Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 216

Volume 1 Chapter 216 The Hyper Active Mai

Now that Qin Tao is out of the line, Su Ci Yi was left alone together with the loquacious woman. She felt that she's even more pryful than any reporter she had met. Her questions are boundless and don't have any restraint and didn't even hesitate to question the confidential part.

And all of her questions will revolve around her and Qin Yu, on which she found unsettling to answer.

When noon strike, the woman ate her lunch with their family. Qin Yu was nowhere at this moment and Su Ci Yi didn't need to ask where he was. He might have gone somewhere to settle his company affair. Even though he was on vacation, he didn't stop contacting the company. At night sometimes, Su Ci Yi could feel that he went up to his desk in the middle of the night and browse some paperwork.

She got to admit; she admired this man's workaholic vibe. Even Su Ci Yi felt tired in their home, attending with the company's reports and submissions. Whenever she does, she needed to take a one-day replenishment of her energy.

Paperworks needed a lot of brain cells and it exhausted her brain function.

It might even be all right for her to conduct tiresome physical exercises than deal with the messed up doc.u.ments.


Mai hadn't still left and was still resting on their own sofa like it was the most trivial thing in the world.

She has been here for lunch and still didn't have any intention to leave yet.

"Aren't you tired cooping on your home? Even your on vacation, you should explore the place, find settling places, and capture stunning perspectives."

Of course, she's dying to do that.

She was still fighting the urge to skip in the middle of the night and stroll around because she and the man are sharing the same room. The night is the most convenient time to explore, especially since the temperature is low and there are a lot of awe-inspiring creatures that occur in the night.

However, at this moment she ought to make her actions less suspicious and avoid unnecessary movement that will crumble their disguise.

" I'm used to it. I'm not fond of going out, anyway."

She lied. At this moment, she played as the virtuous and collected wife of the Qin heir. At least for now they believed her docile act.

"Boring!" Mai put her arms on her head and stood up. Then, she swiftly ran out of the room like a child. When Su Ci Yi thought she will go back home, she was disappointed when Mai came back feeling even more hype!

"Come now! I got their permission! I'll introduced you to a different place. Follow me."

It turned out that she asked permission from Qin Ting to allow her to go out with her. Also to let her expose to the different landmarks and sightseeing stuff in this place.

Qin Ting didn't have any objection either way. She happily encouraged her to go with her and boost her idea of this place!


She didn't need to know the geographical setting of this place, right? She won't live on this island either way!


The sun wasn't shining brightly in the afternoon.

Instead, there is a dense mass of clouds forming in the sky, threatening that anytime soon, in the late-night, there will be heavy rainfall. Su Ci Yi didn't bring anything with her, as she was dragged away immediately.

Qin Tao acted that he would like to come, but seeing the woman, he withdrew from the idea. He'll just stay inside the house and wait for his dad to return.

Mai first brought her to their small typical village house.

There were the main couple living in the house, their two sons and Mai.

Su Ci Yi also discovered that Mai's personality contradicts her real-life situation. It turned out that Mai had a tragic childhood. Her entire family, being a fisherman, went to shore one night and didn't come back at all. Mai is the only child at that time and when her parents disappear one night, she was left alone. Her aunt came into the rescue and adopted her eventually into the family. Since all of her children were a son, she wanted to have a daughter. And Mai's existence is fit for the family.

Mai is supposed to be Mei's niece, however, due to unfortunate circ.u.mstances, she made her daughter.

The Island only offers Elementary and Secondary School. If one wanted to proceed to higher education, one needed to get out of the Island and study on the City's mainland.

The population on the island is extremely small that there is no need to build a university.

If the child of the family wanted to study, then one needed to get out of the island and enroll in one of the prestigious schools in the city.

Mai decided to enroll on one of the universities outside the city after her brother had finished his own course. The family had no enough source of income to let the two children go to school.

And as she was still idle at the moment, she took a lot of part-time jobs to help her foster parents with the bills. That is why she's flexible to any kinds of day jobs that are within the range of morality.

Aunt Mei, the woman Su Ci Yi met on the wet market was seated near the window, sewing what it looked like pants. When she saw her on the front gate, she immediately opened the door wide and warmly welcomed her!

"Goodness, I didn't know you will visit today? I didn't prepare beforehand."

Aunt Mei frantically swept all the mess on the sofa and let her sit.

Su Ci Yi felt awkward in front of the lady. Since it really showed that Mei was embarrassed seeing the state of their messy home.

"It's been a while Ma'am and pardon the intrusion."

"Oh no! Please, you can call me your aunt. It's my pleasure too. You're a very polite one unless someone I know..." She glared at Mai behind her.

It seemed that Aunt Mei also knew the atrocious act of this niece of hers.

Aunt Mei looked at her daughter, who was grinning proudly at her back. Mai didn't even flinch when Mei glared at her.

Aunt Mei, remembering that this girl didn't come home for lunch, her hand magically caught the broomstick on the sideline and swept the entire thing on her daughter. She was embarrassed... too embarrassed for this daughter of hers.

" Goodness gracious! Where did that thick face of yours bring you again? Don't tell me you went to this lady's house and become a nuisance there! Don't you really have an ounce of self-consciousness, aren't you?! Where did you pick that thick face of yours!"

Mei furiously slapped Mei with a broomstick in which the latter tried to hide on her back. So from time to time, Su Ci Yi would be hit too!

"How could that be! I swear I didn't. They are the ones who invited me!" Mai shouted as she defended herself. But her reasoning is totally wrong!

So this girl had the nerve to lie in front of her?

"Humph, let us see if you're lying or not" Mei turn to Su Ci Yi, " Is what she said is true?"

Su Ci Yi had a dilemma as she looked at Mai.

But she withdrew her gaze and looked sideways; she didn't answer.

"See!" Seeing her denial, Aunt Mei even hurled the broomstick to the child. "You imbecile, I bet you even drag this girl here, huh? What am I going to do to you! What will the Qin say about your personality? You shameless and embarrassment girl! Pei! Pei! Pei!"

Mai clicked her tongue in disappointment and glared at Su Ci Yi. This woman she thought she was nave and cooperative given her appearance. But she was wrong!

Just to get out of her mother's tantrum, she ran away dragging Su Ci Yi on the hand.

Hah! Since she didn't take her side today, she will teach her a little lesson!

Poor Su Ci Yi, if she didn't mind her reputation, she had already let out her temper. However, for the man's sake, (for their deal) she will hold her temperament at this moment!

But if she became full of this person who was fond of dragging her everywhere, then she'll strike without holding back!


In the end, Mai dragged her in an unfamiliar place where there is a large and plentiful line of fruit-bearing trees. One could tell that they were in front of the small and unexplored forest of the Island.

Mai wanted to go inside of this place, however, she's always afraid of the unknown howling of animals coming from inside.

Her second brother often went inside to find firewood though however, when he came back, he got a lot of bruises and wounds.

One time, he told them that he was attacked by a wild boar.

He said he will not go back there, but after a few days, he came back to hunt that boar. And now, at this moment, he was still obsessed to catch that mighty bear!

Mai reminisced how scared her brother at that time when he came back and it triggered her curiosity to even explore the inside. Now that she got someone beside her, she didn't need to be afraid to enter.

Mai pushed Su Ci Yi at the entrance of the forest, then she followed behind.

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