Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 215

Volume 1 Chapter 215 The Visitor Neighbor

When Su Ci Yi opened the door one morning, an unknown figure came into her view. It was so early in the morning that they had just finished breakfast and Qin Yu's parents were in the backyard resting a bit.

"Hello there!" The woman, who was standing in front of the mahogany door, raised her hands and waved at her. Su Ci Yi nodded and thought this might be a guest of Qin Yu's mother and acted friendly to her as soon as she saw her.

The woman was wearing an open sleeveless shirt with a pair of denim shorts, exposing her shiny tanned skin. Her hair was also overly curled and brown.

" What can I help you?" Su Ci Yi plastered a smile and asked her warmly.

"Oh-ho-ho, no need to be formal. I'm no stranger here. I came to give something to the lady of the house."

Just when she finished speaking, she marched inside the house uninvited as if she already familiarized herself with interiors of the inside. She peeked at the back door which connects to the backyard and saw what she was looking for.

" Lady Ting!" As soon as she saw Qin Ting she rushed over and greeted with a hug.

Qin Ting at first crumple her forehead but then after a while, she realized her, "You're Mei's niece. How are you? Come, we just finished our meal, you came a little late."

"Nah, I didn't come here for that. My aunt wanted to bring these freshly caught salmon. This is the biggest one on our catch today and Aunt said you should get one."

Qin Ting received the plastic bag and gave her thanks. She pulled a few bills in her pocket and handed it to the person in front, in which the other party strongly refuses.

" Aunt didn't want the money. She wants to give it to you. She just specified that you need not forget to invite her to the wedding."

Qin Ting chuckled and replied, " How could I forget her?! You're all invited!"

As soon as she had given her bag to her, she went back again to Su Ci Yi who was still at the door and observing them. She jumped to her and put her arms on her shoulder.

"Yo! You're pretty. Think we really are the same and we can be best friends!"

Su Ci Yi:

"Come here, come here, why are you standing at the door. Let's chat on the sofa."

She said as she dragged her on the two-seater fluffy sofa. She even reached out for the tea set and serve herself!

Seriously, who was the guest here? She's feeling super at home!

"I'm Mai. I live just a few meters from here. I wanted to visit you a few days ago, however, I just had some deliveries on standby that's why I only got this time."

"I'm Su Ci Yi. I came last week here and I hope you'll take care of me."

"No need to be formal!" Mai tap her shoulder and closed their gap. "I'm your new best friend here, okay? If you don't know anything, you can just ask me. I'm the expert among the inhabitants here. I live here since I was a baby and was still living here now. I'll probably die on this island either way. Ha-ha-ha!"

Su Ci Yi really admired the outgoing nature of this girl. Truly an Island girl, whose carefree and go with the flow. She even felt that she had an easy-going life in this place.

The two had a good conversation because of Mai's hyperactive discussion. They talk about the people of the Island, how the Qin lives with them, the fruits that are only inherent in this place, the food, the meals, and the delicacies.

As they were fully immersed in their topics, Qin Tao peeked from the back of the sofa that his eyes would only be the one can be seen.

He saw his master had been talking to the woman for almost an hour and it took him interested in what kind of person she is.

Su Ci Yi immediately noticed him and urge him to come forward.

"Ah Tao come here. Greet your aunt."

Mai's eyes twinkled seeing him. She already saw this child a few chances when she made deliveries into the neighborhood but didn't actually have a chance to meet him.

She often saw him near the bushes entertaining himself by playing alone on the ground.

Right now is her chance to see this cute and beautiful little child. And to know him better~

Qin Tao heard her but didn't go out of his place. He remained vigilant for her. He's very picky with his acquaintances and he didn't want to get mix with any strangers. Qin Tao had already long branded this lady being on the eccentric side.

Qin Tao isn't shy around strangers, he just opted not to get too close to them. Now that his master is calling him to go out, he dared not to disobey.

"Ah Tao?"

Su Ci Yi looked at him a little worried since he hesitated.

"It's okay. I'm here." She followed up.

She thought the child might only be shy in front of strangers.

Qin Tao slowly emerged from his hiding place and seated near Su Ci Yi. If it's not for his master, then he won't talk to strangers. And this person had already been wasting his master's precious time that should be allocated for him!

Mai looked at the two-person who looked like a mother and son. Strange, but the rumors said that this woman had just met her husband recently and with a child. To think these two bonded with that small amount of time?

" Nice to meet you little Ah Tao!" Mai bubbly greeted him and shook the child's arm. Su Ci Yi almost widened her eyes from the forced intake she is exuding. She thought that Qin Tao's arms would have protruded out of their socket, and his bones were clattering when she shook it.

"Same here, Aunt," though he greeted her, his expression was shallow and disinterested. It's the same expression as his father whenever doing his personal business. But he wasn't that shy at all, he's just not too interested and won't invest his emotional feeling about it.

Mai wasn't that satisfied with only shaking hands with him. She even pulled him closer and pinched the child's tabby little cheeks, which were soft and squishy. Qin Tao's eyes rimmed as he felt the pain.

This is why he hated strangers! Always touch his cheeks without his permission. His master is the only person allowed to do it, even if it's every day!

Later, as Qin Tao seated there like a dead log with the strange auntie who was pinching him all over, he just wanted to escape. If his master is doing it to him, he won't have any complaints at all, however, his master is here, he won't show any rudeness and would endure it for a bit, even if it's with the stranger he was getting annoyed with.

Mai really is a person with a high energy reserve. She's like a fish that had jumped off the water, slick and energetic.

"This child is so cute! You're really lucky to have an instant son like this and a super handsome husband. Now I wanted to have one!"

Mai's tone has a hint of envy, but with no malicious intent. As if she was saying these lines in the form of a joke.

But when she caught sight of the glinting treasure, her attention was shifted, "Oh, that ring of yours is so exceptional!"

She took her hand and observe the gemstone on the ring.

"Must be nice to have a rich sugar daddy! My aunt won't let me out of the Island unless I find a job there. Someday, when I will get employed and be out of this Island, I'll find some handsome sugar daddy that will bring me more treasures and wealth in the world!"

'Girl your view in life is too messed up' Su Ci Yi thought.

Really? This woman had no filter on her mouth.

Qin Tao is still here and she's calling his father a sugar daddy? Good thing a child's vocabulary is still limited, but this isn't good either!

" Maste- Mom, what's a sugar daddy?"

The innocent child blinked to her and ask the word.

Su Ci Yi ruffled his hair and thought deeply, " It's someone that is sweet. Your daddy is sweet, don't you think?"

"Ehhhh? He's not! He is sometimes prick and strict. He's not sweet!"

"Yes, yes. For your daddy is strict but sometimes his good to you, right? Your daddy even let Ah Tao had fun sometimes." Su Ci Yi had no choice but to go along with him in order to avoid the hassle.

Qin Tao thought deeply. Indeed, his father is good to him ...sometimes.

"Ah Tao, do you love your daddy?"

"Ah...yes, I love daddy!"

" Then, don't you want to give daddy a kiss now? If you truly love him?"

Qin Tao's eyes shone, not because he will kiss his father but at last! He can get out of this situation!

His master is really the best! She knows what he felt deep inside!

He ended up running away from them and run outside. But he didn't go to his father. Instead, he went to his Grandma who's in the courtyard arranging the flower pot.

Meanwhile, Su Ci Yi was left dealing with the hyperactive woman inside.

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