Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 222

Volume 1 Chapter 222 The Tide Falls

When the tip of the sword pierced right through her stomach Su Ci Yi trembled and fresh blood gushed out of her mouth. She didn't know if some of her internal organs would be all right after this, all she knew is that this will be a fatal wound on her body.

Su Ci Yi's "qi" couldn't cope up with the massive spiritual energy of Baronette.

Baronette pulled out the sword stuck in her body and she flinched in the agonizing pain.

Though this kind of pain should already lose her hope but as a person who had experience wounds more severe than this, all she could react is to wince in pain and almost kneeled on the air. Her spiritual energy is still condensed on her body, preventing her to submerge in the water. This is the only last ounce of her strength.

Baronette was now wiping the edges of her sword.

It might be because she let down her guard that Su Ci Yi jump out in flash speed on her front. She poured all her energy on this sudden movement. She took advantage of the absence of time and land her hand on the neck.

Since she has no spiritual weapon at all might as well use her mighty hand to snapped her neck.

But Baronette is not just a simple woman.

She only swatted her hand and Su Ci Yi flung a few meters.

Su Ci Yi didn't give up. She stood up, brace herself and attacked again. She slashed the ocean behind her foot and hide behind the tall slash of the water. Then she appeared again in front of the woman. Clenching her fist, she slammed right through her head.

Baronette look upwards and was caught up though the impact isn't high as she was able to back away.

Strong ripples of water formed and created by their collision.

"Not bad."

Baronette applauded. Indeed, she still retained her fierceness at that time. These talents of hers is wasted on a cursed person like this. Su Ci Yi shouldn't remember her past life. Her life memory was the trigger as to why unfortunate events kept happening to her.

We'll in fact, even if she won't remember, this lifetime will still curse her of her innermost sin. And Baronette was just here to ensure that it was fully charged to her.

For many times Su Ci Yi attacked her and now her physique is exhausted. But looking at Baronette who hadn't happen to sweat even a tiny drop, she bit her lips.

She really is in a dire predicament at this moment!

Unless there will be an airplane that would hit Baronette or a whale shark that would jump from the ocean and bit her, she wouldn't last this battle!

Running away is out of the question. Baronette is determined to finish her off!

She died back then on her sect and she hasn't been on this world for almost a year. Then she'll die at a time like this?

As she did movements, blood oozed from her wound. And her pale face and violet lips were horrible to look at. She turned around in fast speed towards the direction of the forest. The ocean is at the least favorable to her fight. She needs a solid ground to stand up and a land that had a lot of useful resources as a weapon.

Also, it seemed that Baronette knew her intention but let her go. She chased her all the way to the forest. She thought that no matter which place she went, she will be able to inflict pain on her.

A household cat finds amus.e.m.e.nts in its plaything for a long time before fully eating it. Where is the thrill if she surrendered early on?

Baronette created water spheres through solidification of the salted water. She has an easy way to manipulate weapons like this and she knew the ways how to make out of it. She had been doing this for almost a century.

Also, this attackedshould be shouldered by Xiang MoMo, but the woman was still far away looking for some treasures. And instead, she came to her today.

"Oh, did you get tired?"

Baronette inquired seeing the woman stop and the forest is a little behind her.

"Who said that I am?" A thrilling smile bud on Su Ci Yi's pale face. Contrary to the disheveled bloody appearance of hers.

Then she waved her hand, several dozen of stones uprooted from the ground and altogether rushed through her. Su Ci Yi grabbed the chance to hide amidst the flying pebbles and out of Baronette's eyes. Soon, she successfully managed to appear on her back and made a swift 180 degree sidekick.

Baronette didn't dodge and fall afar. But she was still able to land on her two feet. She rose again and flew to Su Ci Yi, fully neglecting the stones on her way. Some portion of the pebble hit her cheeks and her forehead.

Su Ci Yi saw her coming and ran even more to the forest.

Baronnete laughs at her retreating back and muttered. "Now this is getting interest"

This time, she turned the tables. In one just click, the pebbles that was on Su Ci Yi's command altogether switch sides and simultaneously attacked Su Ci Yi.

Baronette use the same attacked from earlier and appear right in front of her.

Catching the neck of her prey and pinning her to one of the broad trees behind.

Su Ci Yi tried to get away from the grasp and even reach out for the other's neck. But her strength isn't enough. Her entire body was covered in blood that she can already be called bloody mary no, bloody Su Ci Yi.

Any moment, Baronette could snap her neck.

Su Ci Yi was already choking to death and tears appeared in her eyes. Her vision was already blurred and her consciousness was already slipping out.

Seeing her reaction, Baronette even whispered dreadful words to her ears, "I'll give you exclusive news that is currently happening outside the island. You're sister Su Ming is a little diligent, bringing flowers for your grave every day. She really is a devoted and punctual sister in the history, isn't she?"


Su Ci Yi's last ounce of self restraint fell off. Her eyes turned dull and lifeless as she stared back at the person strangling her neck.Who knows what was running into her mind at this moment.

Also, along with the abnormality in her appearance, the powerful waves of helicopter erupted in the air. Intense tremors felt on the soil and soon, several gunshots fell on the ground, specifically targeting Baronette's spot.

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