Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 34

Volume 1 Chapter 34 Mystery Man Ii

Su Ci Yi tried to sense if the man has a spiritual qi but to her disappointment, he has none. However, she applauds his accuracy on throwing the knife. She could tell the far-off distance that the object traveled to her. There was also no killing intent, the reason she senses it a little late.

Looking at the man few meters away and has no intention of speaking, she took the liberty to talk first.

"Aiyahhh~, I'll tell you this but I won't accept this kind of affair. I know I'm pretty ,cute and delicate but aren't you too irresponsible just to meet me here in the middle of the night?" She blurted out.

The man was speechless out of nowhere.

Seeing no reply, Su Ci Yi provoke him even more " Hey! I'll dump you right off the hook if you won't speak there~"

The man taught to himself, [She's definitely crazy]

Tsk. What a boring man.

Feeling that even if she back dive, split or summer sault in the middle of the ground, the man would just only look at her in twisted face. So, there's no need to set the stage like a magic circus in order to get through him.

Looking at the ground and picking some dry leaves, she then put the leaf near her mouth and breath her qi. The moment the spiritual qi was channel, the leaf hardens like a sharpen blade. Then repeating the same actions, now she had quite a few sharp blades on her hand.

With a smirk lurking on her lips, she threw the small pieces to where the man is. The sharp self-made blades traveled with the speed of the wind and reach the man in no time.

The man only felt that a strong gust of wind blew him, but who would have taught that the moment he touches his face he saw fresh blood. Not only that, few of his body have cuts and wounds. He reacted to pain a little late.

What was it!

What was the thing that wounded him!?

He looked at the woman who was grinning ear to ear. Goosebumps envelope him. For a second there, she vanished from where she's standing. The rustling of the dry leave beneath was even louder as he panicked and turn to his surrounding vigilantly. In an instant, the woman who vanished, appear in front of him just 2 feet away.

Her body curled in a momentum as she gave a force to her left leg, lifting, increasing its stamina and roughly kick the man on his abdomen! KO! Su Ci Yi for the win!

Su Ci Yi landed on the ground without a hitch.

"You.y-you"The man stammer as he tried to stand up holding his swollen stomach. "Who are you.?"

"Who am I?"

Seeing that the crazy woman in hospital gown is approaching, the man step back.

"Why don't you tell me first, who paid you to kill me? I know I'm cute and my face is irresistible to beckon, but this is far from I can tolerate! Spill the beans and I'll spare you."

The man acted like he was vomiting!

The nerve!

The self-proclaim silly cute person harrumph, seeing that she's not taken seriously.

The man taught again for a second time, [She's totally crazy]


Su Ci Yi on the other hand, had in mind who sent the man but she wanted to confirm it and know the reason behind. Seriously, that girl is a two-faced medusa acting like a white lotus in front, but a totally blackened person behind. Strictly speaking, she should be the one acting out of revenge since she's the one being aggravated but to think it's the opposite.

Amitabha, is that woman okay?

Goodness gracious alleluyiah!

This world has gone totally crazy!

"Are we just going to stare at each other's spark until the morning sunset here?" Su Ci Yi repeated again.

The man lips half open but immediately closed it. But in the end, he chooses to speak, "It's the young mistress of the Huan Clan" Blurted him.

Oh, with a keen eye for detail one truth prevail.

She was right on that!

"Why does your young mistress want to kill me huh? Did we have an unsettle affair that I forgot? Did I cheat on her boyfriend? Did I ruin her company? Or did I make her mentally crazy? What does your young mistress want with me?" She followed up.

The man was speechless being bombarded with questions.

"I am only asked to do this"

She expected that answer.

Well then, Su Ci Yi pulled the rusted knife and threw it on the ground where the man is standing.

"I'll let you off the hook this time, you better tell your mistress the second time she attempt it, I'll drown her to the river spinx!"

The man immediately retreated his knife as he put it inside his waist satchel. Su Ci Yi carefully observe him just to see that he didn't have any intention to leave. Also, there is this conspicuous feeling of him anxiously looking over at his watch. He's not planning to sneakily kill her when her guard is down aren't he? If so, then he is a fool. Killing intent of mortal won't work on her.

However, there is this doubt inside her that something is amiss. There's no killing intent earlier when this man attacked. She was pretty sure of it earlier. There was nothing the moment the knife was thrown.

What is this bad feeling that brewing inside her chest

The feeling of anxiousness

What is it?...


As if a light bulb has turn on, something registered on her mind.


She's d*mn!

"Master!!!" Qin Tao was far away waving at her victory. But she should be able to see him clearly by that distance. She could only make out a blur silhouette of a child. Her vision is fading slowly as her surrounding seems to darken and her eyes started to shut down. The goddess of slumber finally visited under the dark night.


The sound of her falling to the hard ground.

"Master!!!" She heard the same voice. The content is still the same but the emotion now differs. It has a hint of anxiousness and worry...

That moment she realizes something. Sh*t! Something was mixed on her supper! -The last taught of Su Ci Yi as she totally black out.

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