Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 224

Volume 1 Chapter 224 The Spring Blossom

This is the first time that Su Ci Yi had deeply pondered on this situation.

And even their position gave a lewd essence in the atmosphere.

Su Ci Yi is currently pinning Qin Yu down and the man underneath hadn't even made any movement at all. He just dumbly stared at her face like it was the usual thing to do.

Her two legs were parted in between the man's body as it was pressed towards her. The heat that contain the human body permeated on her body since they were stuck together. Su Ci Yi's face lit up in the bright color of red.

Now her qi seemed to stabilize, but her chest couldn't stop beating hard.

She narrowed her eyes and immediately tried to get away from his clasped.

Qin Yu, sensing that she will stand up, pulled her body towards him. Since Su Ci Yi had just recuperated from the tiresome uncontrolled qi earlier, part of her strength still hasn't returned and she guessed that she needed a few days of cultivation to recuperate.

Being pulled again by the man, their body warmth even intertwined and in which made Su Ci Yi's face flashed red even more. The hand that clutched on her waist was too strong, but with a gentle touch. This is the first time that she became intimate with the man.

Qin Yu felt that the little bunny on his grasped was a little pitiful. It shrunk and tried to escape from his clutch, but his hand was tightly wrapped around it. Seeing the faint blush on her face which was visible from the moonlight ray, a mischievous smile appear on his lips.

He wanted to see her reaction.

He wanted to let her be conscious of his feelings.

He wanted to be like in this position even for a moment.

Even if he'll trail a bumpy road just to get through her, he wouldn't hesitate to try out things just to be with her. Anyway, he had experience life and death for multiple times. A little patience in waiting and sacrifices wouldn't hurt him at all.

"Release me." Su Ci Yi's frosty tone echoed within the night. Her gaze was sharp that if looks can kill, Qin Yu had already been a mince paste now.

Su Ci Yi pretended to be a little brave and tried to hide the slight rattle in her voice. Her heart was thumping loud that when she spoke it quiver.

"I don't want to." His childish refused was heard. He wanted to savor this moment.

"Mr Qin" Su Ci Yi warned.

"Hmmm" Qin Yu was still trying his luck. " Did you forgot I'm your fiance now? Call me darling~" To think he has the nerve to sabotage this situation, Qin Yu wouldn't be a Qin if he'll back down.

It seemed that two nerves pop up on Su Ci Yi's head.

She's not feeling well right now. She couldn't even understand her feelings anymore. In front of this shameless man, she could only look at him fiercely, warning him to stop his stupidity.

The night was long.

The cricket sounds can be heard on the surrounding. The obsidian shadows of forest on the deepest part were horrible, as if there's a dangerous entity lurking. The loud howl of dogs in the distant neighborhood was spooky and eerie.

The gentle gush of wind caressing the tiny and sensitive leaves on the trees is cold and each spine gets chilled from the sensation.

Black shadow of the night blanketed the whole Island but with the moon rays, the roads and forks were bright.

The helicopter that was hovering on the air return to their respective posts. His military men started to withdraw from the situation, seeing it was all stabilize.

Mai and Mudo prepare to go home with pleasant news on their hands. This time, the two heaved a sigh of relief knowing things concluded with no one dying.

Those people who hover at the entrance of the forest went back to their respective abode, seeing the helicopter had gone.

A minute passed by but Su Ci Yi hadn't still broken from their current position. Qin Yu was still waiting for her endearment. She would like to pounce on the man and hit him, but seeing she owe him this time, she withdrew from the thought. She'll let him off the hook this time.

Su Ci Yi gulp down a mouthful of saliva. Then, not looking at the eyes of the man, she opened her lips and spoke in a very small tone that only the c.o.c.kroaches and bugs could hear, there was a hint of hesitation at first but still in the end she spoke,

" Can you let go now d-darling?"




It was night when they came home. Qin Yu's parents were already waiting at the front gate for their arrival. Qin Tao, seeing his father and master at the distance, immediately ran towards them. He didn't get worried when his master went missing earlier. He knew his master is strong and someone that won't get trampled into. Her enemy are nothing compared to her.

This child has a high expectation of Su Ci Yi that if she happened to know, she will feel ridiculous. This child really bows to her strength.

"Is master all right?" he immediately inquired as soon as he reached them. Right now, his master was being carried in the arms of his father.

He could see that his father is in a good mood tonight. Qin Tao had already master how to guess his father's temperament and aura. And this time, he felt that he's really happy.

"She needs to take a rest. I hope Ah Tao won't bother her tonight?"

Qin Tao assured him, "I'll be good tonight and won't be a nuisance."

When his father put her into the bed, he saw her master's state. She was weak and her face was in tomato red. This is the first time that he saw his master like this.

He unknowingly stared at his father in question.

"You don't need to get worried, your master caught a slight cold that's why her face is red. She'll be good tomorrow when she took enough rest."

Qin Yu rustled the hair of his child while grinning mischievously. Then he led out the child outside the room, so Su Ci Yi can rest well.

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