Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 31

Volume 1 Chapter 31 Bring Home A Wife

"Master!" Qin Tao's long time no heard voice was echoed with the concrete walls of the hospital room. How many days did she not see this kid anyway? He's still chubby and bubbly.

"And where did you run off to this past weeks huh?"

Qin Tao hardly climb up to her bed and said " Daddy and I went to vacation in country x where my grandma and grandpa live"

Oh, "You should have stayed there to your grandparents a little longer"

"I can't, I still have lot's of training's to take with master that is why I urge dad to get back earlier"

It's kind of funny to hear this on a child's lips. Su Ci Yi caressed the child soft hair and said. " It's better if you stay there for a while. You can cultivate even if I'm not around right?"

Qin Tao pouted knowing that his master is not happy to see him, "Master did not miss Qin Tao, even if Qin Tao all could think over there is master...Master doesn't love Qin Tao anymore..."


Qin Tao cried his fake tears and rub in with his two small hands. This is some of his trick that he learned from his vacation and his pretty good at doing this.

Su Ci Yi felt like she is bullying a child and couldn't do anything but to sweet-talk him. " Of course, who's master won't miss his disciple, I also do"

Qin Tao beamed in happiness as he jump and hugged her.

Then Qin Tao remembered that he has a souvenir brought to her!

The child diligently went down the high bed as he grab his bag that has littered on the floor and climb back again to Su Ci Yi's bed. "Master look!"

On the child's hand, she can see a small 5 leaf clover that is still fresh and glossy as if it was just picked earlier. Su Ci Yi scan the five leafs and all she could see is the dense spiritual energy that coated the flower, the reason why the petal didn't wilted.

Su Ci Yi's eyes widen as she grab the five leaf flower.

"They say that a five leaf flower is a lucky charm, Qin Tao is giving his lucky charm to master!" the proud child announces.





Qin's Mansion

"Sir, the young master went again to that hospital" Qin Yu was reviewing some paper works when he receive a report from one of his shadows.

They have just arrive in the morning and yet, his child immediately run towards her again?

"Just be sure to watch over him" Qin Yu ordered.

The shadow nodded then left.

Qin Yu is still at the mansion and still preparing to go through the company when he received a call from his parents.

"Xiao Yu! At last you already pick it! How was little Ah Tao there. He didn't miss his grandparents aren't he?"

Qin Yu snorted hearing her mother say it. Who says, that Qin Tao would immediately missed his grandparents? He even run off somewhere the moment he laid his butt inside the mansion! Without waiting here and there and without him knowing.

But Qin Yu didn't want to disappoint them and decided to sweet talk saying that the kid misses them clearly.

The mother Qin was satisfied and soon change her subject in an instant, Qin Yu had a feeling that it is really her purpose calling him.

"Xiao Yu, you didn't stay with your kid on his vacation, you only visited here when your dropping your child and getting him. You didn't have time with your parents nowadays." Mother Qin sulked as she made her voice a little softer over the phone.

"Mom, this season is hectic. Just let me finish it and i promised I will take time with you and dad"

"Hmp, what's the purpose of your capable secretaries and staff there if your working your bones 'till death!" He heard a rough voice over the end. It was his dad over the end of the line.


"You better hurry over that doc.u.ments and bring home a wife here! If not, I will not hesitate to blacklist you from the family register!"

Daddy Qin was really desperate for his son to find someone who will be by his side to support him. It even came to the point that Daddy Qin is willing to accept any girl whom he brought. Even if the woman came from the poor family, or even if she ugly or even in low education. As long as Qin Yu will not bring home a man or a mentally incapacitated person, he can definitely consent it.

"Dear, you don't need to threaten him. I know that in no time our Xiao Yu will bring us one. Just be patient, maybe Xiao Yu is already planning. Let's just wait 'till next month and urge him again okay?"

Qin Yu's father seem to calm down hearing her mother's words. But needless to say, she didn't even help on his situation!

"Xiao Yu, will we expect it next month? Of course you should also took consideration that your child likes her. After all it was the three of you that will live together, hmmm?"

Seeing Qin Tao, he all hates the woman that is associated with him. May it be an actress or a successful business woman. He even became hysterical when he knew the rumors about him dating someone and it came to the point where he needs to deliberately deleted those social media posts for the child not to see.

So there's no way a woman could freely get closer to him...

Or wait, he did forget that this time Ah Tao's been glued to a certain woman.

Qin Yu immediately shakes his unnecessary taught and return to his conversation.

"Got it Mom, they need to be extremely filtered and go through Ah Tao before presenting her to you"

Mother Qin knew his son's empty promises, " You better do that. Okay then I will hang up now. Your father has thrown some tantrum again and I need to follow through him. I'll call you again son. Mom loves you best, bye~"

"Same here Mom. Talk to you again"

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