Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 24

Volume 1 Chapter 24 Ming Su

"Where have you been!" When Su Ci Yi went back again, Ling Mo immediately rush to her. Su Ci Yi just passed through him.

Looking at the sleeping Chua Ting, Su Ci Yi frowned. This is the second time this girl has been possessed.

Like what she did with Qin Tao, Su Ci Yi channel her spiritual qi towards her. Ling Mo felt that there is something strange with the gesture of the woman. He tried to concentrate his eyes towards the hand that touches her but he could not see anything at all.

At the last strand of her channeling, Su Ci Yi felt the exhaustion of her energy. Guess, transferring two people consecutively is a little difficult for her.

As soon as Chua Ting woke up from her nightmare, Su Ci Yi flog on the bed. She is totally exhausted. Her eyelids are about to close off when the power immediately went down.

After that, she heard the loud scream from the opposite room. She immediately went flopped up and rush to where the noise is coming.

Su Ci Yi's vision is different than of the normal people, hence when Ling Mo and her got out of the room what they saw was a big man in a kitchen knife. Walking opposite their direction. On his left hand he is dragging a person through her long hair.

The stain of blood was somehow visible on her n.a.k.e.d eyes.

Ling Mo turn on the flashlight of his phone and upon seeing the trail of blood, he swallowed his saliva. "This is definitely a blood now..." He said while turning pale.

Chua Ting is holding her hand firmly. The coldness she could feel makes her more uncomfortable. "A-are you sure? Maybe the film staff's where only pranking us..."

"Which production film would turn off the lights huh? How can they see what's going on the inside if its like this?"

Chua Ting felt silent.

Ling Mo is curious on who's blood spilled over the floor? It is so dark inside that he only caught the blood below through the light of his phone.

The group immediately enter the adjacent room but they could not see any traces of Ming Su and Shui Zi. What's more the source of the trail of blood comes from Shui Zi's room.

"I-i want to go out no.." she heard Chua Ting's weak sobs. Su Ci Yi squeezes the back of her hand and reassured her that no one will be able to harm her as long as she's present.

The trio group went down the first floor while following the trail of the blood marks. There were also hand scratches along the handrails down the bottom.

Upon reaching the bottom,one only need to take a turn and one will reach the kitchen. The blood trail didn't disappoint them and it stop right in front of the big table.

Su Ci Yi's eyes widen seeing a big man standing near the boiling pan. They were facing his back so they weren't clear what is he doing. But they knew he's chopping heavily with his oversize kitchen knife. The man wasn't still able to sense them because he's still focus on what he's doing. Later then, after finishing he grab something below him. As if he's like grabbing a piece of thin paper the way he lifted it.

Ling Mo's face even paled and step back when he saw what the man lifted. Chua Ting even feel that she would gonna vomit any moment.

The human body that the man lifted was still intact, blood where dripping still from the head. The man lifted it and put it on top of the chopping board. Just like a fish that would become an ingredient to a hot soup, the big man lifted his axe high up.

"Ahhhhhh," Chua Ting shouted from the total nervousness and decided not to witness a tragedy.

The man was startled and look back.

Now face with the man, Ling Mo immediately know him! It was no other than Su Ming! He hadn't interact with the man since he entered earlier.

Ming Su is a chef, so it's reasonable that the first thing he would rummage is the kitchen. After that, he's been occupy and forgotten the other person inside. They didn't much have any interaction aside from the outside earlier.

Su Ci Yi didn't need to look closely to the woman who's been put on top of the chopping board. The face that was full of blood was facing their direction. Though its dark but she could see it clearly.

Ling Mo and Chua Ting has already a hunch who's the woman who's been dragged. Only one thing that keeps repeating on their mind : Is she still alive?

Ling Mo's instinct told him to throw whatever he could touch to the man.

In the three of them, he's more familiar with Shui Zi. What's even more, in a short while they have been together. He's the one who's close to her.

When Su Ming gets distracted with dodging the flying objects, Su Ci Yi moves swiftly and pulled out the body from him.

"What have you done Ming Su!" Ling Mo shouted at the man that seems not on his proper consciousness now. Whatever happens to him, Ling Mo really don't want to know. The face that was full of pimples were wet and filled with unknown liquid. His eyes that should be there, where turn to all white.

When he saw that his prey has been taken away, Ming Su roared in anger and becomes more violent than ever.

No one knew how did he become like this.

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