Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 214

Volume 1 Chapter 214 Not Going To Give Up

"Where is Xiao Yu now?"

Lin Fei Fei, one day visited the Qin Corporation building, one of the tallest towers in the entire world, and is situated at the main C City. It's been days, yet she couldn't contact Qin Yu again. This predicament is the same as the last time he disappeared and she hadn't had any idea of his whereabouts.

She went here to talk about the current spreading rumor in which even her co-workers had already heard about. Although she didn't have any problem with the gossip itself, she just wanted to have an excuse to talk to the man.

She directly went to his office but was disappointed when she could only see his cousin, Qin HuZao, playing his phone on his desk. His mouth was so loud that she could conclude that he's playing some mobile games again. What's more, his foot was raised on the table! An unsightly posture to see.

Lin Fei Fei rolled her eyes seeing him.

"What? Did you say something?"

Qin HuZao didn't hear her well since he was focusing on his phone.

"I ask where the CEO went?"

"Oh, he's on vacation now."

Lin Fei Fei crumpled her head.

He's on vacation? Funny, it's too much coincidence when she asked her patient's whereabouts, her sister said she was on vacation too. She was keeping a tab on this woman since she saw her last time together with Xiao Yu.

What's more, Qin Yu and Su Ci Yi's enigmatic relationsh.i.p.s were too much of a coincidence. How did these two's relationship kick-off?

When she thought that they will end in a couple of months, she had received intel that Qin Yu was still hanging up with her patient. This matter needed to sort in priority.

She needed to focus on this part and this is becoming more and more intriguing.

If she hadn't had that father of hers.

Qin Yu won't try to stay away from her because of her father's schemes.

She knew Xiao Yu had been too careful in front of this man.

And Qin Yu had only been contacting her to track her father's movement. If not for her father, Xiao Yu won't even dare to confide to her, even though they grew up together.

And his relationship with her would have been too lukewarm.

She even thickened her face and cling to him. If she will not do it, he will not get too close to her and in no time, their relationship would be reduced to a mere strangers.

Lin Fei Fei didn't want that to happen as she searched for a way to frequently interact with him.


When Su Ci Yi and Qin Ting went back to the house, Qin Tao was playing basketball in the courtyard along with his father. The place had a small basketball court with two rings on both ends and of the same height as Qin Tao. His grandparents initially build this for the child to play whenever he came for vacation. However, this is the first time that they had played it since Qin Yu had always been busy and had no time with his child.

This is the first time that these two bonded on this game.

The two were contending against each other and had a very serious face. This scene brought an unspeakable feeling of warmth to the onlookers.

However, Su Ci Yi couldn't be happy at all since Qin Tao is loosing against his father.

Since Qin Yu's leading the game and he always caught the ball shooting on the ring. The little Qin Tao was having a hard time getting the ball from him.

It so happened that the ball roll over on Su Ci Yi's foot. A slight idea pop on her head as she gets the ball on the ground and threw at the child.

The game resumed and Qin Yu snatched the ball again from the child. However, what was strange was that when he tried to get it away from the child, the ball slipped from his hand. Qin Tao rushed and hold the ball firmly and shot it on the ring which is on the same height as him. This is the first time that he shot points and he was happy.

Qin Yu however managed to get the ball from him and when he dribbled on the ring, the ball jump mysteriously away from it. Not only that, as soon as it jumped on the ring it, swiftly bounced back on him hitting him on the face.

" Hahaha!"


Qin Tao and Su Ci Yi laugh at the man's predicament.

For such a good-looking appearance, having a black circle on the eye is too entertaining to see.

As if he didn't know. Qin Yu glimpsed on Su Ci Yi's 'I-didn't-have-something-to-do-with-it' attitude and felt amused.

'She's having her way just to get back at him, isn't she?'

When Su Ci Yi saw him looked on her way, she glanced on the other side, averting her eyes. Then she trotted inside the house, following Qin Ting.

Qin Yu only scratched his head and followed her inside.


Su Ci Yi was helping inside the house. Specifically, her main task is to assist in the kitchen chores. Qin Ting had stepped outside for a while and now she was the only one in the kitchen, manning the ingredients and the cooking. Qin Tao was gone and in his grandfather's room playing board games.


Su Ci Yi knew that Qin Yu went inside. She already snuffed his presence the moment his footsteps entered the place. However, she didn't expect that he would speak right before her ear, just behind her. She admitted that she is a bit stunned and almost loosen her grip on the kitchen knife she was holding.

"What are you up again?"

She coldly responded, but she didn't inch away from him. If she did so, she would look like those scared women being dominated by aggressive men. She will not move away. She was the first here, anyway. No matter what it takes, she'll protect her base!

Qin Yu was amazed. This time, his YiYi didn't flee from him. Her face was even showing resolute and firm resolve. Did she come into the conclusion to stop running away from him?

Seeing the opportunity strike, he even inched forward and hug her from behind, his hand slipped on her waist.

This time, they really look like a couple having their own first moment inside the room.

Qin Yu was over the moon that Su Ci Yi didn't shove him out.

Not that he positioned himself, even if she punched him again or threw a ball unto him, he won't let go right this moment.

The man snuggled firmly on her back as his hands rested on her waist.

"What are you cooking?" he asked in a smooth and gentle tone.

"Human Miso Soup. I heard the brain is the most nutritious part. I wonder, should I try it?"

Su Ci Yi's smile became creepy as she raised the kitchen knife she was holding. Even the surrounding area around her became grim and haunted. The sharp knife glinted as she pointed on his head.

Yet, Qin Yu didn't break away from her immediately.

Su Ci Yi's smile had become more and more enigmatic as time goes by.

But still, he didn't let go of this chance. He only changed his position and finds a more comfortable pose.

Then he shifted his body and now he stood with his straight back, overshadowing her. He grabbed the knife she was holding and started cutting the vegetables.

Su Ci Yi was left stuck inside on him.

The man's cologne keeps tingling on her nose. This time around, there was no space between them as she smells the scent strongly. She cringed smelling it but didn't get away from him. She was still waiting for him to finish what he's doing.

An obstacle like this is just a cinch to her. She will not yield and will hold on.

However, it seemed that this man was intentionally trying to slow down the process and was already having his own time.

"When are you going to finish cutting it?" Su Ci Yi blurted out. Sweat was already forming on her head and now it's getting uncomfortable. Qin Yu saw her state and pulled out his azalea designed handkerchief; wiping off her forehead sweat.

" Just a moment."

But then minutes came, he still had a whole to cut off.

" Can you finish it immediately?"


Pretending he didn't know it at all.

"I'm going out." Then she whisked his hand that trapping her inside. She's not retreating, it's just that it's too suffocating inside.

"Just a moment, it'll be over soon."

Qin Yu insisted.

Su Ci Yi looked at the crooked and slanted vegetables that had been cut by him. Too unpresentable! So, even a person like him had his own mortal flaws!


Just outside the door, Father Qin and Mother Qin was whispering behind, seeing the harmonious ambiance inside the kitchen, they didn't dare to enter. Seeing Qin Tao, the child trotting inside, they pulled him over, stopping him to go over the kitchen place.

There's no way that they will allow this beautiful scene to be ruin at this moment!

This is too good to the heart!

Their son is becoming a man now!

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