Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 29

Volume 1 Chapter 29 Misunderstanding

Su Ci Yi has already on the first stage of soul foundation. From now on, it would be difficult to level up just on her usual place alone. She needs to find a better place that has a good atmosphere and strong spiritual particles on the surrounding area.

Since this world is devoid from the use of magic and powers that it is difficult to find one. Although the idea and theory is present, no one really knows where is the best place for that...

But that would need to be set aside for a moment,

She was standing now in a two-storey building which is situated by the side of the road. Looking at the concrete wall painted in professional color and decorations, this must be it. From the original owner's memory it seems that she's working from here few months ago.

The inside was still buzzing with people working on their duties. Piling reports and working on different doc.u.ments.

She would expect that her father would drag her to work again inside the company if he knew she was already fully recuperate.

That is something that she can't let it happen. Working there would mean that she will decrease her time allotted on her cultivation.

She needs to cultivated and reach her previous nascent soul spirit.

She wasn't use being normal.

She is a cultivator that will find her way back to the sect.

She has her Senior Brother there.

She only took a glance over the tall building and went away. She had been long gone and sooner people will find that she's missing again.

She has just gone to his bed when a nurse came by and given her some vitamins and supplements. She was also so beautiful wearing their white uniform.

"How are you today Miss?" the nurse was lively and energetic talking to her. Su Ci Yi responded to her with great enthusiasm. " I'm doing great here. It's so peaceful that I think i don't want to go back home. I can rest well enough here"

"That is great to hear, but you can't live here forever Miss. You can stay here for a couple of months but you can't stay here forever. It's already known what happened to you, but Miss please be strong life is all about hardsh.i.p.s. Just like me, my mother died last year, and last month my father follows. But I was never in grief since I know they are in place that they could rest for eternity. Miss everything will be fine"

Su Ci Yi felt that the external force outside is warming up . It's good to feel that kind of atmosphere. "Thank you, I know it will in the future"

There was long pause, then afterwards the nurse spoke again. "Haist, men this day. They can't be satisfied with what they have and still look for trouble. Men like that are bastard that needs to send to King Yama for punishment. Miss, that man don't deserve to be love! Your feelings are not worth of for him"

Eh? What is she talking about? Is it about Huan Ro?

"I am okay now, I'm already done with him. I decided to forget"

The nurse look at her with pity and shakes her head "You don't need to hide it. You can tell me all your heartaches from him. I am your attending physician, you can all be honest with me"

Ms. Nurse, don't you think your over thinking?

"I-Im really okay now..."

Su Ci Yi was surprise when she was hugged tightly, "You are not, I can see that you are just trying to be brave. You can cry on my shoulders. This is free, the hospital will not billed with this"

Seriously, she was dumbstruck.

Although she was feeling that kind of pain the moment she took over the body, but that must be the residual effects of the emotion of the original owner. She has no control over yet, the reason why she felt it. However, this time it is different. Along with her leveling up, she already gained and took control of her emotions.

Nothings bothering her now, except for the taught of what's gonna be the next dish for supper.

Seriously, she has already adapted to the hospital dishes. It's really nice to eat free foods!

"I don't really love that man and...."

The arms behind her back tighten, then she heard faint sobs, "I once also love a man like that... he was such a sc.u.mbag that he runs with money with him. I never heard of him until now. I don't know where he went with all my money that I have been saving for our wedding. But even though he did that, there is still part of me hoping that I could find him someday. Ask why he had done that thing to me?"

Su Ci Yi felt silent and taught, isn't that what you call a scammer nowadays?

After a long while of being like that, the nurse decided to retrieve her arms and look at her while her eyes we're wet with tears.

"Was this what they called, birds with the same feathers flock together?Miss, I believe this is the reason why you came here. the two of us where just like a jade that has just been cut into two. Our tragic fate are similar. Tsk, Tsk"

What does she needed to do, in order for her to believe? Does she need to announce it through megaphone that he don't like that man already?

"Ms Nurse, I'm telling you I'm okay and I don't feel any heartbreak --"

"Shhh! It's okay, you don't need to explain. But please remember to always take care of your fragile heart. Take good care of your body and mind." as she said that, she even pointed her fingers to her chest showing her sincerity.

The nurse, knowing that she made an awesome-critical- inspiring advice, beam in happiness, " I'll visit you again to give your additional vitamins but for a while, I need to deliver some medicine to your quite-friendly neighbor Su Ming. Okay?"

Su Ci Yi smile and nodded.

After that, she sign in relief that she had left.

That was one of a kind messy conversation...




Su Ci Yi was only waiting for her supper to be delivered inside and afterwards planning to escape again for the night. However, just as she was preparing, the nurse who has just left a while ago, came back in rush and panic with an outrageous message "Miss! Your ex fiancee is here!!!"

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