Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 218

Volume 1 Chapter 218 The Floating Mirage?

Su Ci Yi on the sideline didn't react to the wild scale king cobra that coiled around Mudo.

It was Mai who jumped in total surprise and ran towards her brother despite his earlier warning.

The wild animal that intertwined with him sure is of no joke. Did she say earlier that there was no lethal creature lurking in this forest? She was pertaining to large-scale dragons in the sky, a hungry pack of wolfs or even a tigress. These creatures were the kings of the wild and much more dangerous than the elastic king cobra.

The snake that coiled around Mudo even tightened when it saw an intruder threatening to rob its prey. Its two-inches frontal canine teeth were an inch away from Mudo's head.

Mudo tried to struggle. But couldn't find anything on his hand to serve as a weapon.

It was then that Su Ci Yi offered a little assistance by blowing some heavy weighted dried leaves on the ground and low key attacked the snake.

The animal shuddered and became vigilant, sensing that another danger that cannot be foreseen was targeting it. Much more, the thing that targeting it didn't pose any killing malice.

Mudo saw this chance and when the binding loosened, he struggled to get out.

It was enough to challenge its predator sense and it loosen its clutch on its prey.

Mudo immediately jumped far away on a safe distance from the snake.


Mai ran to her brother and cried non-stop. She really thought he was already a goner earlier.

In fact, Mudo also thought about it. But when he sensed the strange weight and sharpness of the leaves that attacked the snake; he thought that someone was secretly helping him. Unbeknownst to him, the person he was thinking about was standing not far away from them.

Acting like scared from the situation.

However, there's no gain in finding someone that doesn't exist and therefore reverted his attention to the extra person his sister brought.

Mudo hit his sister's head and grunted, "See, you scare the lady!" He said as he saw Su Ci Yi trembled in fear.

"We should go back now."

On his suggestion, Mai nodded.

If Mai didn't suggest going back and insisted to go deeper, Mudo won't survive on that predicament. On this note, Mai's stubbornness and curiosity to explore the wildness saved her brother's life.

Although Su Ci Yi didn't have any confidence that these two will survive in this forest ifshe didn't come with them.

The group decided to go back now, with Su Ci Yi in the middle and Mudo at the back. This was arranged like these in order to protect her in the middle.

The sunset was already approaching. But inside this forest, they couldn't see the sun but only felt its ray gradually lessening. The small animals in the wild also started to camp and find the nearest cave to spend the night.

Su Ci Yi and the group were already walking for almost an hour, however, they couldn't find the entrance yet. Strange, since they thought that the entrance is only a few meters away.

In fact, Mudo who frequents in this place had already memorized the route.

But what was this situation?

It seemed that they are lost.

Even Mudo was now creasing his temple as soon as he felt their messed up sense of direction.

"Brother where we are now?"

Mudo didn't answer his sister's question but remained puzzled by their lost sense of direction.

Even he didn't know which path they are already threading and which led to home.

"We're lost." Su Ci Yi concluded. Mai heard her and she turned her head around.

"Brother! Are we really lost?"

Mudo made a low growl of confirmation.

Mai's eyes widen and looked into him. "Quick! Brother, let's reverse our shirt."

It was a famous superstitious belief on their land - that once got lost in whatever place, one needed to reverse their clothing. This is because this might be the doing of a spirit playing with them. Especially inside the forest where the nature is strong.

If they reverse their respective clothes, the spirit's charm would be null and will find their lost way into the right tract again.

Mai dragged Su Ci Yi from the bushes and change clothes. Actually, Mai didn't need to go away just to change herself. Mudo is her brother and what's so shy about it? But Su Ci Yi will be married in a year or so. It's inappropriate for her to change in front of any other man.

Su Ci Yi didn't find the logic about these superstitions. If it'sthe case, when they are traveling in a group, isn't it also all right for only one person to reverse their clothes and the other didn't? They were with them anyway.

But Su Ci Yi didn't argue anymore and followed to reversed her top. After that, they return to the center and resume the walking. Sure enough, they found a path that leads to the large spray of afternoon sunlight.

The trail was dense and almost invisible on the n.a.k.e.d eye. The path lead them to the opposite side of the forest-which is a cliff.

The strong torrential current of the ocean waves can be heard from their position.

When they look down, the sea was what opened to them.

"Brother where are we?!"

Mai exclaimed. In their group, she was the one with the loud mouth.

The sun was gradually setting down on the horizon and the ambient color of yellow and red-orange is visible in the clear sky.

The cliff was too high, probably at 10 feet high. Once fall, one will really reach their demise for at the ground, enormous boulders of stones visible from the crystal clear waves of the ocean.

It's a rear sight to behold.

They really made a long way to go out!

However, Su Ci Yi's warm feeling didn't last long.

She didn't know if it's a hallucination or it's the pigment of reality.

On the far waves of the ocean, a certain someone was standing on the torrential waves of the ocean. Her bearing is firm and she stood still.

Su Ci Yi was familiar with this silhouette. Her eyes were different from her two companions, the reason she could clearly see her.

The woman standing from afar is none other than Baronette who is clad in black robes and floating on the water.

What's more stunning is that she was looking back at her too!

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