Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 41

Volume 1 Chapter 41 Offending The Boss

Su Ci Yi was nowhere in sight now. Qin Yu's gaze landed on the marshal eagle that landed in front of him. His gaze was profound and deep as he took the phone and dialed the officer-in-charge of the Zoo.

Not later, there came the field men who took the animal on an enormous truck.

"Sire, we do apologize. We haven't thought that the strength of the eagle surpasses the forest he was being a cage. The animal just broke down into a sudden rage and before we knew it, it broke over the park's iron fence." The field men told him.

Qin Yu's eyebrow twist and his face turn sour.

Then after a moment, the man whom he called arrive. He was the current sitting executive of the theme park. The man is a short man with big belly and rough looking in face. It could have been said the he knew the boss face because of he's position.

The man stopping in front of him sweats bullets. Surely the boss was so furious right now. The eagle's punishment would have not been that violent if it had not been attacked the boss specifically.

Mr. Tan, receive a call from his office directly from one of their biggest investors. He was currently having a rendezvous with his beautiful office secretary when the phone rang.

Mr. Tan only looks at the caller's name and he immediately pale. He secretly looks at the corners of his office just to see if there are CCTV cameras 'cause the man called on this specific timing.

He would never knew that it was a different matter and to be exact, it was something that he's not aware of the moment.

Qin Yu's cold voice even makes the man tremble. "Report the specific detail of this commotion"

Mr. Tan was trembling, "I-it's because there w-was a small glit on the wall beside the forest where it connects to the public masses Sire. That eagle was so strong that it collapse."


Qin Yu's face didn't change. Mr. Tan couldn't even see if he's satisfied or not with his detailed report.

Qin Yu only wave his hand and said "Dismiss"

The man heaves a big sigh. As if he had just threaded a single string and down below is a deep cliff. Upon reaching the other end, he felt a great sense of accomplishment!

Reaching his office, Mr. Tan went back to his beautiful secretary and fool around inside his room. However, before he could even touch the big chest of the lady, there was another phone call.

It was from an unknown caller. Mr. Tan lazily picks up the call.

"Where are you?" There was an arrogant deep voice-over then end of the line.

Heh, you called, you should introduce yourself first! "Why do I need to state my name first? Huh? Do I know you? Right at this moment, I'm doing critical work that will benefit humanity's population. If your just a scam then scram!"

The other end of the was silent for a moment. Mr. Tan's patience was on the line and anytime he would gonna sue this caller for his distraction of office work and responsibilities.

"Hello Mr. Tan, are you still on the line?" There was another voice over the phone again.

"I said I'm still here!"

"As per suggested by the upper management, from this moment you need to step down from your position. The president has decided to find an outstanding person dedicated to this job. As the person you are talking earlier prescribe to, you are not qualified to stand on that high position with your respective duties."

Mr. Tan jump outright from his sitting position and exclaimed, "What! What are you talking about! Who the hell are you anyway? Just casually firing me without basis Hey you, I know your a scammer and only finding rich people enough to bait. Let me see where this could bring you. I will sue this number so you better watch out!" Mr. Tan howled from the top of his lungs.


However no matter how loud he shouted, there was no response on the other end. It turns out the call had ended.

Mr. Tan was left hanging on the line. He was raging in anger as he looks at the woman in front of him. Earlier this woman is so beautiful and attracted but how come now all he could see is this stupid face here?


"Get out here! I'm not in the mood anymore!" Mr. Tan howl on the woman.

After he had shouted, an email was send on his phone. It was the company email that he is using for business purposes.

The email was sent from the human resource chief saying...

As of this moment, effective today. He's been fired in the company.

Mr. Tan frantically called the other line, even went to the higher-ups to explain his sudden termination. Only to be reason out by few words. HE HAD OFFENDED THE BOSS

Mr. Tan's feet became jelly as he went out of the office bringing his valuable objects and material that he had to earn in his 10 years of working as an executive on that theme park.

All of his efforts and schemes where all gone in just a spec of a moment.


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