Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 3

Volume 1 Chapter 3 Uninvited Guest

The doctor's diagnosis on Su Ci Yi was severe dissociative amnesia cause by post traumatic events, stress and depression. The doctor also recommended to avoid talking about the person that stimulates her emotions. This can trigger her physiological state causing Su Ci Yi to go wild. Her situation has already worsen to the state where she couldn't remember her personality and current events. Su Ci Ming has become very worried towards her sister. If only that bastard didn't hastily announce his intention of breaking the engagement, Su Ci Yi would not break down. She will have ample time to think and make her mental preparation.

Su Ming was very angry to the Huan Clan.

However, in spite the feud they where having, they still remain great business partners on the outside.

Grandfather Su was very angry towards them. Their families where partners for decades ago. Both their ancestors where great buddies and undergone through thick and thin. It was their own blood and sweat that their company is prospering right now.

Grand father Su was now reluctant to cooperate and deals with the Huan Clan since the incident.

Su Ci Yi's mother has become worried over her deteriorating state of her daughter, however she cannot do anything. She urge her husband to do something about the matter but Su Father was very occupied and busy with his dealings to deal with her daughter.

Only Su Ming has the time to visit her elder sister on the hospital daily. She spare all her time visiting her everyday.

Su Ci Yi was very touch with her gesture. Although she knows that what was the doctor said where all just bunch of rubbish. Who said she has mental illness! It's just that her soul was switch with this body's owner.

This is her greatest secret. She will not let anyone know about it over her dead body. No matter who it is. Even if it is her sister.

The Su family business was not really something that stood at the top of the pyramid.Though they were already flourishing and is ahead over their rivals in the industry. However, one could not sit back and just be satisfied with the status quo. Innovations and strategic regime needs to be carefully laid out in order not to get behind.

That is why father Su has no time to think of his family's daughter.

Su Ci Yi doesn't really care. Her days passed by uneventful inside the hospital. She may be idling on the bed all day sleeping like a baby but deep inside she is cultivating.

Truthfully, she already passed the qi gathering stage and now working on the next phase :Foundation establishment. However, if she stay always in this place, Su Ci Yi felt that she won't advance on the next stage. She don't want that to happen and she needs back to her sect as soon as possible. She knew she died already. But the heavens seems to grant her second chance. She will not waste this opportunity and she will definitely advance to the Immortal Ascension and will find a way to go back.


It was noon when Su Ci Yi receive a visitor.

She taught it was Si Ming. But she was wrong.

It was a woman.

The woman was wearing a light pink skirt and a simple t-shirt. Her curly hair was tied up high and her beautiful face was highlighted. People like her would always be describe as a white lotus in her world.

On her hand, she was holding a basket with dozens of mix fruits.

Su Ci Yi already knew who she is. And if she's not mistaken, that woman was the whole reason why he broke up with her. Su Ci Yi scrutinizes her whole aura.

Not bad. Su Ci Yi applaud the preference of this Huan Ro bastard. At least, she didn't pick someone that's more unpleasing that her right?

"Ci Yi" the woman open her mouth and called her as soon as they entered the room. He found Ci Yi peacefully reading a book and the calm aura beneath her was too good to be felt.

The woman felt something was change on Ci Yi. She just couldn't point it out.

Su Ci Yi didn't dare to lift her head and continue to read her book.

Ci Yi knew this woman. She was one of the top performing employee within their company as well as dubbed as most beautiful one. They would always bump along the way and she would greet her with her innocent face.

If not for this person's memory returning back to her. She would find it troublesome to recognize her. However, along with passing her qi formation stage. Memories of this girl begun to gather inside her brain.

That's why she could remember her always calling her Ma'am and respectfully bowing towards her. Now it came to the point where she is calling her name on first basis? Isn't it too rude for her? She only became a substitute fiance yet she was already flaunting her status? Even in the Immortal Sword Sect, politeness was one of guiding rules every disciple must follow!

"If you have nothing to say, you can leave" Su Ci Yi is not Mother Theresa and don't want to be buddy buddy with this girl. The memories of this original owner's body was still vivid. The betrayal she receive on that day could not weight on anything of this girl's suffering.

This woman clearly knew what she had done yet she has the guts to walk through this place?

Isn't she a little bold.

The woman seems to be irritated by her actions yet she remained calm. She was dealing with a crazy person anyway. No need to fuss for a normal sounding person like her. She could understand her situation.

That was what the woman's thought.

"I tried to convince Xiao Ro last night to come here. Yet he was still busy with his upcoming debut as the successor. So I came alone these time...." She pause while bringing the fruits to her side table. The she continued "Ci Yi, can you just accept the two of us? Xiao Ro didn't mean to betray you. He just accidentally falls in love with me. However Ci Yi, isn't it your fault also? If you haven't been too focus on work, Xiao Ro might not need to find someone he can rely and connect with"

The woman was yet not satisfied to torment her verbally. She even sit beside her and caress Su Ci Yi's disheveled hair while whispering, "Last night was our very first night. I didn't thought that Xiao Ro would be so enthusiastic in bed. We ended up doing it until dawn"

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