Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 40

Volume 1 Chapter 40 Being Strong Is Not On Physical Appearance

"Ms. Su, you don't need me to pay with your money. Just pay me with your body" Qin Yu was only messing with her. But who would have taught that the woman would answer her seriously?

"Alright, Mr. Qin if that's what you want" Su Ci Yi answered innocently.

Pfft! Qin Yu's shoulders were shaking when he tried to suppress his laughter.

He took the car he was driving for a while beside the road in order not to mess with his driving.

Qin Tao looked only to his dad but then gets his attention back to what he is watching.

Dad must have gone crazy.

Qin Yu, "Ms. Su do you know what I mean to pay with your body"

Su Ci Yi boasted and said, " Of course Mr. Qin, If you wan't a bodyguard, I'll lend my body to you. You don't need to feel funny about it"

Su Ci Yi taught that the other party is laughing because he didn't think that a petite body like hers could beat a single person.

Qin Yu, "Ahhh, that's what you mean..."

Su Ci Yi, "Mr. Qin, you may not know back then, I could do back-stand in one hand, fetch pails of water in back and forth for the nth time, hold a dragons claw with my left hand, beat a person's face in one blow, crush a single apple with my bare hands ...

Qin Yu was speechless.

Su Ci Yi realizes what she had speaking about was her past life. Now she was just living inside an ordinary girl. "Hahaha, that was just some random blabbering, but Mr. Qin trust me, I'm a strong person. You could rely on me alone."

Qin Yu wasn't able to hear that last sentence, because somewhere, there was a huge blow of the wind coming above. The inside of the car vibrates from the strong wind. Qin Yu opens up the car seat and look at the source of strong pressure. It turns out, everyone also fled upon feeling that kind of strong wind.

Qin Tao went down and said, "Dad, the national eagle from the Zoo Park has escaped!"

Qin Yu look above. The giant marshal eagle that they where talking about was flying in the mid-air. It's shadow cast the whole street of the national highway. People on their cars immediately went out and fled. Such a dangerous animal, how can they allow it to escape!

Qin Yu was mesmerized by how big the animal flapping its wing and circling to a certain area. The big marshal eagle seems to notice Qin Yu's strong gaze and it flaps its wings ferociously and directly looks down to him. Could it just be his imagination, but Qin Yu saw the eyes of the animal from afar.

And it's leading its way there below them.

The ferocious animal was heading down right in front of him, but Qin Yu didn't feel fear nor panic. He was just standing there at this moment.

"Don't move" Just before it landed over him, an arrow hit it on it's wings as it directly landed below.

When the bird fall to the ground, she immediately secure it with a net which she also took along her way in there.

"I admire your bravery of this moment Mr. Qin" Su Ci Yi, holding a long rusty bow went near them.

"This is what I mean when paying with my body"

Qin Yu looks at her with keen interest.

"Master!" Qin Tao jumps out to her the moment he saw her.

"Ms. Su, how come you are here, we have just been talking over the phone just now?"

Su Ci Yi handed to him the long rusty bow and said in a low tone "I got bored on the house waiting for someone..." She took a glimpse of the child beside her and to him. "...so I decided to just find the child and leave." Who would have taught that this is what she could witness the moment she arrive here.

Qin Yu's eyebrow crumple. The distance from the mansion to this place is approximately 2 kilometers. And he was still talking to her this last hour. How did she get in here with that limited time?

"Ms. Su..."

"You see Mr. Qin, I'm fully recuperated already. Now I can go back"

There are a lot of things that he wanted to hear from here. But the woman was so eager to leave that he only nodded in agreement.

Su Ci Yi bade goodbye to him and Qin Tao. The agreed obediently when she whispered that she would cultivate because she's weak.

But before she leaves immediately, Su Ci Yi turn once more upon remembering something, "Ah. Mr. Qin, I borrow that bow from the RS National Museum. Please do me a favor and drop that thing there. Muchas Gracia's. I'll leave now"


Su Ci Yi was looking by the window while calling Qin Yu earlier. Out of nowhere, from behind the sky, she saw traces of black mist. Damn it! Without ado, she jumps out from the window and started to dash on the place where it is headed.

Her speed was right at the moment, her qi had depleted but she could still use it. As she was dashing there, she passes through the national museum which she remembers hold antique weaponry from ancient times. She doesn't have any choice but force her way in and borrow a bow for the meantime. The guard stop her, so she took care of them by flicking them one by one.

She's just gonna borrow it for while and going to return it afterward. She doesn't know if this might be handy since the opponent this time was on the air.

She taught, she would be involved in a big fight but she was disappointed that the animal was down by an arrow.

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