Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 28

Volume 1 Chapter 28 Coincidence?

The TV show was called to cancel after the incident happened and the model Shui Zi stayed at the hospital for a whole month.

Chua Ting was all busy with her business deals and designs.

Ling Mo hasn't taken breaks because of his hectic schedule.

Su Ming has been secretly exorcised by Su Ci Yi and now his friendly neighbor on the mental hospital she's staying.

Su Ci Yi's normal life has return to normal now.

After the incident, Qin Tao never visited her for a while.

She took all her time in cultivating her inner qi. She was even graduated from the qi condensation stage and now on the entry level of her soul formation.

Like any other days before Su Ci Yi's uneventful moments inside the mental has never been so blissful as she is now.


Su Family's Company

Inside the President's Office

Father Su has been reading a series of emails from their previously sent letter of invitations of different big time investors and all of it where rejected!

If this continue, their decade of hard earn business will be put to waste and all their ancestors would haunt him 'til his death!

He didn't anticipated that in span of months, they will experience this crises.

Never would he had taught that engaging her daughter to their long time family friend would cause this big impact on them. Much worse, her daughter even became a waste.

The family has no heir to pass the inheritance directly. He only hopes for the future son in law that he arrange for his two daughters.

The Huan's Family's first son is the best among the candidates. Beside from their long-term friendship, the two where childhood friends.

Who would have taught that all of it became useless. The strong assurance that he felt became his greatest disappointment.

Soon there came a knock on the door.

Father Su turn to look at the person that at the door.

It was just his secretary bearing some doc.u.ments needed to be sign by him.

Along with it was a letter of invitation of the birthday party from the Huan Clan. Seeing the dazzling red envelope, Father Su didn't even look at it and threw it inside the trash bin.

"Later when you throw that garbage, be sure to burn all of it"

Father Su's stern voice frighten the secretary that he only nodded for his answer. After that he immediately leave the room.

Father Su was silent for a while and taught, after all that has happened, they still has the nerve to give it to them?


If not cooping inside and cultivating, Su Ci Yi went outside to broaden her mind of the current world.

They say an ounce of experience is worth a thousand pound of theory. It's better to explore the things outside rather that cooping and reading books inside. Wearing a black leather jacket and mask, no one would know her if she goes out.

Based on these previous owner's memories, their family business is just only kilometer ahead. Just a few walks and she will reach it.

Since the engagement is dissolve, the parties involving where divided into two factions. The one from the Su Clan and the other from the Huan Clan.

The current president is his father. But seeing the decrease of his popularity and lacking of manpower since a lot of Huan clan's people where resigning and going to another company ,his influence and business prowess here questioned.

Huan Ro started to manage the Huan Clan's own family business which is booming at this moment. Xiang Ro, the other woman is assisting him with it.

They totally left the business to its ruin.

Su Ci Yi can't help but felt pity towards this owners body. All the bad luck started with her engagement's being broken and worse leave a bad effect on their reputation.

Walking alone,

the streets we're crowded and there are lots of boutique along the area.

She decided to pick the most abandoned one and looks no customers There is only one assistant who caters to the clients. There we're all kinds of ladies wear on it, from headdress up to shoes and sandals. The cost is also cheap even for a branded one.

She has been not interested on this things before but now since she is living a normal life, she needs to adopt to the people living here.

Su Ci Yi was interested in the few caps that were hanging on the rock. It could be great to use when disguising outside.

"Xiao Ro, does this dress fits me well?"

Su Ci Yi heard the voice and felt familiar.

When she peek on it, ob course she knew it was that woman. She is picking top loose shirt with letters embroidered on the side. The shirt is for casual purposes but it looks elegant in a cheap price.

"MoMo, are you sure you want to buy here? I can bring you to famous designers and get you tailored on your own size?"

Xiang Mo's embrace to Huan Ro even became more tighter hearing him say this and said in cutesy tone "Hmmm, I don't want you spending a lot of money on me. I know my boyfriend is both rich and handsome but it can't take my conscience to just take your money when where still not married yet. I don't want you to think that of me..."

Huan Ro pinch the blushing face of his woman, " The point is we are still marrying, so all the things that you'd like I will be glad to buy it for you. So don't be stingy on yourself"

Xiang Mo's face glitter in victory. " Really! But I ...

Huan Ro pinch her cheeks again "No buts, your boyfriend is rich. You should depend on him"

"Xiang Ro nodded and on the side she peek at a certain direction.

Su Ci yi was only listening to the other end of the line but deep inside she felt disgusted over the two conversing widely. She felt sick listening to their flirting.

It was not the original owner's feeling but her own.

[No buts, your boyfriend is rich. You should depend on him] Su Ci Yi made faces while mimicking Huan Ro's speech.

The only sales lady in-charge was looking at in an expressionless face.

The two soon went out, and rode the read ferrari of Huan Ro.

Su Ci yi only look up from the distance.

Her face is calm, as it was on the inside.

No sign of chest beating fast.

This is her own feelings now.

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