is far away from the nightlife of the resorts, the night here is too quiet, with only the sound of turbulent waves from the sea vibrating. She could hear it clearly because of her special disposition. Her senses were sharp than any other mortal here.

Their house is composed of Qin Yu's mother and father. Although there were some vendors out there who sell their goods and wound have to deliver there every week for their consumption, it's just basically the two of them.

That was why every time Qin Yu visited them, was like an oasis of a saving act from their own loneliness.

And Qin Tao's energetic and bubbly personality filled their lonely home with vibrant colors.

Every time they arrive, Qin Ting wished that Qin Yu would bring home a girl for a change of pace once in a while, and these couple of days, Qin Yu fulfilled this dream of hers.

For these days, she especially took effort inside the house. She even pulled out her ancestor's secret recipes in cooking. The utensils were replaced with recent ones. The carpets and the curtains were of a top quality that had few designs and gold linings.

Qin Ting thought that the girl might get bored just cooping inside the house so from time to time she brought the girl for some shopping in the area.

The market is only a stone's throw away from their place so she decided to bring her to that place one day.

Their property is exclusively owned by them, however, there are still some families who live at the far end of the island. Those families were originally the inhabitants of the area before they sold this place to them.

The negotiation of buying this Island didn't go well, as some dwellers didn't want to get out and leave this place, however, the landlord- the original owner of this place sign already the papers.

Qin Ting and her husband decided to let those villagers remain on this Island just to smoothen the negotiation already and so that they could peacefully coexist with each other.

So long as they don't do anything that will provoke them, they will allow them to live on this Island.

Although the population on the Island is scarce, they still set up a small wet market for the wives of each family to have something to turn into.

Qin Ting always stroll to this place to shop and buy some necessities in their home, but this time, Qin Ting isn't alone. Su Ci Yi came with her.

Since she really wanted to groom this girl to be a perfect housewife for her son, she should introduce her with a lot of housewives task. That includes shopping in the wet market and establish good relations with every person over there.

There were only a few vendors in the market and there were also a few shoppers who went there. That was the reason why every person almost knew each other.

A certain vendor of the raw fishes section whispered to Qin Ting while looking at Su Ci Yi.

"Hey, Lady Ting who's the unfamiliar girl? Her face is fresh here?... Did you decide to hire a new housemaid already? If you said so, you know my niece is available right now. She's specifically well versed in the chores and you will find her very useful. If you're still looking for another one, don't hesitate to call me! "

Her name is Mei. A fish vendor who sold the raw fish while her husband is a fisherman and lives nearby.

Qin Ting huffed in disappointment to her and pinched the lady's waist-line in secret. "How could you! She's my daughter-in-law! Seriously, why can't you see it clearly? Just what part of her looks like a maid?! My son has a keen eye for details!"

If she won't be able to defend her future daughter then she's not worthy to be her future mother!

Mei laughs at her. Of course, it was a joke. She knew the lady beside her is pretty and way more to be just a maid. " Oh wow! Congrats! When the wedding is set, remember to invite me! We'll donate a whole metric ton of fresh fishes on your home! Also, and if you still wanted to hire a maid, just ping me. My niece is only staying at our house, she's available."

She then winked at Qin Ting and the two laughs at their heart's content. Like the truest best friend in the world. But Su Ci Yi knew Qin Yu's mother is a kind-hearted and warm person, the reason they were too attached to her.

Su Ci Yi only looked at them weirdly. Not a single discussion left her ear. She heard it all loud and clear.

"So, how much is the total cost of it?" Qin Ting asked the Mei.

"I'll give you a discount. Just get three kilos of them."

Then she looked at Su Ci Yi. "Sweet lady, if you got time, you can visit our house. It's only a few walks away from your home and I have a niece at home with the same age as yours. You two can be best friends with each other!"

Su Ci Yi looked in permission for Qin Ting before she would react. Qin Yu's mother only nodded and told to accept her invitation since she's already here.

"I'll try sometime, Aunt."

The woman had finished wrapping the fish inside the plastic bag and hand the parcel to Qin Ting. Su Ci Yi immediately grabbed the bag and hold it herself.

"Oh my, she's also polite." Aunt Mei praised her conduct.

She didn't think much about it since she made a deal with Qin Yu, she'll fulfill her role. Although at first she was quite shocked by her role, however, she was already used to it. Now she could understand the purpose of the ring that he temporarily gave to her.

Remembering the man, the more she wanted to strangle him. Her lips were still swollen from his nibbling last time. As a retaliation, right after that incident yesterday, she gave him a full punch directly on his stomach. He bit her lip; she punched him, and now they are even.

" Lady Ting, remember if you wanted a maid just ask me, and don't you dare get anyone from other households! I'll not give discounts to you anymore if you did."

Mei even threatened her. But still, it didn't look like one, for she was smiling when she said those words.

"All right. When I need one."

Qin Ting blandly replied and drag her out of the place.

Next, they stop in front of the vegetables section.

There were an old husband and wife attending their small stall of vegetables.

"Lady Ting! Long time no see! We thought you will never go out on your mansion again! Come, pick something fresh, we just got it from our supplier earlier."

The wife of the man shouted. Her voice was so loud that Su Ci Yi felt there's a megaphone attached nearby.

" It's been a while. I'll take cabbage, potatoes, and one kilo of this one."

The husband took a plastic bag and put all her orders to it. Then he handed it to Qin Ting but Su Ci Yi took it.

"Oh, are you with this young lady?"

Qin Ting smiled and introduced her, "She's my daughter-in-law, my son brought her just last week."

" Oh-Oh. That serious son of yours? I thought he would going to stay single forever with his nitpick attitude! Congrats! When is the wedding?"

He said that delightfully without hidden motive while he shoves extra pieces in her plastic bag.

" Remember to invite us Lady Ting, or else we will not deliver fresh goods to your house anymore!"

Qin Ting giggled and replied, "All right, this whole market is invited when the time comes."

The wife looked at Su Ci Yi and winked, "Pretty lady, you are quite lucky, the genes of that man are extraordinary and we'll look forward to your beautiful child!"

Su Ci Yi awkwardly smile and didn't bother to even banter with her.

She didn't know that from then on, news spread on the entire market that she's the future wife of the unapproachable iceberg man of the Qin family.

It seemed that the people around her knew Qin Yu very well.

Later, she found out that Qin Ting would sometimes bring along his son to accompany her to the market. The reason why almost all the aunts and uncles knew him too well.

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