Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 38

Volume 1 Chapter 38 Father And Child Bond I

Qin's Mansion

When Su Ci Yi woke up, she saw an unfamiliar ceiling, a brightly colored curtain and a soft mattress where she was currently lying. The place was tinged with a luxurious vibe and high-class living. There no way a simple room in the hospital rival these place.

She slowly rises from her bed and fragments of memories bombarded her mind. The first thing she did is to feel is her spiritual qi. That moment, when she was releasing her qi, she realizes that she uses it excessively. Now she only has a small reserve left.

Su Ci Yi taught of doing upon waking up is to cultivate where there is a sufficient flow of qi.

Latter when she's been settled, she will get back to the person that pushed her.

She was so stupid to be lenient the moment she returns his knife to him. It was like she's a prey openly waiting for her predator.

As she was engrossed with her taught, someone, knock on the door. It was a woman fully dressed in a maid outfit. Behind him throttle the little Qin Tao.

"Master!!! You're awake!" The moment he laid her eyes on her, he immediately jumps out to her. The small hands that were hugging her touch her forehead and exclaimed, "Fever! Master has a fever!"

The maid follow up and touch her head and confirm it.

"Young Master, please stay for the awhile from the madam. There will be a big chance that you could get her fever" The maid politely bowed her head and inform him.

Qin Tao's eye look left and right from both of them. He even snuggles within her arms when he heard the maid said it. "Never, I will cure my master!"

Acting like someone would have taken his most treasure Qin Tao didn't break away from her.

The woman acted like he didn't hear the child's tantrum and organize the tray of the meal she brought. "After the meal, please take one of these capsule Madam. It's for your fever. I will leave this in here."

Su CI Yi looks at the oval-shaped table and nodded.

"Please call me Ms. Su" Su Ci Yi felt like some big madam if she would be called by that. After all, she was just only a guest that was staying for a while.

"This is noted, Ms. Su. "The maid wave in goodbye as she went out the door.

Su Ci Yi's sight landed on the tray of the meal as she licks her lips. She had felt like she had fasted for a month and her tummy's grumbling.

The meal tray consists of light soup and a piece of loaf bread with a suspicious brown liquid near it. She had guessed it was some medicinal liquid drink.

She was eager to eat and would have held the spoon if not for Qin tao's swift movements. He took the spoon from her, scoop the soup while grinning, "master say ahhhh"

Su Ci Yi was uncomfortable if a child would feed her, therefore she took the spoon from her but Qin Tao even made her grip stronger.

"This master has ordered you to put that spoon down" Su Ci Yi called in her stern voice.

The child's ears flop down as he pouted his lips in disapproving. His eyes moisten as if he was about to cry.

Even if she wanted to comfort him, but this is a matter of her being. She can't let a child spoon feed a full fledged a.d.u.l.t isn't she?

"Is it your father who saves me?" After a while, Su Ci Yi asked.

Qin Tao was still sulking on the side and nodded.

"Can you please tell him my gratitude of saving me? I owe him a lot this time."

The sulking Qi Tao, hearing his master, requested a very important mission, gasp in excitement as he carefully went down the bed. Su Ci Yi curiously asks, "Wait, where are you going?"

Qin tao giggled and run away while shouting, "I'll tell your gratitude to my father now, master! He's just in the other room. I'll wake him up!"

Su Ci Yi spoon fell on the bowl. What! Wait! It doesn't need to be now! Let your father rest!

However, even she would like to howl that words towards the child, Qin Tao was nowhere out of her sight.

Su Ci Yi blankly took her spoon and disinterestedly sip the soup.

As she was scooping the second spoon, Qin Yu came by the room and in his arms was the laughing Qin Tao. It was so obvious that the man had just woken up from his sleep.

Su Ci Yi felt bad that it was her fault why the man had woken up. Upon seeing she apologizes immediately. "Mr. Qin, I am sorry, It was my fault that Qin Tao woke you up-"

"Ms. Su, it's alright. I have already woken up by the time he slid into my room."

A crumpled hairstyle yet look dashingly fashionable. A plain white t-shirt and a gray pajama. He was still scratching his hair while half yawning. Only a newly woken person would look like that!

Qin Yu took the opportunity while she was daze and put the child beneath him. "Have you finish eating?" He looks over to the unfinished soup beside her and this answer his question.

"Pardon, I was just eating when you enter-"

Qin Yu took the spoon swiftly and before she could protest, it already had gone to her mouth. How could Su Ci Yi object but to let the watery liquid past through her mouth! These two... like father like son!

Qin Tao claps his two hands while saying " Good girl. Master." and Qin Yu was rustling her head, grinning ear to ear.

Su Ci Yi "..."

Had she become a nursery kid?

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