Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 23

Volume 1 Chapter 23 Haunted Mansion Iv

The moment they just got back, the door inside her room closed. The impact was so strong that they heart almost burst out. They both look into each other. Ling Mo tried to banged it open but it's been locked inside.

From their standpoint they came hear the cry of a child.

Qin Tao's crying nonstop calling her.

There was also a small piteous noise coming from a girl.

Ling Mo once again banged the door, trying whatever means to open it. He even tried to destroy the door knob in order to break open it.

Su Ci Yi was feeling the kind of aura inside, and its definitely not good. The one's that are current inside are the black mist that once possessed Chua Ting. It can be said that a body who has been possessed once is the type that could be easily caught again by it.

Ling Mo was sweating bullets now, he has no choice but to go down the kitchen to fetch a large axe.

Su Ci Yi's observation on the inside ended and seeing that the door wasn't opened yet she immedietly turn the door know opened without using any force.

Ling Mo has just turn on that time and saw her enter.

Ling Mo "..."

Su Ci Yi entered without minding the dumbfounded expression of him.

She went to look at the two person lying side by side. One was crying piteously, while the other is trembling on her dreams.

"nightmares" It's funny to think that it coincides with this program's title.

She put her right hand on the child's forehead. Extracting the dark mists inside. Her qi, immediately flowed towards the kid and extracting the bad energies outside.

A normal people could only see her physical action but cannot the spiritual one. Hence, Ling Mo only taught that she's only checking the kid's temperature.

Qin Tao was calling his master while on his sleep. Su Ci Yi look at the wet face of him. His cheeks were swollen red and and there is a pitiful cry coming from his lips.

Su Ci Yi felt that something touch within her heart.

Thus she poured all her energy inside of him, exorcising the dark mist. The she pulled the hem of her robe and rub it to the wet face of the child.

Su Ci Yi's face acted on her own and as she bowed down and put a gentle kiss on his forehead.

Qin Tao's eyes woke up and he saw that her master kissing him. He just had woke up from his nightmare and was sweating bullets. Without any haste, he cling to her and hug tightly. Of course, her master will never abandon him.

Ling Mo was caught up on this two person clinging to each other and taught the scene as a mother and child reunion.

Qin Yu who has been watching all this this felt secured. He was inching earlier to barge inside and get his child back seeing him situation but now that thing gotten better he sigh in relief.

Opening the window of the black car, he lit the stick and puffing on the wet atmosphere. The rain has just stopped earlier and the atmosphere is a little cold.

The time now is almost 2 in the morning. He could see through the monitor that the woman was taking care of his child. So long as he's okay Qin Yu could sit back and relax for awhile --whoa!

Holy F*ck!

On his window, a small face of a woman popped up.

"Mr Qin I brought your child back" Qin Yu look at the screen inside and to the woman he is facing. Only one thing is registering on his mind. : Where the heck did she came from?

"Mr Qin?" When Su Ci Yi that taught that the man is not answering, she called back.

Qin Yu return to from his trance and immediately open the inside of the car putting the sleeping child inside. Qin Tao after hugging her vigorously fell asleep again.

"I advice Mr. Qin to return home now. This place is crawling with vile energy and I'm afraid it won't be good for the kid."

"Ms. Su, it's better for you to head home also. I apologies that you have been caught on this. That kid must have pester you in order to participate on this event. I tried to tell him about this hobbies of him but he never listens. The more I become strict, the more he will even be put to danger."

"I understand Mr. Qin, you don't have any choice but to let him have his way. Qin Tao knows what he is doing and believes that his effort will not be a waste"

"I owe you alot on this Ms Su. If you have time, you can visit the mansion anytime." Qin Yu grab him his personal card. This time it is different from the one he handed her from the hospital.

Su Ci Yi grab the card without hesitation and bade her goodbye.

Qin Yu remain on his place as he made a signal gesture. The night is typically dark and only a few stars lit the dark sky. Only the sound of cicadas at the distant could be heard.

A few seconds later, a man dressed in black tight clothes came up from the shadow.

"Reporting Sir, it only took her 3 seconds to reach the current position from the room to this place. I can tell that woman is not ordinary."

Qin Yu's face became expressionless as he look at the path that the woman threaded earlier.

"Continue your job, do not let others see you"

The night watch nodded and said

"Roger Sir"

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