Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 35

Volume 1 Chapter 35 Sweet Night

Huan Clan's Mansion

The two lovebirds who were intertwined along with the romantic tune being played is fully absorb with their own world. The tune lasted for about three minutes until the music come to halt and now everyone is applauding to them. The never ending cheers and whistles of people made Xiang Mo Mo blush.

The slow music now was change to a lively one and therefore the crowd became even more energetic.

More shouting, laughing and singing.

Sound of two crystal clashing with each other followed by a loud cheers.

Though despite the crowded group, she was not able to miss a certain someone's shadow.

From the sideline, Xiang Mo Mo break away from the crowd and sneakily went to the person he spotted.

"How was it?" She immediately inquire when he saw him. "Mission success, young mistress. I bought her here. Though she is still unconscious due to the chloroform added to her meal"

"I don't care what you put on her food. I want result. Where is she? By the way, why do I see that you are filed with bruises and wounds? You didn't encounter hurdle along the way bringing her here? We're not going to be caught on your dumbness aren't we?"

The man shakes his head then said, "That woman is dangerous young mistress" he shivered remembering the kicks and cuts he receive from her "you should be careful. If I didn't have contingency plan, I would never brought her here with physical alone"

Xiang Mo Mo smirk upon hearing, what can a weak woman can do? She's just a crazy person who has mental stability issues.

A sane man can easily capture her.

The man awaits if she would gonna say something but seeing she kept her mouth shut, he inquired embarrassingly,"By the way Ma'am when will I receive my pay?"

"After this, just wait on your location"

Xiang Mo Mo wave her hand as she dismissed the man.


Slowly, Su Ci Yi's eyelids flutter as she woken up by the upbeat music nearby. The noise was too loud that she felt her brain is hammering in pain.

Looking languidly to the surroundings, she's so sure that she's not at the hospital ground anymore. The white hospital gown she is wearing was now full of dirt and sand. She stood up as she dusted the trail of dirt over her clothes.

"Ci Yi?" A surprise tone of a woman gets her back from her trance. The face whom she had been thinking earlier popped up.

So that man didn't kill her. This must have been his reason why he did so. Frankly speaking, this world's medicinal capsule of sleeping pills where pretty strong. Would she be thankful that it was not poison that she had eaten? If so, she would had been long gone in this world. This body would had been a waste because of her stupid soul.

"Su Ci Yi! It's you!" Xiang Mo Mo intently lauded her voice. It was also the time when the music timely stop at that moment and her voice was clearly heard by all.

Su Ci Yi scrutinizes her surroundings. A large crowd looking at her. A sparkling pool at the side. In the middle was a luxurious stage design elegantly with purple and pink.

She took a step outside the bermuda grass where she lied earlier.

Now, people have a clean look on how she was dressed

Some snicker at the sight.

Other laughs like there was no end to the world.

While some where whispering and gossiping with each other.

"Did she say, Su Ci Yi? Isn't her related to the Su Family?"

"What are you talking, she's really that Su Family's first daughter!"

"You mean the Su Family's mental daughter?!"

"What is she doing here then?"

They where whispering, but Su Ci Yi could clearly heard their voices.

She look at the woman, who pretends to be the angel of the night as she clenches her two hands.

"Ci YiIt's my fault, I should have known you would like to attend also. I should have ask Xiao Ro to fetch you from the hospital." She said in a apologetic tone.

One of Xiang Mo's friend behind her, elbowed "You are too kind MoMo. Look, that woman is mentally crazy. Look at her wear, she must have escape from the hospital just to go here. Guess that's what you call, love can transcend all boundaries on earth. Hahahahah!"

"Can you please not talk to her like that, she had been part of my boyfriend's past, so I can't turn a blind eye on her. Besides, I trust Xiao Ro. He love me now"

"What are you, a saint? She's head over heels on your boyfriend. You better be careful on her. "

Xiang Mo Mo replied, " I know that Huan Ro like is me. I don't need to be vigilant to her. I have faith on him. I have faith on us"

The woman shakes her head in disappointment that she didn't even take to the heart her advises. "Tsk, tsk. You are too kind"

The people heard their conversation and it only deepen their gratitude and like to this new daughter of the Huan Clan.

Su Ci Yi was alone on the crowd. The buzzing pain on her head was still there at the moment. Ridicule, laughter, and pity. Those where the negative emotion towards her.

This people

are too shallow.

Ignorant and judgemental to the point where they are spiritually blind.

She tried to step but her vision is swaying left and right. The more she step, the more the crowd step back. As if they are avoiding her like a plaque.

Afraid of being infected.

They didn't want to do anything with her.


On the other end, Huan Ro caught the commotion. He went near the pool area to see what are they crowding about. A woman in hospital gown looking weak and pitiful was in the middle.

The inside was dark and only the flickering lights illuminates the dark night.

He tried to concentrate and see who was that person.

His eyes widen, seeing the familiar face of hers.

"You're here. I taught you despise to go on this party?" He neglected the fact of she's wearing bizarre clothing that made her out of place of all.

"Do you think, I wanted to be here?!! Ask you're woman why she kidnapped me?" Su Ci Yi seeing him, went all the blood to her head.

Huan Ro look at the innocent face of Xiang MoMo then look at her furiously, "Ridiculous! Do you think I wouldn't know that you sneak here? If you really wanted to come, you should have been honest with me the last time I invited you. Why do you need to cause a commotion here?! This night is my grandfather's night, you didn't even respected the old man. He consider you as his own daughter for once!"

There was even loud buzzing sound.

People begun to speculate and weight the difference between Su Ci Yi and Xiang MoMo in favor of the latter.

Xiang Mo Mo went near him and hook her arms around Huan Ro.

Su Ci Yi felt that she had been cornered by dangerous beasts alone in the forest.

She wanted to laugh but only made a chortle. What is this kind of situation she's in?

"Did you see that!" one of the onlookers shouted, "The crazy even dare to laugh on this situation!"

"Oh my, what had happened to the Su Clan? They get it even worse!"

"Good thing the Huan Clan immediately breakaway from them."

Buzzing off. All she could hear were all their murmuring.

It's enough already. She could not take it anymore! Her head it hurting like crazy!!!

Su Ci Yi's spiritual qi surges out. There was a blow of strong wind that came out of nowhere along with the rustling of leaves. The temperature inside had already gone cold.

Let the moon be the witness and the nymphs her guide.

With her spirit as the weapon, she would gonna give this people a true lesson!



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