Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 39

Volume 1 Chapter 39 Father And Child Bond Ii

Qin Yu is not satisfied with only one spoon, he immediately sees to it that Su Ci Yi took another sip of the soup carefully. Followed by another spoon, he scoops again and brought it to her mouth. Along with the supposed to be delicious soup-turn -to-be-tasteless, Su Ci Yi was eating it in sultry and resentment.

Qin Tao, the culprit was giggling behind and every time the spoon would touch her mouth he would break into hysterical laughter.

What had this child become?!

After a moment of akin to surrendering the country and humiliating the sovereignty, Su Ci Yi didn't know she had finished the bowl clean and empty.

Qin Yu was about to pick up the capsule but Su Ci Yi's eyes lit like a mad animal and took the medicine swiftly into her mouth. Gulping it in one go without drinking any water.

Qin Yu: "..."

Qin Tao: "..."

Qin Yu, seeing that she's fully invigorated and jolly, became at ease. It's was just like his imagination that he had seen her so lone and weak last night. He's afraid that her psychological state of mind would be triggered again by that event but seeing that she's back, guess his concern is unnecessary.

Qin Yu decided to leave her alone to fully recuperated.

Qin Tao meticulously tucks her with the blanket while Qin Yu patted her head and noting that when she needed anything, she just need to call. He even gestures to the phone beside her bed. Su Ci Yi doesn't have a problem with that, her only concern was the hand that patted her not once! Not twice! but more than thrice! And she hates it! Hmph!

If anyone would have known this in her Sect, she would live a turtle life and never see the world anymore! Just to think that the ever most talented cultivator was being baby-sitted by two mortals, much more one is a child.

The sound of the door closing was heard. At last, she was alone again.

Su Ci Yi closes her eyes along with the quiet and tranquil environment, obediently lying on her bed as her consciousness drifted away--As if! She had just woken up and she doesn't need sleep anymore! her internal Qi had depleted and needed to replenish.

Su Ci Yi changes her pajama and clothes. Her hospital gown hanging on the wardrobe and has been laundry already.

Of course, before leaving, she leaves a note saying her thanks & regards to his benefactor.

With her head help up high, Su Ci Yi walks up the front door to leave.

But who would have taught that two built men in suit and sunglasses were guarding outside and right when she said she will leave, they dragged her inside?

"The boss has said that if you needed anything, you just need to call on the phone provided Madam." The muscled man bows and looks down.

Right. Right. It is impolite of her to leave without permission to the homeowner personally. Si Ci Yi sighs as she dialed the only number that was registered. The other line was connected immediately.

"Hello, Mr. Qin. First of all, I would like to thank you for saving me. This saving act in the future, I will return it 100 fold. So, Mr. Qin, can you please tell your most obediently guard to allow me to leave?"

Qin Yu chuckle over the end of the phone. The nerve!

"Ms. Su, what's the rush. You can stay here to recuperate for a while. Qin Tao's gonna be worried if you leave"

He even reasons his child huh? This man!

"Mr. Qin, I'm truly grateful. Really! But I need to go somewhere. I'm fully recuperated already. I can go back now"

Qin Yu reply after a long pause. "If that is what Ms. Su wants, then I can't do anything. But can you at least wait for Qin Tao to return, he had gone somewhere along with his guard. If you went without him leaving, that child will throw a tantrum. You spoil that child too much that he'd been attached to you"

While saying that, Qin Yu side glance at the child on the backseat of the car.

He cannot let the woman go on her own, who knows where she is going. He can't even be so sure if she mentally stabilizes already. He already contacted someone to fetch her and bring her back safely.

She will leave if that person came.

Also, that child of him has been tamed by that woman. Now every time he needed to pursue something over the child. He always brought the woman's name.

Su Ci Yi taught that negotiation is acceptable and said, "I'll wait here then. Thank you again'

Qin Yu over the phone smirk," Ms, Su. you've thanked me enough already. But I'm I apologize that I don't receive lip service. Do you know what I mean right?"

Of course, Su Ci Yi had already in mind what to compensate him "I'll just wire your compensation Mr. Qin. I'm sorry that didn't bring my phone with me."

"Ms. Su. I'm disappointed. You took me for granted. I don't accept money." As if in a hurtful tone. had this woman didn't know their family. She even know that he was a Qin. But so far he didn't see any sign of interest and calculating on her.

Su Ci Yi came into thinking again. Now that she remembered, isn't this man some big-shot Qin Tao mention a long time ago? So money was no good for him.

Before Su Ci Yi could suggest anything, Qin Yu raced her by saying, "Ms. Su, you don't need to pay money on me, just pay me with your body."

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