Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 221

Volume 1 Chapter 221 Search Party

When Mai returned to the Island proper, the sun had already set. And as she was expecting, the Qin family had already been at her home searching for Su Ci Yi, since it was Mai who was together with her this afternoon. Aunt Mei was also getting worried as she looked into the road to search for her daughter. Even her son didn't return yet.

Mai shouted even if she's still far away and soon, Qin Ting noticed her.

As soon as she entered their home, the air was extremely dark. And her mother was fidgeting on the sideline.


Mai hugged her mother as soon as she returned.

"What happened?" The icy tone of the man was what greeted her first. He was sitting on the sofa, but when she entered, he walked with heavy steps in front of her. His stare was scary and gave a lot of goosebumps on her skin.

But Mai didn't report to him. Instead, she turned to Qin Ting and explained what had happened.

Mai was trembling while explaining the situation. She told her the truth, leaving no details out.

As soon as they heard the bad news, Qin Yu picked his phone and established a search party composed of his robust military men.

Soon, after a few minutes, two helicopters surrounded the forest and men in combat gear went down through a ladder. That night caused a lot of commotion from the public that almost all of the Islander went to take a look at the situation.


Whether Su Ci Yi could ponder Baronette's identity, she had no time to do so. The black break water that split just below her started to pull her down. As if there's an enormous invisible force binding her to descent.

She tried to break away, incorporating all her "qi" just to get out but the more she struggled, the invisible pull tightened.

She looked at Baronette, standing still and was in high spirits. Enjoying the show unfolding right in front of her eyes. She was good at having a magnificent show of the century.

When Su Ci Yi was almost at the bottom, Baronette wave her hand. Gesturing to the sea water to return to their original form.

The waves heard the call and the water diverge into the middle, returning the sea to its original view. The waves in the middle after spreading were turbulent and violent. But after sometime, it return to the normal current with soft ripples of waves.

Who knows what had happened to the person submerge below and Baronette hadn't really care. What she was fond right now, is the excitement she had been wanting for more than a century.

She clicked her fingers again and soon the water parted.

She then raised her finger to lift the woman who has been pulled below.

Her appearance was cold and wet. A few drops of blood ran down on Su Ci Yi's nose. The hair that was smoothly combed and styled was now wet and messed up. She looked like a small chick being dr.a.p.e by a cold water.

Su Ci Yi laid motionless as she was pulled out again from the water. The pressure when she submerged into the sea was too much that her "qi" wasn't able to hold some of it. What could she only do? The entire ocean is not on par against her. The nature is one of the natural enemy of any cultivators and at the same time their salvation.

Su Ci Yi whisked the water that may have entered her ear and tried to calm her senses. Earlier, she almost lost her control and panic in the nick of time. Fortunately, she managed to coat herself with her "qi" or she'll crushed immediately. Like a person being smashed by a huge truck.

Baronette saw her disheveled state andbegun to repeat what she had done earlier. But this time, she let Su Ci Yi under the water a little longer.

From time to time, she checked her breathing. She couldn't let her die accidentally. She still had a lot of things to do to her.

" Hey! Are you still alive!"

Baronette asked with false sympathy. She just wanted to know how much struggle the woman was doing and soon felt satisfied by her inquiry.

Su Ci Yi spurted a lot of blood from her lungs and ridiculed. "You have no intention to introduce yourself from the very beginning? Anyway, it's too funny, but somehow why do I feel that we met a long time ago? Not just back then on the sect. We know each other more than that. Your hatred is really something that you even follow me in this world."

"Bingo!" Baronette applauded. "But let me add some trivial things, back then you were too malicious and canny. And this retribution really deserves you better more than you have on this life." As she said that, there was a trace of hatred deep into her eyes.

"No matter how you talk like that, it's not that I would feel anything about that. You're like a mad person talking non stop to a robotic mechanism. Spout your motive, only that and I'll feel you."

"It doesn't matter. The heavens have already decided. Just stay being oblivious and suffer your retribution without knowing. After all, haven't you experience it in your last life?"

Su Ci Yi knot her eyebrows.

Retribution. Heaven's punishment. Last life.

No matter how she pondered, she live a normal and moral life that didn't need any retribution from the heaven.

Why this Baronette knows this too much?!

Baronette seemed to get bored on her consecutive submersion, this time she pulled her sword and fling directly towards her.

Su Ci Yi had no time to think but to dodge it quickly, but who would have thought that she wouldn't be able to dodge it.

The spiritual sword pierced right through her stomach.

At this time, Su Ci Yi's body turned into a state of vegetables. Limp and no power at all. Her spiritual level was like a joke in front of this woman.

Worst, the sword was even sucking the spritual qi on her entire body that it turned jelly from having no power at all.

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