Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 37

Volume 1 Chapter 37 Hero Saves The Lady

"Wake up!" Qin Yu's frantic voice was shaky as he pulled the woman from the water.

He was on his way to fetch Qin Tao over the hospital, but the child came running towards him crying and shouting that her master had been kidnap. He already notified the nurse station concerning their missing patient but all of them acted like it was the usual. He learned that the woman always sneaks during the night and back before dawn.

So far, they knew that she would gonna be back again before the sunrise.

Qin Tao was insisting that his master had been kidnap by a bad guy. No matter how he instills to him that it would be okay, the child hysterically cried within his arms. Qin Yu made a loud sigh as he calls his shadow.

However, the man didn't show up.

It took him about an hour before the one his looking reported to him.

It turns out that the man followed the black L3 that kidnapped the woman and it brought her to Huan's mansion. So Qin Yu immediately went to where the place.

When Qin Yu arrived at the open, it was the first thing he saw. He easily infiltrated the mansion since there was a big commotion going on. The woman who had been weakly standing beneath was pushed by someone over the deep pool beside. The people inside were afraid to move and was still doubting whether to spare her.

Qin Yu flash like a mad cheetah and dive roughly to save her.

When he put her on the ground, her pulse was too weak.

He immediately put breath on her as he performs CPR.

After doing a few seconds, the woman coughs off the water that she had a drink as she slowly opens her doe-like eyes. Qin Yu's protective instinct triggered. He pulled off his black coat and dr.a.p.e on her shoulder.

"T-thank you" Su Ci Yi smile weakly to him.

"Shhh. Just leave the formalities later. Let's get you out here" Qin Yu whispered in his soft masculine tone. His breath tingled on Su Ci Yi's ear causing her to rub it.

She immediately scratches leaving red marks.

Qin Yu saw her actions as he casually touches her face and looks at that part. Only to see a bright red beautiful earlobe. Qin Yu was petrified for a moment as he subdues the demons that were raging to go out inside of him.

He pulled the woman and carried her in his two broad arms and leave the place.

Huan Ro acted like he was going to stop him. An intruder whom anyone doesn't recognize appear at the exact moment Ci Yi was drowning.

He also would have gone saving her if not for his weakening legs and trembling Xiang MoMo beside him.

The men in suit and sunglasses that always follow Qin Yu appear and serve as a barricade for people not to approach him easily.

The men were flly built and uniformly dressed in suit with sunglasses.

"Who was that man?" He couldn't take his curiosity and ask one of the bodyguards.

The tall built man in suit pulled on his business card and handed it to him. He taught that they are trespassing inside an unknown mansion therefore, it is formal to give them a hint who boss is.

However, the business card that he had given was the simple and low key they were using just to satisfy the onlooker. However, no matter how low-key the business card, the surname Qin will always stir an ordinary citizen's curiosity.

When Huan Ro pulled and read the card, his eyes would have been flew away if its not connected to his socket! He was so stunned in an unbelievable surprise!

Qin's Imperial Corporation!

Even though there was nothing stipulated beside the card, but the name of the corporation was proof that the man who appears was not someone to trifle.

What the hell, is he dreaming!

Qin's Imperial corporation is one of the fierce and leading business corporations that is currently dominating not only the country but also the international market. They had within their grasp, the showbiz industry, the goods and products, latest technology, firearms and weapons and right now they are currently dealing with the most famous international group!

Meeting one of them is akin to meeting the royalties and nobles.

How did Ci Yi know one of them?

It is rumored that the companies working on it, where all manage by all of the Qin's bloodline. This is a huge family and would have said to have a lot of branches. These bloodlines were hailed and blessed with good genes. Both in looks and abilities.

And the most important part is that they both work with unity and coordination.

All family members were bound to do their duties and responsibilities. Offending one of them is the same as offending the whole country. Because they prioritize their blood and siblings.

They are the families that are difficult to handle.

Even the ladies that are being married off where carefully selected by the elders of the Qin. They prioritize good talent and skill to gain competent next younger generation.

Huan Ro watches in envy as the blank tinted BMW was lost in sight and the whole evening party quieted but already ruined.

He was so preoccupied that he had forgot about an inexplicable situation that had just happen recently!

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