Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 225

Volume 1 Chapter 225 Too Early In The Morning

"Is she all right now?"

" Shhh, don't talk loud or you will wake her up. She's still pale as you look into her."

"That can't do! We should call a doctor immediately!"

"Shhh. Tone down your voice."

Su Ci Yi's ears pricked when she heard whispers on her side. The frantic and loud voice belongs to Qin Yu's mother. While the one that warned her to keep her voice down, is Qin Yu's father. The two seemed to sneak a look at her while she's still sleeping.

Su Ci Yi quivered her eyes but didn't open it yet. She tried to observe the couple.

Her impression of them was too different from what she was expecting.

Qin Yu's parents were totally different from him. Although the physical appearance is there, but the atmosphere is not.

Qin Yu's nature and inborn indifference are totally obvious. Although Su Ci Yi knew his shamelessness and pervasion is there, she could still not believe it.

She is fond of reading and watching a story with a dramatic plotline where the mother goes all the way just to ditch her son's girlfriend. The evil witch-woman wouldn't stop her harassment until her son picked the fiance she had picked than the average protagonist.

However, this time, Qin Yu's parents were totally the happy-go-lucky type. They didn't care about his girl's prestige. She even didn't know if she's on par with their qualification that they didn't have any qualms at her.

Su Ci Yi was still lying motionless and pretending to sleep.

This time, the couple didn't only look at her from afar.

But went near her bed. Scrutinized the contours of her face. She felt Qin Ting went to her face poke it, and whisper, "Honey! We have a problem here!" Qin Ting slowly tapped her husband's shoulders and exclaimed.

Su Ci Yi also shook a little, hearing her panic-stricken voice.

Qin Ting slowly touched Su Ci Yi's face and added, "Our daughter has dry skin! We need to hire a dermatologist from the mainland! I can't help to see her skin grow like this!"

Qin Yu's father also looked at her in disbelieve, "Tone down your voice. You will wake her up."

"My voice is not loud, you are."

Seeing Qin Ting sulk from his reprimand, he coaxed her back, "Dr. Lou is still overseas. I'll call him later to make a trip here and look to her."

Qin Fourong, Qin Yu's father makes way for his wife's mood. His mouth wasn't smiling but his eyes show indulgence and he is gentle for his wife.

"Call a private medical staff here. I can't settle with just the Island Doctor. Our daughter should get a look from an expert. We can't afford to let her get sickly. She needs to be strong and stealthy in order to bear our grandchildren in the future."

Su Ci Yi hearing them was dumbfounded. Did they see her as breeding material for their son?!

"Yes. Yes. I'll call him. We should go out now and let the lady rest." At last, Qin Fourong dragged the woman outside of her room.

Su Ci Yi opened her eyes when the room is empty. Looking over, Qin Yu and Qin Tao are not on her side. Seeing the unfamiliar grandiose chandelier her mood gets complicated, but when she looked at the window, dr.a.p.e with pink silk curtains, her eyebrows creased even more.

Whose room is this?

The couple had no daughter that they wouldn't decorate the room this fancy.

Also, this was too detailed and specific to be a guest's room.

Su Ci Yi pulled the quilt and get off the bed. When her feet reach the ground, she soon had a foreboding doubt about it.

She looked down and saw a pair of pink bunny-ear slippers with a lot of frills and a gemstone in the middle. Her emotion only subsided seeing that the bead glint in a beautiful l.u.s.ter and she couldn't help but pick one of it.

Su Ci Yi wanted to know the authenticity of the gemstone and brought it over to her mouth, she tried to determine its hardness and genuity the result is that the stone is a real gem!

"Yi, that dirty thing is not a food. Your food is on the table, already set for you." Qin Yu's timing was right and on point. Did he need to enter right at this moment when she was gnawing the bead on her teeth?

Anyway, this pair of slippers were newly bought and it's freshly washed because of the scent of fabric softener left on it.

"All right"

Su Ci Yi went to the bathroom to wash her face. After rinsing her face, she got out of the bathroom only to see Qin Yu on her bed; sitting while crossing his arms.

"Are you done now? Let's go together."

He walked up to her, pull her right hand and hold it with tender care. Then he guided her steps and walk out of the room with gentleness.

"I'm all right now." Su Ci Yi refused his hand. She already recuperated for the whole night.

But Qin Yu didn't budge. He even leaned on her and whispered in her ears, "Mom and Dad will suspect if I don't do this. Don't you think it's the husband's responsibility to take care of his wife?"

Upon hearing, Su Ci Yi's ear tinted in red color and she twisted her head far from him. Thinking if she did this, he will not notice this. But Qin Yu already saw it and a faint grin appear on his face.

Su Ci Yi's chest begun to throb again when his breath permeated on her skin. The husky voice of the man and his scent drives her crazy. It seemed that blood rush out on her head and her face blushed as well.

This time around, her qi was pretty stabilized.

There's no way that this had something to do with her energy anymore, just like what she thought yesterday.

The mere catalyst of this reaction is the man beside her.

She even felt elated the moment she saw him that she didn't want him out of her sight. When he got near, her chest would heave unknowingly after that.

Su Ci Yi froze from her thoughts.

Then, little by little, ridiculous conjectures appeared in her head.

Could this be?

No way

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