Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 27

Volume 1 Chapter 27 Inner Toughts

Qin Yu was only listening to the flow of their conversation. He didn't even made any words when Su Ci Yi is being accused.

She felt it that way.

How dare he made her embarrass inside!

Su Ci Yi decided to stood up while stomping her feet as she look bitterly at the man.

Mr. Qin, you traitor! Hmp!Hmp!

Qin Yu couldn't help but laughs on her exaggerated reaction and followed her.

Chua Ting was speechless.

Ling Mo was kind of irritated at the woman who made his manly existence felt like useless. She even carried Shui Zi alone for the whole time with her small stature without a single complain.

There's no kind of woman like that anyway!




For the mean time, when Su Ci Yi got out, she was fuming with anger and embarrassment! How could this man provoke her like that!


Su Ci Yi who's always been the epitome of grace as a young cultivator, felt really humiliated and saw the man following him.

Goodness gracious, buddha knows how she wants to punch the man's smug face!

"Ms. Su, do you have anything to say? It's dangerous when your talking to yourself alone..."

Su Ci Yi tried to open her lips and no words came , she then closes it.

Qin Yu felt like that he was looking at a small squirrel pouting.

He never taught that it could be amusing to look.

"Mr Qin!"

Su Ci Yi flip and her voice became loud.

However, despite her mood, Qin Yu's face is still ridiculous to look at. She really felt that he's looking at her like at idiot.

"Mr Qin, please refrain from unnecessary actions, may I remind you that we're still strangers if not for my disciple Qin Tao?"

Qin Yu's ears perk up hearing she brought this ridiculous thing again.

"Ms. Su, I'm very curious what the two of your are up to? Ah Tao's been smitten with your antics. I don't know what the two of you are playing at and Ah Tao's been lively lately. Although I do hope that it's not something so dangerous, right?"

"Mr Qin, I'm only teaching my disciple based on the capacity of the kid. You may not know but I have already taught dozen of disciples back on the sect and some of them we're of famous cultivator now. Some we're re known through out the whole continent!"

There was a long silence after Su Ci Yi say that.

Then Qin Yu's scrunch eyebrow surfaced and asked, "Come again?"

For a second, shit! Why did she tell him about her past? There's no way that the Su Ci Yi on this world has that kind of experiences!

"Haha, did you believe that? Of course, what I mean is that I'm teaching Qin Tao the best of his capabilities. You did not need to worry, I'll see to it that he'll be fine" Teehee

Su Ci Yi didn't want anyone to know about her transmigrating on this person's body. Any person who will hear her it will think that she even became more crazy than before.

Of course, no single person would believe that she came from a fantastical setting of wuxia world.

Where leveling of power is important and strong cultivators where hailed.

It's funny to think how did her mood suddenly change and wooed this man in front of her.

Guess, she don't really have a choice.

This is why she hates talking with mortal people!

"If that is so, then Ms. Su I will leave him to your care"

"Rest assured Mr. Qin"

"I'll leave him to you"

"Yes Mr Qin"

Su Ci Yi, "..."

Was this man deliberately trying to distract her?

This was not suppose she should do!

The man earlier who was possessed with the mist...she needs to find him!


Right away!

But then just when will Qin Yu leave anyway?!

When she look up to him again, Qin Yu was staring at her and grinning widely.


Seeing the remarkable distaste and expression of urging him to get away from her, Qin Yu's even been more amused. This girl thought that she's hiding her emotions and expressions well, but on the contrary Qin Yu could clearly see through her.


"Ms Su..."

Once called is polite.

"Ms. Su..."

A second means she's deaf

"Ms Su..."

Thrice would be like she's dumb!

Su Ci Yi rolled her eyes in irritation "Mr. Qin do you have something to say?"

"Ah! Do you want to --"

Su Ci Yi plastered a bright smile "No, I don't. Thank you Mr Qin."


Su Ci Yi saw that Qin Yu's shoulder is shaking. Is he shivering from cold?

"Mr Qin, If you won't mind I'll go first. I still need to do something." Grabbing the chance while the man's attention is not on her, she bowed and hastily went out leaving Qin Yu on the side.

Hmp! Hmp!

Then as soon as he was left, a cold wind coming from the northern region blew and send chills towards the dark and cold night.

Qin Yu embrace himself as he look at the direction Su Ci Yi went. After not seeing her, his expression turn into a 360 degrees.

The atmosphere on the inside of car is somewhat already cold and adding to his temperament and aura, it got even colder on the mystic night.

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