Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 36

Volume 1 Chapter 36 Sweet Night Ii

The sound of light bulb exploding and a tiger sealed vases fell off the table. There was also a sudden drop of temperature on the surrounding area.

The huge crowd run away in panic and in just seconds the venue became a mess.

Su Ci Yi moved her hands and a freshly pick pieces of green leaves appear on it. She breath her qi and channel her spiritual energy. The seemingly simple leaves turn into sharp blades that could even cut a meat bone. Su Ci Yi flick it sending to the hundreds of onlookers. Of course this action of hers, no one was paying attention 'cause everyone is in panic, as some of them got cut by something.

Su Ci Yi's unfathomable eyes cast a glance at a certain woman and a man. They had fled so far away from her.

She controlled her little leaf friend and wave a handle towards the couple.

Xiang Mo Mo wailed as she was hit on her face, on her arms and on her feet. Blood oozes down her skin. Huan Ro was the same. But unlike her, he seems not to mind the pain as he hailed the woman frantically inside.

The night has become specifically useless.

An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

She was just a lying innocent cat on the sideline, once provoke, that harmful animal would turn into a ferocious tigress. That's the nature of the jungle. These life is just like survival of the fittest. This time on this life, she won't turn a blind eye.

She didn't want this to happen, but she was provoke.

She only took precautious action in case this situation came into worst.

However, life is not that easy as one may think. When you think you control the situation, try to observe and vigilant of your surrounding first. Su Ci Yi made an error on this calculation.

While everyone was busy running away from danger someone swiftly dash from the side and pushed Su Ci Yi to the pool. A loud splash get the people back from their attention and saw her drowning.

The sound of lights exploding stopped.

The painful wind blowing came into halt.

The mysterious object that was flying from the air was nowhere to be found.

Only a woman's wail struggling from the water can be heard. But no one was strong enough to step because of fear from the recent situation.

Only the look of pity and worry was plastered on their own faces.

Su Ci Yi went down, down the cold water and eventually submerge the dark abyss of nothingness.


As the waves chaotically move along with the movement of a man swimming towards her, her last consciousness fades again.


Qing Ling Jing Sect

"Ahhh!" The 10 year old Su Ci Yi flick when a black python bit her arms. She was currently following his Senior brother to find a medicinal herb along the river. She had been pre-occupied over something that he had lost him.

The poor Su Ci Yi gloomily sat beneath the enormous rock as she look at her swollen wound.

She caught the python snake and send it to her spiritual net. Poking its outer skin of the slumbering animal while saying " You are a bad snake. I didn't do anything to you but you bit me. Now were quits. I caught you."

The dangerous animal receive her malevolent intention and hiss at the stick that was poking its skin.

Hah! "Are you going to fight me? Just try and I won't think twice to grill you for lunch!" While saying that , she felt her whole body burn. Her inside was so hot and red spots come out from her skin.

She look at the animal that poison her.

Her Senior brother is not yet here. She has no stock of poison-cure-medicine on her sling satchel. Her body, couldn't take it as she lied on the hard rock. On her level, the python made a sound at her as it widely open its mouth. If not for the cage he's in. It might bite her again.

"You really is a snake" despite her speeding heartbeat and pale lips she was still able to laugh at her situation.

It could be said that her Senior brother arrive at that moment. Seeing her weakening state and poisoned arm, he immediately pulled out the clog blood and sprinkle medicinal herb.

He also channel to her his spiritual qi to cope up with her pale body. It didn't take long when she gained her natural color and her breathing stabilizes.

Of course, she gets an earful of scolding after that.

Seeing the python still curling on the net, she took her pocket knife and pulled open the spiritual net . The black python open its mouth as its defensive action and any moment would strike back if she decided to kill it.

But Su Ci Yi only open the net and let it leave. Returning the knife back at her pocket again.

The snake took its opportunity to escape outside and crawled far away.

"Why didn't you kill it? It bit you and you suffered to death. Aren't you afraid it would poison anyone again?" Lu Feng felt curious of his disciples action.

"Senior brother, it is the snakes nature to bit whoever seize its territory. How could I judge it's way of living, when it's only struggling to live? Besides I'm cured now thank you Senior Brother!!!" Su Ci Yi plastered a smile as it show her two white tiger teeth.

Lu Feng look at the path the python took with unfathomable eyes. No one could describe what was he thinking at that moment.

"Senior Brother?" Lu Feng get his attention back to her.

"Su Ci Yi, your softness will be your greatest weakness in the future. Your enemy will only take advantage of that trait of yours"

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