Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 30

Volume 1 Chapter 30 The Bastard's Visit

It could be said that this is the first time this man visited her. It's funny to think after all those times this original owner has suffered, he never step on this hospital.

Even the annoying woman had visited her although that wasn't a pleasant encounter for them.


Su Ci Yi only look at the things on his hand. It was a bundle of flowers whom she couldn't be named.

The nurse already left, but Su Ci Yi could still felt her breath over the door, she must have peeking at them.

A smile rose from her lips the moment she taught that nurse is kinda funny.

Huan Ro taught Su Ci Yi was smiling to him and reciprocate that smile also.

Su Ci Yi felt her inside boils and she was only restraining herself to strangle this man.

If this was in her Sect, Su Ci Yi never let off the hook those people whom that aggregate her. Could she just beat up this man without anyone making a fuss?

Surely she would be send to the police department if this happen so.

"Who let you in here?" Su Ci Yi roughen her voice as she glare at him willfully.

"I already ask the permission of your physician. He permitted me here--"

"Let's just get to the point and state what you are here. I'm so tired and wanted to take a rest."

Huan Ro look at her dejected. Seeing how he was being not welcome by her. He knows they had enmity with each other, but it's all in the past and she would have already let go. In fact, the Doctor already stated that she's well balance and mentally stable now.

Leaving no traces of her mental capacity.

"If not for my grandfather, I will not go here. He specifically ask me to deliver this. You know, since young my grandfather dotted on you and now even his bedridden he still continue to look for his little YiYi. It will be his birthday this week and he wants you to go and be just let yourself seen by him"

It's true, when she rummages this owner's memory, she could see the sweet and gentle old looking man who always carry her on his back and would occasionally stroll around the garden. Little Huan Ro was following stupidly closed to them always.

Su Ci Yi stared at the red envelop he handed to her, "I can't say I can go"

Huan Ro already knows her answer and said " If that's the case, can I trouble you to send some special gifts to him. After all, he's been your grandfather once"

Su Ci Yi, "Why don't his future grand daughter in law do that, I loose that honor doing that a long time ago. So get out of here and never go back!"

Huan Ro's expression twisted the moment he heard her loud voice, " Su Ci Yi! Can you be more reasonable? I'm humbling myself in front of you. It's not my fault that I love Xiang Mo, it's just the way it is. She is a kind and wonderful woman and I'll never let anyone take her away from me. We have been friends since young and we have been engage once. On that basis, can you do me a little favor from those years that we've spent together? Do I need to kneel in front of you so that you could forgive me?"

Su Ci Yi saw the anxious expression of the nurse peeking outside.

The nurse couldn't take to hear that her own patience was being treated by this visitor.

Su Ci Yi didn't find the right to answer because the nurse butted in, "Mr. whom-I-don't-know, please treat my patient with due respect Sir. You know, she has just gone from her illness and it's prescribe that she should be treated with care"

Huan Ro came into his sense and his look soften, "Yiyi, it is not my intention to raise my voice and you started it first. Now I want you to give me your prank and direct answer, will I expect you to come on that invitation? I won't like to give my grandfather any false hope. His already been bedridden and would only like to see your face for once"

"I will say it again Mr. Huan, get out of this place and never go back again. Each person has each own routes taken and has its effect in the future. This is only of the few consequences that you have decided the moment you took your own route."

Huan Ro clench his fist and pondered for a while "This is the last time I will ask you a favor but you decline. Hence,as of this moment, we are strangers now. You declared this first, Su Ci Yi. I am only abiding. If you only accepted it, I would have still help your father with his business but I guess it's doomed to be ruin now. I bade you goodbye now and let's not meet each other in the end"

This is true. Huan Ro has this kind of intention from the beginning. He knew Su Ci Yi's father well and he was raring to help him with his business but now that his own daughter declared war against him, he can't be friendly with her now.

The so long childhood friend of his was now a part of his unpleasant memory to be remembered.

Yes, this is path that he take. The moment he stood up and break away, he should expect this.

The moment Huan Ro was out of the room.

Great, now the bastard has finally left.

Su Ci Yi then breathes a sigh of relief.

It's really great taking control of one's emotion... this humanly feelings is sure chaotic and messy.

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