Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 32

Volume 1 Chapter 32 Birthday Party

The night was dazzling with flickering lights from the Huan's mansion. The area where the event would be held is located near the enormous pool.

At the mini custom-made stage held was decorated with thick cotton curtain with purple designs.

The old man, or should we say the celebrant for today's main event loves purple things.

The aisle going to the pool is paved with glittering colored stone .

The tables where set by a famous catering group in the city. Along with the hired musician that would make the night even more lively and beautiful.

Among the crowd that are beginning to gather, Xiang Mo was early to arrive. She was even there an hour before the event starts. Huan Ro was still at the company and had passed a message that he'll gonna be late.

Xiang Mo acted as a kind daughter-in-law to the Huan Clan as she help in the preparations of the whole event.

She even brought with her a hundred year old wine as a souvenir from her last trip from c city to the Huan parents.

Huan She Mei, Huan Ro's mother fully received her gift as she plastered a wide smile of the face, " Thank you on this dear, your father would really like this. That man, really is a sucker of different wines. You know how to build your way huh? That's why Huan Ro's lucky to have you"

Xiang Mo grin, "It's not really worth to mention mom, I love buying those things for dad"

"Then dear, just rest in Huan Ro's room. I know you are tired. We'll just call you when it's starting."

Xiang Mo shakes her head, "It's okay Mom, I want everything to be perfect on grandpa's day. Besides I'm not even tired"

She Mei felt happy about Xiang Ro's diligence and hard work. They were not yet married but she already took all her time taking care of Huan Ro and the family.

She Mei feeling blessed patted the girls shoulder and told her to just do whatever she want, since she's already part of the family and she's not a stranger to them now.

Now alone on her own, she took her phone and dialed an unknown number.

"Are you sure she's not going on this party?"

There was a man's answer on the other line.

"If not, then what are you doing! I think that girl has fully recuperate, why is she still not discharge from that hospital! You better do your best to get her here!!! I don't take a failed mission, you got that!"

The soft and delicate voice that she is displaying was nowhere to be found and was replace with a high rough pitch tone.

The person on the other end receive her order as he nodded and disappear.

After ending the call, Xiang Mo's face changes as a drop of a hat and such. Now, what she is displaying is an innocent and delicate bumpkin girl whom Huan Ro was attracted.

One hour had passed swiftly, and one by one the guess and visitors are arriving.

Huan Ro came a little earlier than he had expected and as soon as he step up on the venue of the event, his eyes caught the attention of Xiang Mo.

Her outfit is not extravagant unlike any other prominent ladies wearing. Her make up where not that also thick and could be clearly see her well defined innocent face.

Xiang Mo was situated near the food stand as the light went flickering on and off. He walk to where she was and embrace her from the back.

Xiang Mo was caught surprise but soon turn over and hug him by the neck as she peck small kisses on his cheeks.

The two we're caught on their own world that they forgot people are looking at them in amus.e.m.e.nt and cheerfulness.

This time, Huan Mother and Father came and greeted their newly arrive son.

Huan She Mei, seeing his son here felt that this event was even more wonderful and successful.

The host of the nights event was a big shot celebrity, and as soon as he announce the start everyone shouted in joy.

The event's birthday boy has yet to come, since the old man is weak he only needed to be brought on a certain small duration of time.

Huan Ro decided to slip for a while and visited his old man. Since his stroke last year, they didn't talk much to him. He's two feet we're paralyze and needed the aid of a wheelchair in order for him to stroll the garden. It was his favorite spot and everyday, a nurse would often stroll him along the blooming flowers and chirping birds.

"Grandfather..." He bent down and put a kiss on the old man's forehead.

The old man sitting on the wheelchair keeps on staring at far off end of the room.

"I brought you gifts. Happy birthday grandpa!"

There was no response to the old man. He didn't even receive the gift that Huan Ro handed to him.

"Little YiYi..." The old kept repeating and repeating that name. Huan Ro didn't know what to do. Su Ci Yi didn't want to do anything to their family. She can't dragged her here anymore.

Since the time when he introduces Xiang Mo to him, he didn't even respond to his talking. Last time the old man would nod his head or perform some small actions that could be think as his way of recognizing the person in front since he's speaking has been damage. But now, he didn't. He only continued to pretend like someone is not in front of him and even whispering Su Ci Yi's name whenever in front of him. As if, he was trying to remember him about her.

It's as if, his grandpa could sense that something had happened within their clan.

Huan Ro kneel down in order to met the old man's view, "Grandpa, YiYi doesn't want to see you anymore"

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