Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 26

Volume 1 Chapter 26 Outside

The moment that voice was heard, everyone sigh in relief. Ling Mo open the door and step outside. Soon Su Ci Yi and Chua Ting followed.

At first when Chua Ting saw Qin Yu her first impression was amazement. Qin Yu's aura is different from other man. It's as if he was some kind of emperor in a historical drama, his bearing and even his deep voice.

Of course, it could have been known that no one would know that he is a Qin, only Su Ci Yi know of this fact, but the other one didn't really care.

"thank you" Qin Yu and Su Ci Yi only nodded with each other when they bump. Qin Yu immedietly took away from her the excess baggage that she's carrying - that is Shui Zi, and intentionally give a fierce look at the only man in the group.

Ling Mo, who in his whole life never carry a baggage that exceeds more that 20 kilos only turn his head away.

When they reach the outside, it's still dark.

Reaching the base the staff's came flooding around them with worried and excitement.


Even the director's face was full of expectation on them.

Because of the happenings, the camera that was supposed to record everything went down. No one knew what is happening and is expecting an awesome experience from the people inside.

Albeit, they would make their experience turn into reality by tapping it inside again.

Su Ci Yi cannot fathom the deepness of stupidity of these people.

Shui Zi was immedietly drive to the hospital after arriving.

Inside the room, Ling Mo, Chua Ting and SU Ci Yi were slump on the each of the sofa truelly exhausted.

Ling Mo's manager came and giving him a massage.

Chua Ting's female assistant was giving a hell of explanation over the phone to her aunt.

Su Ci Yi relax her back over the sofa as she closes her eyes.

She needs to deal with that vile energy before the dawn breaks but right now she needs to recover her spiritual qi.

A few moments, Chua Ting inch towards her and elbowed her. Her face is a little red while turning her eyes towards someone. She knew who's this woman's target is.

Qin Yu was just standing outside and was talking to one of the crew.

"Ms. Benefactor..." She heard her say in low voice.

Su Ci Yi opened her eyes just to be only met with a two excited shining eyes. As if the scardy cat Chua Ting earlier was nowhere to be found.

"Do you know that man who save us earlier"

Hearing her, she took a quick glance at the tall man. It so happened that he also look at her way. She return her sight to Chua Ting and said in a flat tone. "He's my uncle"

Chua Ting's eyebrow twisted in disbelief. He seems so young to be his uncle as it is.

Su Ci Yi closes her eyes and tried to feel how much qi she already recovered when Chua Ting's still bombarding her with questions about Qin Yu.

"He my uncle on my father's side. 45 year's old and already a father to a 6 year old son. If you are planning to pursue him you better think twice. My uncle is already a married person and he loves his family best"

The spiritual qi on her body now has increasing in a fast speed that she didn't have taught on what she is saying towards Chua Ting..

Just then after saying that, she felt that the temperature inside dropped.

Her eyes was close and her head is leaning against the back of the sofa so when she opened her eyes again, she was face with the devilishly handsome face of the man.

"Oh really?" His face was only an inch towards her as he was leaning down near her face.

Su Ci Yi snapped and immedietly retrieved her head. But the man was teasing him with inching closer.

Su Ci Yi didn't want to bump his head on him as she only closes her eyes and waited till this man leave her.

"Since when did I have a niece such as so old as you are?" Qin Yu rebuke on her statement earlier. His lips curving into a strange smile and she doesn't even want to know the reason.

"Oh did I say that? How come I can't remember it?" Su Ci Yi denied.

"Is that so... then should I remind you of your words earlier?"

Su Ci Yi's eyes widen when the man's face gets closer.

A sudden alarm on her head hit her off as she violently push Qin Yu away from her.

What the heck is the deal with him?!

She had to say those things to Chua Ting because he knows that this man's already taken. She can't let her indulge in a forbidden path of being an a.d.u.l.t!

Chua Ting's gentle and kind.

She can't let her mingle with much more trouble. And speaking of her, she was already far away with her with face full of doubt with the two of them.

Ling Mo intentionally put his bottled water harshly on the table that created a loud impact. "If the two of you are going to flirt, then this place is not a better one. We better appreciate it if you go out and do your business outside"

"We are not flirting!" Su Ci Yi blurted out in a loud voice. She immedietly look at the compose man who's standing as if he was enjoying a good show, where in fact he is also the subject of such accusation.

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