Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 22

Volume 1 Chapter 22 Haunted Mansion Iii

Afar from the mansion there park a black car. A tall man was leaning on the passenger seat while looking at the screen of his tab.

"Boss, would it be alright to leave the young master inside?"

Qin Yu shifted and answered " if anything happens I could rush any moment there" he didn't want Qin Tao to participate in there but of course his child is smart and knows how to negotiate. Since his willing to do something then he would let him do it.

He was carefully observing the screen but his eyes couldn't look away from the woman whom Qin Tao always call Master. The woman's been strange the moment he met here. She's releasing this kind of aura that is mysterious at the same time dangerous.

Good thing that she is on Qin Tao's side and if not he would have gone her eliminated along time ago.


Chua Ting recieved the hidden message of Shui Zi's action. Of course, she is the granddaughter of this agencies competitor and it would be evitable that she shouldn't be here. but situations seem reverse and Director Fu has no reason to go against the powerful Shui Clan. That no matter what this woman would do, the old man would only turn a blind eye to it!

.Great! No wonder this film didn't grow in the past years.

Su Ci Yi who was only observing decided to grab Chua Ting's hand signaling her not to get any more emotional over the woman. She can't let Chua Ting's anger grow even more since the flow of energy in the room has begun to fluctuate.

"Let's just go back inside and wait for the morning to come. We don't know what will happen when we stayed outside" Su Ci Yi grab Qin Tao and Chua Ting's hand as they redied to went ahead. However, "Aren't you just afraid?" now, Shui Zi's attention was focused on her.

"Let's go" Su Ci Yi ignored her.

"Aren't you the commoner that only enter this event because of a mere luck? You must be to prideful since you've entered a showbiz industry. But don't you dare too arrogant, you just have only step on this world. You're going back to where you came from after this"

Su Ci Yi, " What I'm doing with my life has nothing to do with you"

Zhui Si was surprised by her answer. The damn arrogant girl!

"You, how dare you to talk to me like that --"

"Shut that stupid mouth of yours or I'll chop that this very moment you spoke again!" Su Ci Yi let her killing intent unintentionally. The people inside the room felt chills over the air.

Shui Zi was left impaled like a statue to where she is standing. The stimulation was too strong that she was shock for a few seconds.




."Master! your awesome!" Qin Tao immediately blurted out once they entered the room.

"En " Su Ci Yi responded.

"Master your really awesome!" Qin Tao repeated again.

"I heard you clearly"

Then Qin Tao giggled on his own.

"Master, is it possible to haunt ghost tonight?"

Chua Ting look at the ridiculous question the kid throw. Who want to haunt ghost on this hour anyway?

"You don't need to haunt them, they will just come to you..." Qin Tao even beam in excitement and inside decided that he will not sleep the night.

Chua Ting paled and inch closer to Su Ci Yi " You're just putting up with the child right in order not to pester you anymore right?"

Su Ci Yi look at her in doubt, " I'm not joking though, the are really here inside but they seem to shy off since they don't want to mingle with humans. They return whenever where quite and that would be the time when we are sleeping..."

"AHHH PLEASE let me sleep here tonight!!!" Chua Ting shouted and thicken her face. She doesn't want to sleep alone specially in this settings.

"Big Sister, Big Sister! Just sleep here, master will do something about the ghost and protect us" When Qin Tao said this, Chua Ting's face lit up and return to normal. As if the thorn that had been stuck on her chest has been lifted fully.




There was a heavy rain on that night, loud thunder reverberated the vast dark sky. The sound of water leaking from the roof is inevitable along with the loud barking of dog's neighbor makes her not sleepy anymore.

Qin Tao who said that he will not sleep the night was sleeping peacefully beside her and Chua Ting.

It's already 1: 02 on the clock behind the wall.

Walking on the corridor, she passed by the three rooms. She didn't bother to look and decided to head at the specific area where the condensation of black mist is thick. Earlier when they arrive, she could sense a small amount of dark mist, however it is not still on the dangerous level. But if left unattended could become even worst.

With just a little flick of her qi, Su Ci Yi purify it.

"Can't sleep?" A man's voice came from behind. She's just lucky that she's facing him backwards and that he didn't fully saw her actions.

"Got thirsty, I need water"

"The kitchen is on the first floor"

"Thank you, I'm going now" Su Ci Yi went down the stairs but before she could make it on the last step Ling Mo grab her by the wrist while panting. "Something's wrong, take a look upstairs!"


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