Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 220

Volume 1 Chapter 220 The Return

"Get back!" Su Ci Yi warned the two siblings. Baronette is coming towards them in a lightning speed that the ocean trembled and the wind fluttered intensely. Her body floated on the ocean water while on her other hand she carried a glistening sword.

There's no need to ponder her identity. No normal human could walk around water and much more wielding a sword. Su Ci Yi could even sense the abnormal 'qi' energy in her body. Much worst, it's nothing compared to her!

This is bad news to Su Ci Yi.

The forest was engulfed in a tremendous wind pressure that one may think there's an incoming howling wind, and the rustling of bamboo trees were even louder than even before.

Mudo seemed to have a sensitive sense of survival and his instinct told him to become alert and shove his sister behind him. Who knows what is incoming, and no matter what it wasit's malicious and evil.

He was about to grab Su Ci Yi who was standing in front of him and was preoccupied looking to the surroundings. But it was all too late. The howling wind came by and swept a firm wind pressure to the surroundings. Mudo kneeled on the ground in order not to get swept by it.

The strong wind current was like a hurricane sweeping the forest trees bald and the small animals into a far distance. The situation seemed to last for almost a minute and when it subsided; the woman was nowhere to be found.

'Did she got swept?' That was what came into Mudo's mind. And soon he paled.

No one knows what the consequence if that woman would be in danger. Since his sister seemed to snatch her away from the family.

"Where is she!?"

Mai blurted out after she had recovered from the shock.

Her mind had already wandered through the negativity of life.

What if the woman got swept away to the ocean?

She ran towards the edge of the cliff and look down. Oh, no! It would be a big problem if something happened to that woman. She will not be able to bear the consequence! And they might even be expelled from the Island!

"Brother what should we do?!"

Mai trembled incessantly while Mudo was trying to be calm.

"You go back and alarm their household. Then get help from the municipal hall and return to me! I'll stay behind here and look for her."

Mudo didn't dawdle anymore and surround the whole periphery of the forest. In the off chance that he cannot find her, he will come down and search the ocean. This is his fault. If he was able to protect her, then this would not happen.

"Brother! Be careful." Mai shouted as she ran opposite of him. She just hope that this incident will not get chaotic and they could find her ALIVE.

If not, Mai wouldn't know what to do. She might end up in jail and her family lived on the streets.


Su Ci Yi didn't fall far away from them.

When the wind blew, Baronette flew directly towards her flinging her sword on her way. Su Ci Yi had only a spare of a Swiss dagger under her clothes. And when the two objects collide, her dagger has no resistance to her spiritual sword. It would only break upon the collision and the only thing she could do to avoid it, is to fly backwards without a sense of direction.

Her force was rapid when she was backing and with Baronette's push, they ended up in the middle of the ocean.

Su Ci Yi was able to get away from her and chunk her useless dagger. Now she was only equipped with her own self.

Baronette seemed to know that she has no intention to resist at all. She felt even elated and pulled out that sword that was aimed on her.

Right at this moment, the sun had already set. The ambient color of red and orange was tracing behind the horizon. The migrating birds had already started to set their camp on the land.

But still, two people stood with their gazes locked with each other.

Since she got nothing to pull against Baronette, she gave up the idea of resisting. Soon enough, the other party subsided.

"Have you been tired lurking on your cave and finally decided to explore this whole new world and leaving your ample schemes to my family? I really thought you got a big grudge against me?"

Baronette wielded her sword on her right hand and pulled a rugged cloth to wipe the blade from her left. She then looked into her direction with lazy eyes and languid voice, "I can't really say that it's a grudge just think that I've missed you much the reason why I'm here?"

Su Ci Yi relaxed her guard and said, " The way you say it, it seems that you know me from the very start? Tell me, have we met before you wouldn't dodge this simple question, aren't you?"

Su Ci Yi firmly believed that this person is the one behind Lin Shushu's death at that time. She can't shake the fact that these two were somehow connected and targeted her from the start.

Baronette chuckled and sheath her sword to its scabbard, "If I spoon-feed you on the details, there will no be thrill at all. How boring is that, don't you think?"

"Bullshi*t! You've gone so far just to chase me and then you'll play hard to get?" Su Ci Yi get irritated. This person's enigmatic aura was suffocating her. Her qi energy is different from her and in which she had a hard time distinguishing. One thing for sure is, she had encountered nothing like this.

It's beyond her imagination.

"Do you want to hear it? Do you want to know the beautiful lie... or do you want to know the dreadful truth? The simple truth is a luxury that will cost your life."


Baronette clicked her fingers and in one instant the ocean water split, showing the deepest and darkest part of the sea.

The breakwater was just below Su Ci Yi and when she saw the dreadful sea life-forms that started to gasp for breath; she gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

'Shit! No cultivator could split the sea open! This Baronette definitely isn't a simple cultivator!'

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