Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 33

Volume 1 Chapter 33 Mystery Man

The old man look at him in surprise as he wailed. But the stroke paralyze his two feet that is why he cannot take a step any longer.

Huan Ro felt dejected thinking that there's nothing that could make his grandpa move and be interested except to mention Su Ci Yi's name.

Seeing that the old man is furious from what he heard, Huan Ro didn't let any moment to stay inside.


At the venue.

"Greetings bro! How's your old man now?" One of the business partners of the Huan Clan greeted.

"Thanks" Huan Ro politely receive the gesture and the gift on hand.

"Happy birthday to Mr. Huan"

"Happy birthday"

Huan Ro's hand was too small to receive all the gifts that his colleagues and business partners that had given to him. Good thing, Xiang MoMo saw his difficulty and immediately lend him a hand.

A lot of business investors and partners are all present and one by one given their regards to the birthday celebrant, although he is not here, they could all understand since he's been ill.

Some of them where his grandpa's student and taken under his wing to learn proper business astute. Huan Ro is a pioneer pupil of him.

He could remember back in the day when his father would always get busy. Ci Yi and him would always sit beside the old man under the luscious acacia tree as they talk different topics.

The old man is kind especially to Ci Yi whom he dotted, since the Huan Clan seems to have been cursed of having no daughters on their lineage. All the children born on the family we're all sons and no daughters. It could be said that the old man's longing for a girl in the family was given to her and to the point where the old man considered her his own granddaughter.

It was also the old man who match the two of them and tried to connect the knot between the two families.

Reminiscing those times sends bitter memories on his part. He shakes his head to take away that taught. Tonight, is a joyous occasion worth for celebration.

Now that he has Xiang MoMo, his grandfather could try to love her, as what he did to Ci Yi.

"Xiao Ro" he heard the small and innocent voice of his fiance and he woke up from overthinking. As he look up, he could see that the crowd were cheering on him.

It seems that the party has come to the most exciting part. The host was urging him to dance his partner. Huan Ro accepted. Smile genuinely to the girl whom he love and gentlemanly ask for her hand "may I have this dance, My fair lady?"

Xiang Momo's smile almost reach her ear as she excitedly accepted his hand "Yes!"

The evening was loud. The cheering of people for the two was even louder than the music.

The romantic love song of the famous musical TV show reverberated the whole venue.


XY Private Memorial Hospital

Su Ci Yi has just finish her supper. Like an old man without a care in the world, she was caressing her fully bulk stomach. This night's food ration is too good to be true!

She was only waiting for time to digest her food and is raring to go outside again. However, there still a child beneath who has no intention of going home.

"It's already late, Ah Tao haven't someone going to pick you up?"

Qin Tao was busy playing something over the end of the hospital's sofa but he still politely took time to reply. "Dad's going to pick me up though he'll be late"

The man has a lot of time on his hands aren't he?

Su Ci Yi then decided to wait a little longer. She has just fond a new spot to cultivate a little further away from the hospital's location and she'll go to see that place tonight.

Looking over the window far off the dark night, she can't help but reminiscence her past experiences in the Immortal Sword Sect. This time was good time hunting and training disciples on the forest. Su Ci Yi cast a glance on Qin Tao. Yes, it was at that time where she would always follow his Senior brother's butt where ever he goes. Like a chick pecking duck rabidly following her mother.

Some disciple would be jealous and envied her. Tried to pulled tricks and bullied her. But she beat them all until their whole faces get swollen and their poor mothers could not recognize them anymore. Pei!

However, when his Senior Brother knew what she had done, he had given her an earful of scolding. She was even punish for the whole night to memorize the rules of the sect while doing back-stand with one hand.

From then on, Su Ci Yi learn her lesson. Never to let her prey run away and be able to throttle her to her Senior Brother.

And no one ever dare to bully her again!

Remembering those events, those times send a tingling feeling over her chest.

And the deep emotion inside was beginning to lit with passion and perseverance.

Like a lost chick from her nest, a strong force is driving her to get back to that place.

The place where she should be peacefully leaving with his brother.




It could be literally observed that this night is brighter. The full brightness of the moon shone strongly as it cast it's rays on the land. Though this civilization couldn't appreciate it because of the brighter lights but still, there is a certain portion that praises the moon's brightness.

There came a sudden breeze of strong wind that flutters the thick azure curtain on the open window.

Along with it, a sound of a certain metal that flown along the air.

Immediately, Su Ci Yi pulled the foam from her underneath upside down as she set it as a shield of that incoming sharp metal.

Qin Tao, was surprise by her sudden movement but right now it isn't her concern. Feeling no threat afterwards, she move the soft object aside as she pulled a 5 inches iron knife.

Looking at the path where the knife traveled and without thinking rush over jumping over the window.

"Master!" Su Ci Yi didn't even heard of his disciples worried and scared look.

He went near the window pane as he looks down below. Good thing his master wouldn't be a master if not for her abilities!

Who is it?

Who is it that is trying to kill Su Ci Yi in the middle of the night?

Someone stupid enough to dare to harm her!

Prying open her eyes adjusting to the dark. Not from a far distance just a few walks, she saw an unfamiliar face covered in a black bonnet.

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