Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 25

Volume 1 Chapter 25 Trapped

One Hour before the incident.

Ming Su is preparing a special dish to serve as his welcome approach to his fellow participants. His likes to socialize to people but it seems that people always run away from him.

His special dishes whom became known and popular where under his name. He doubt the people really know the real person under the name.

"You still not finish on that? Can you be a little faster, it's not you own the kitchen here!" Shui Zi went down for a while to satiate her stomach. Her aim is to rummage through the refrigerator, but seeing that someone is occupying, she became irritated.

"I-its only a couple of minutes to finish, after that..."

"Who said that you could make me wait here!" SHui Zi's irritation flared up. "Move out!" She didn't listen to him and even shoved him to the side.

Su Ming obediently make way to her.

"What is this?" Shui Zi open the lid of a pot that Su Ming is cooking. Feeling curious what's inside she took a look.

An aromatic smell of minted herb wafted the air.

Su Ming, seeing that the pot is boiling took a ragged and lifted the pot away from the fire and put aside to cool off. Next, he took his handmade fresh noodles that he set aside for awhile.

Su Ming's passion from cooking is showing and he beam on excitement while doing it.

Shui Zi's irritation even worsen seeing the ugly face that was like carve from a pig showing a disgusting smile.

People like this is a pollution to the beautiful earth.

So when Su Ming is washing the dishes that he has used in his special dish, Shui Zi's evil smile surface. This ugly Su Ming would like to won the goodwill of the participant here, especially when almost all of the people here were big names on the industry. Is he trying to suck off on them?

She wouldn't allow it!

Her slender and delicate hand travel to the handle of the pot and push it over the edge of the table.

It 'cause a loud crashing noise which make Su Ming startle and look back. Seeing that his newly made spicy-mint noodle with chicken nuggets where all littered on the floor he horrible look at the person nearby.

Shui Zi innocently pouted and raises her two hands as if it is not her fault. Seeing the mess on the floor, she just shrugged and turn around to go back upstairs.

Su Ming was left alone, he bent down to get pieces of the pot that has been broken. His heart is bitter and heavy.

Why can't he be used to this things?

Everywhere it's all the same.

But why, why do they need to do this? They can insult him, harassed his personality, prank his ugliness, but why can't they leave his cooked dishes?

The food has nothing to do with their grudges.

Bully him all they want, but don't let his creation suffer...

He made this dishes with all his effort and energy...

It's like that they are already his babies...

No, cooking is his life that save him from misery...




Why does she need to do that....

His freshly cooked spicy-minted noodles...



Su Ming didn't know that at that time, a dark mist was already surrounding him, whispering the miseries, regret and anger of life. The dark mist continuously flow inside his body at a fast paced and first taught that register to his mind is to find the woman who ruined it...



"Get the door open! We are living here!" Ling Mo shouted the moment Su Ci Yi retrieve Shui Zi. All of them fled the way to the door.

But as soon as they open it, it's locked.

Ming Su was following beneath them in a rigid zigzag form.

Su Ci Yi is not in good disposition right now. Her energy is only enough to carry the woman while they are escaping.

Good thing that she's still breathing. It only seems that she only fainted from extreme terror earlier.

Ling Mo's frantically searching for any path that could lead to the outside. But there was no luck on the first floor.

They got no choice but to run through the second floor and lock themselves inside the room.

Su Ci Yi immediately flog down on the bed together with Zhui Si. She really needs to replenish her energy.

The loud banging outside made them nervous and panicky and it took all the movable things putted on beneath the door to strengthen its defense.

"So what should we do now? We're stuck on this?" Despite their her trembling, Chua Ting manage to voiced her fear.

"We can't do anything now but to wait for outside help" Ling Mo depressingly sigh.

The crew outside should have already knew that there's something's going on inside, however it's already been an hour yet no one came.

Ling Mo was thinking that it might be possible to subdue the man. There have three of them while Su Ming is only one. If the three of them cooperated, there is a great chance that they could go out alive in here.

However, Su Ci Yi refuted her suggestion explaining that they won't match the strength of Su Ming since he is a big man. Aside from that fact, there's the mist that possessing him. Wounding him would have an affect on the dark qi on his body and would cause spiritual abnormalities.

Left without no choice, the three remain silent.

Su Ci Yi only woken her eyes when she felt someone's on the other room. Then after a moment, Su Ming who's violently banging the door felt silent.

Ling Mo went near the door to slowly observe but it was Su Ci Yi's voice was heard "we can now go outside. Su Ming has just gone"

Slowly, Ling Mo tiptoed near the door but when he heard another knock from outside, he instinctively jump away from it.

"It's okay to go out now. He's been taken cared of" A deep man's voice that Su Ci Yi's familiar with was heard inside.

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