Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 219

Volume 1 Chapter 219 Messed Up

Without Su Ci Yi's presence, the Su family was peaceful lately. Both the company affairs had been running smoothly and Su Mo's healthy stabilized rapidly. The entire family were interacting with each other harmoniously. The couple didn't even contact her for once and grabbed the chance of her absence.

It was as if Su Ci Yi's presence is a catalyst of discord among the family.

However, no matter how peaceful they were Su Ming couldn't take her mind off from her, and also she had her own thing to worry about.

Lately, the dreams that had been recurring to her begun to even monopolize her everyday lifestyle. There even came a point where she almost didn't wake up and her mother needed to take extra force just to wake her up that night.

Trapped within the endless howling and suffering inside the world of her dreams where the major character is Su Ci Yi's gloomy and pitiful bearing. Even Su Ming couldn't stand to see her like this.

Just like this time, she had just closed her eyes and now entered the blurry dreamland. The familiar setting was still at the cemetery and her sister was sitting near a tombstone sobbing non-stop while the horrendous repetition on her words sent shivered on Su Ming's spine.

" I am pitiful, no one knew me anymore. The fake one was able to brainwash my whole family"

Su Ci Yi's voice was deep and groggy as if it came from the ground. Su Ming saw her tears overflowed and spilled on her dark satin clothes.

"Su Ming Su Ming Su Ming, you must open your eyes. She's not me. I am already dead. Please believe me"

"Mom, Dad, please lit a candle on my grave. Mom, don't forget about me. Dad, visit my grave, okay?"

" I'm really alone here...when will you all remember me..."

Right now Su Ming was standing behind her back, and she heard it all. Her heart almost trembled in sorrow, she couldn't say anything to appease her melancholy heart but resorted to tapped her shoulder and seated right next to her.

In the next instance, Su Ming was filled with grief and sorrow. How could she forget it? Her sister died already! How could she not remember to visit her on her grave? Her poor sister

'Please don't cry'

'I, Su Ming will lit a candle on your poor grave and bring your favorite purple lilies. Mom and Dad didn't forget about you, father was engulfed by his disease and couldn't make it. Sister, don't cry anymore I'll visit you regularly...'

Su Ming shed tears as she joined her on her seat and the two both cried in front of the grave.

The spirit of Su Ci Yi stopped crying anymore and hugged her behind. Then on her ears, she blew a soft and gentle voice with a breath like as cold as an ice, " Su Ming, you mustn't forget. I died a long time ago. You turn your back on me but I'll be lenient and forgive you. You can still cope up and lit me a candlestick every day." Su Ci Yi's lips curve menacingly.

"Sis... I'll not forget it. I swear. All this time, how could I do such a cruel thing to you. Lately, the company was in a mess and the son of some rich heir started to meddle with our operation, but you took care of it..."

Su Ming stopped her blabbering, sensing something is wrong.

Su Ci Yi's eyes turned sharp and ruffled Su Ming's hair.

" It was because of you that our company still thrives. Su Ming, be proud of yourself."

Su Ming nodded. Yes, it was her own thrive why their company is fairing well. It was her own effort and time.

After Su Ci Yi said those words, her spirit form disintegrates on the air. Su Ming woke up from her dream with a vivid remembrance of what had happened.

She woke up to see that it's already morning. The sunshine had already penetrated to her half-open magenta dr.a.p.e window.

She woke up with a headache. The coherent message of her dream can be clearly concluded. Soon, she canceled all her plans for today and headed to the cemetery.

Su Ming stood up when her phone vibrated from a certain message and when she opened it, the registered name was her sister.

She crumpled her forehead.

Just last night, she had a dream of her deceased sister on her grave crying. And now, some dumb person trying to use her number to scam her?!

Su Ming, with a heavy puff, blocked the number and proceeded to go out. She even ordered a bouquet of purple lilies online. Today, she will visit her grave. It's been quite sometime before she did so. The timing is right in this sunny and good weather.


At this moment, it was Qin Tao who texted Su Ming. His aunt specifically said that his master tends to forget to call her, so she gave him the full responsibility to report their current situation on the Island.

Su Ming always responded when Qin Tao texted her. But right now, his aunt didn't text back. Feeling a little perturbed, the child took a turn to call her but it was out of reach.

Strange, what could have happened?

The child immediately tried to find his master only to remember that she hadn't still returned from her current trip yet.

Without no one to turn into, the child decided to wait for a moment until his master return and report this case immediately.


Right at this moment, Su Ci Yi had been stump with this life's predicament. How could such a thing appear right here in this place? Did Baronette follow her through?

What was her intention this time?

Last time, she clearly pointed out that she's after her and specifically targeted her. Now it makes sense a little.

Seeing the familiar aura clad in black robes, the usual flow of energy and the strong-willed eyes that almost pierce on her current standing. It was her, no doubt.

Baronnete was also staring into her from her current position.

And the two ended locking their gaze with each other.

In the next second, the woman's body turned up and flew right through Su Ci Yi's direction. Her chagrined smile on her face and her malicious aura made Su Ci Yi ready her stance.

Her posture ready to take the defense of the incoming intruder.

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