Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 217

Volume 1 Chapter 217 The Unexpected Enemy

The forest has a deep lush of vines and the thick prune grasses like a vibrant green carpet spreading on the ground. The puny wildflower that has been scattered on the ground has diverse color petals and aroma.What was more appetizing, in this profuse tropical forest, was the overgrowing rainbow-colored fruits that are hanging on each of the different trees.

Such verdant and abundant setting, even the thickest forest back on her sect didn't have something like this bountiful.

Mai, like an Island gorilla, ran around and climbed up on the tree with sweet fruit hanging on its branch. The tree was only two meters high that Mai successfully reached the top and picked the fruit.

She even happily looked down on Su Ci Yi on the ground and waved her hands.

"Look here!"

She then invited her to climb and follow her above.

However, she remembered that Su Ci Yi is from the mainland city and thought she didn't know how to climb. So she didn't dare to let her climb up, but instead, she crawled down with a bunch of fruits on her cloth.

She then gave one of the green fruits to her and walked in front.

"Is this your first time in the forest?"

Mai asked while she gnawed a piece of fruit in her mouth.

" I've never been to a forest before."

Su Ci Yi straight lied without batting an eye.

"So this is your first one here! Let me tell you little details about this place with dense-pack trees The forest is dangerous, malicious, and cunning, deep inside wild animals lurks around. So in order to avoid danger, you better follow me around or you'll get eaten by wild creatures here."

Mai threatened her. Just a little scare to get back at not cahooting with her earlier.

If Su Ci Yi is a child or a genuine city girl, she might be afraid of her, however, she wasn't.

Su Ci Yi has a lot more experience in this place than this girl, however, she wanted to know how far Mai would go inside the forest.

"I see.. then why are we still here? Isn't it dangerous?"

Mai felt disappointed with the lack of sensibility of this girl. This is why it's worth a try and give this woman a new sense of adventure before she could settle in life. This trip of hers will be her memorable first trip to the forest.

That's why her urge to introduce her to this place keeps stronger.

In the end, Mai didn't listen to her to go back. Instead, she moved forward on the front, threatening that Su Ci Yi could not go back at this point since she will be lost.

Mai's second brother wasn't at home yet, so she was expecting to see him inside the forest. Her brother is too obsesses to hunt the wild boar that attack him. In fact, almost every day, when he goes to the forest, he would stroll on the deepest part of it. However, he always came back before night without luck.

Even he knew the danger that lurks inside when the nighttime comes.

Su Ci Yi tried to sense the surrounding. This place was not too malicious compared to the ones she visited before. Although there was a strange presence of strong wild creatures ahead, it's not dangerous at all.

Mai was still preoccupied walking forward while dragging a piece of a tree trunk in her hand. This served as her defensive rod if ever a wild animal pounced on her suddenly.

Out of the corner of her eyes, Su Ci Yi immediately spotted a few bunny rabbits on the sidelines, a wild deer and a bunch of black wild pigs.

Out of nowhere, black pigs swarm in front of Mai and soon she lost her balance and fell down.

Su Ci Yi helped her to get up and when they are about to step forward, a long sharpened acacia wood that looked like a spear came flying to their direction.

The spear barely missed Mai and it plunged deeply in the tree trunk.

Mai didn't feel afraid and even was mesmerized by the flying thing.

Then from the bushes, a totally tanned man with his n.a.k.e.d top showing a bulk chest appeared in front, and there's no doubt that he's the one who threw the improvised spear earlier.


Mai immediately went to the man.

The man greeted her sister and gaze indifferently at her. Su Ci Yi nodded as a form of recognition.

Mai introduced the man to her as her brother Mudo.

Su Ci Yi almost laughs at how the villagers had a unique way of naming their own kin. A typical Island name that is worthy only for the inhabitant.

Su Ci Yi and Mudo exchange pleasantries and greetings. As soon as he finished the formalities, Mudo turned to her sister who idiotically enter the forest defenseless.

"It's dangerous here. You should go back"

Even Mudo warned them. It's just this Mai person who is the only hardheaded one.

But as the hard-headed person, Mai refuses and even clung to her brother.

"Mom will scold you again. You brought the lady on this place as if you don't know it's dangerous here" Mudo cast a sorry look towards Su Ci Yi. He apologized on behalf of his sister.

On the contrary, Mai didn't find any remorse in her action but instead even beg to let her go with her brother.

Mudo had no choice but to bring his sister to the innermost forest; the place where he is headed to.

However, they hadn't had reached the deepest part, when Mudo suddenly jolted and heard a loud tremor on the ground. Then he bowed down and lean his ears on the hard soil. After confirming, he ran in the opposite direction and totally forgetting the two ladies behind him.

Mai and Su Ci Yi didn't want to be left alone so they also chased after him.

When they caught up with Mudo, the two were left petrified on the ground. Because Mudo had thrown a sphere right through their direction just to warn them not to get any further.

Because the current situation of Mudo is at a disadvantage.

From their position, they both saw a polka-dots clover green, slick and slender eight-meter reptile, coiled around the entire body of Mudo!

Slithering with its mouth wide open and threatening to eat him alive!

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