Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 4

Volume 1 Chapter 4 Disappearance

Su Ci Yi was very sure that this woman was trying to provoke her. If this girl's soul wasn't replace by her, she might get mental breakdown by this woman's words. However, she wasn't her. She only possess some of this woman's memories. Her physical appearance and personality was totally different.

She was already a nascent soul stage cultivator. Feelings and emotions like this has no effect on her.

Like a calm flow of water, she never took initiative to react. Focusing on what she is reading, she is determined to neglect this woman. A clear mind and calm aura would always prevent troublesome event.

The woman still didn't give up harassing her, she even grab her hand and forcefully shove her head in a way the she would face her.

"You crazy bitch! You think because your mentally in balance I would not lay my hand on you! Do I talk to the air?!" Su Ci Yi's book that she was holding fell on the ground. And her bright and uninterested eye face the woman.

"XIANG MO MO" Su Ci Yi glared while enunciating her name. Her patience was like a mountain peak but with this type of woman, she can't promise that she will not do anything.

"hahaha!, so you can talk? I thought your mouth deteriorate together with your brain "



A glass of water fell onto the ground and created a loud noise. This alarm the nurses stationed outside and immedietly went to her room to see the situation. Just as they were approaching, what they saw was these scene. Xiang Mo Mo grabbing Su Ci Yi with her hand.

The nurses immediately separates the two of them.

Su Ci Yi picks up the book that was thrown. Xiang Mo Mo reverted to being an innocent and timid girl. She composes herself as if that thing didn't happen.

Then bid goodbye to them and Su Ci Yi who never paid attention to her from the beginning.

"Ms Su, did she do anything to you? We are very sorry that we let that kind of girl visit you. Clearly her name was on the unwanted visitor. However, when we ask her name she gave us a different one."

The two nurses behind her nodded their head in confirmation.

"It's okay, just don't let that happen in the future again" Su Ci Yi's ice cold reply sent shiver to the persons inside the room. As soon as they finishes their task, they immedietly stormed out of the room.

Su Ci Yi's lone time was returned to her once again.


At the other end of the room.

A boy of around ten years old where enthusiastically exploring the entire hall. Sometimes, he would enter each room and looks around but when he found nothing, he will just leave like an air.

Around his neck was a high class digital camera with special features that only he can know. Some click here, some click there and when he finds no result, his cute lips would pout whenever he could not found anything.

And when he enters Su Ci Yi's room, he just barge without anyone inviting him.

As soon as he saw a woman sitting steadily on the white bed without making any movement while handing a book, he immedietly click the shutter of his camera and made some few shots.

Su Ci Yi who has been disturbed by the loud clicking noise turn her head, upon seeing that it was only a kid. She ignore him. Like how she used to be.

Then again the child, innocently turn his camera all over the place but frown when she didn't find anything.

He disappointingly left the room.


Su Ci Yi was hopeful to have a quite night. Su Ming didn't visit her this day. She might be very busy with her own concerns. Actually she really wanted to tell her to not to solely focus her attention to her. She might have much pressing concern regarding the company that become her full time nanny. When she visit her tomorrow morning, she will set this straight.

This night was very different from other night, the wind was very cold though it wasn't the time for cold season. There was something within the air, that Su Ci Yi can sense. It was her gut feeling that saying that this night would be dangerous one.

The surrounding qi that Su Ci Yi was absorbing has a mix of dark elements. One that the dark sects uses on their qi cultivation. But in this world where cultivation are not being practiced, there's no way someone is deviating the dark path. Means there's only one on this.

And those are not something that she's still not up.

The black elements which purge the people into the darkness. They are the one inviting them, corrupting the inner core of soul. Cultivators that take the path of darkness always ended up being swallowed by the void.

Once entered, there's no way out.

Su Ci Yi closes her eyes. Begun to activate her active hearing.

One of the benefits of Cultivating is that it sharpen once senses. However, her hearing was only limited 5 kilometers from her position. All things which she could hear where on that limited range only.

Su Ci Yi heard commotions from the outside. There where lots of luxurious car park and a number of bodyguards are lining. A man in tall built and devilish aura was at the center. His face was fused in dark aura and felt that any moment would explode.

It was pretty obvious to the people outside that this person is not someone to be trampled upon. He was still wearing an expensive suit at the moment and together with his own bodyguards.

As if in one click of his hand, he could make this place crush.

The surrounding people where also nervous accommodating him.

[Do you know this woman?]

[It was one of our patient on room 204. That woman is crazy but she

won't harm your kid Sir]

[Then why is his last photo of that woman?!]

[...] The people seem looked down on the ground. Truly, they can't answer him.

The man became even angry at the people in front of him. He stump his feet and begun to walk away.

[Sir! wait! We can't disturb that patient. She has been mentally ill. She may attack you if you provoked her]

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