Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 223

Volume 1 Chapter 223 Su Ci Yi's Bottomline

Baronette sense the abnormal flow of Su Ci Yi's qi. The woman's demeanor had become even more fierce and vigilant. Her senses were wide and sensitive. The qi on her body was erratically overflowing in her veins.

Baronette could sense that she's out of her control now.

She only said those few words to her and it trigger her instability. This is why a cultivator should live a detached life from the mortal. An attachment might send one to its destruction and lose their life. When one loses control of her vision, calamities could befall on the surroundings because of its rampage.

Seeing there's an outside party that had gone meddling in her affairs, Baronette step back and disappear from the scenario.

The bullet that came from the helicopter above were all deflected by her ability. She turns and hide to the darkness.

This will be a good show to watch from afar.

When the master sniper saw that their target was nowhere to be found, he stopped shooting and step back. There were only three of them inside the helicopter pad. The pilot, the sniper, and Qin Yu.

From afar, Qin Yu immediately spotted Su Ci Yi. However, his face sunk when he saw what kind of predicament and intense situation she was in. He immediately gestured to his men to fire down below, only aiming for the other person other than Su Ci Yi.

Of course his men fully know their target. They knew their boss's lady and didn't dare to lay any single bullet on her even if its accident or they wouldn't be able to suffer their boss's retribution afterwards. Their boss's lady is a top priority at this moment and seeing the other person (from the lens of a telescope) being strangled to death, their blood boil.

They felt strange afterwards. When, after a minute of firing, they didn't find any shadow of the woman trying to harm their Lady; he issued a statement that the ground was safe.

Qin Yu was the first to come down from the ladder hanging on the helicopter.

When he came down, darkness engulf him. It was already night and with only night goggles he could see in the dark. Su Ci Yi lay on the ground, weak and tired. Her limbs lay on the roots of the tree she was leaning.

Her whole body covered in blood and her eyes glinting in a red glow.

But when she senses someone is coming, she became vigilant towards that person. Seeing she has no weapons at all, she raised her hands and took some leaves, breathe her qi and attacked him.

Qin Yu knew that something is wrong with Su Ci Yi but still, he went up to her side amidst the threat of the sharp objects around her.

Sure enough, when Qin Yu reach a few meters from her, Su Ci Yi attacked her with her little weapons. Without any protection, his cheeks were grazed and his clothes tattered. Afterwards, when Su Ci Yi saw that the man didn't budge at all and even stood unflinching, she attacked him head on.

She jumped right in front of him.

Qin Yu lose his balance and fell on the ground.

Su Ci Yi laid on top of him, glaring intensely. Her eyes were out of focused and no trace of sanity.

Seeing that their boss being pinned down, Qin Yu's military men became anxious. They didn't know what should be the best course of action. If this was their ordinary target, doing something like this to their bossthey will not hesitate to hit the woman.

But this is the Boss's lady.

They couldn't do anything.

Mai and Mudo stood from afar. Even they were stunned by the situation.

Caught flabbergasted with the scenario and thought, 'Is this the era when the man surpassed their own ability and gained supernatural strength?' Seeing how Su Ci Yi manipulated the surrounding object, they thought she is a telekinesis expert.

Su Ci Yi was like a rapid dog right now. Wild and ferocious. She looked down on her prey and her teeth gnash in anger, " Don't touch Su Ming try it and you will never escape death" Shethreatened like her life depended all on it.

With this statement, Qin Yu knew what was wrong.

Su Ci Yi's bottom line is Su Ming. That person earlier might have something to do with this behavior of hers.

And Su Ci Yi had a mental breakdown history. Something like this is detrimental. What if her state of mind deteriorated again? He couldn't bear to see her to be admitted in the hospital again.

Unconsciously, Qin Yu let out a dark flow of aura from his body.

Baronette from the sideline flinched and she was wise enough to flee the area. But while running away, goosebumps ran through her spine and she couldn't able to look back.

Qin Yu pulled his phone in his pocket and open some file recordings on his media folder. Soon a bright and energetic voice of Su Ming was heard. It was visible from the audio recording that it's recorded but it was enough to get Su Ci Yi's attention.

She grabbed the phone in his hand and caress the object with care as if it's the most fickle treasure in the entire world. Her mood stabilizes and her mind become at peace. But the turbulent waves of uncontrollable qi inside her body was still running amok.

"Are you all right now?" Qin Yu indulge her by rubbing his palm on her cheeks. "Su Ming is all right. She's still carefree and lively over there. Can you come back to me, now?" The moon had gone up and it cast its bright light on his face. Su Ci Yi saw the magnificent smiling face that seems carved out from a painting.

Su Ci Yi regained her sanity little by little, and the alluring face that triggered her to return to herself made her chest pounded. She thought it was the side effect of her qi getting out of control, but later she found out that she was already at peace yet her chest is heaving so hard.

It's abnormal, is she going to die now?

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