Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 42

Volume 1 Chapter 42 Su Ming's Return

Qin Yu's car that was heading to the company retracted and headed to a different direction. His next destination would be the A&A National Museum.He needed to settle something in there.

When Qin Yu went down on his black tinted BMW. He was immediately welcomed by the director with a warm smile. Qin Yu return it superfluous just like a professional.

"Boss, you're here. Hehe"

"What's with the commotion in here? I have received a report you have lost an ancient artifact?"

Director Fu Lao immediately explained it him in detail. It was early in midday when everyone was busy inside the museum both the distinguished visitors and the employees. When out of nowhere they heard the shattering of broken glasses. The security department was immediately notified and march to where the sound came.

What they saw was an escapee from the hospital. A woman wearing a patient's gown was hammering the crystal vault that homes the said stolen artifact. The woman easily took the item inside and would just have dashed away but the guards step in. However, this time those muscular middle age tall built men didn't measure up to the woman's strength as they were flung one by one, 5 meters away from her.

Director Fu Lao also couldn't believe what he saw " Boss, I know I'm not mistaken but the woman only uses her index finger to flick those men far away! You can't believe this Boss, as we search her data, she's an insane person admitted from the XS Private Memorial Hospital!

Director Fu Lao continue while his shoulder is drooping from the bad news he will report, "However the woman took with her the artifact, we weren't able to follow her. But rest assured we will track the thief, we are already about to send an ultimatum to the family"

Qin Yu motion as if he wasn't interested anymore and just cut off "No need". Then Qin Yu turn and wave to one of his men.

A man came forward bringing on his hands a fully wrapped object. Director Fu Lao has witnessed the opening of such item and his eyes popped up in bewilderment, "Boss...that's the Liang Sect's Phoenix Bow that had stolen. How come it was on your possession?"

"My friend borrow it for a while. So I'm returning this to you"

Director Fu gulp. Was his friend the one who caught the thief?

He was also intrigued at the same time. Who was this person that even dare to personally let the Boss return the item?! Even if he's the one who caught the thief?


XS Private Memorial Hospital

"Where is my sister! You told me, that she went on her own?" What are you doing? You know that she's not on her sound mind and you are lenient to her?"

Su Ming was furious. At the moment all her blood went up on her brain. Early in the morning and she's been like this.

She had just come back from her long vacation from country K and just came in this morning. She didn't spare any moment and immediately visited her. But when she came, she was nowhere in here.

If she had know this would happen, she had just brought her along with her on that country.

A certain doctor steps up and defended, "Young Miss, you're sister has been healed. I can show you her physiological results. However, your patient specifically requested to be admitted here. Since she's also paying the room, we consent to it. We taught we would allow her for the mean time since she had just been healed, and this was the most crucial part of her if not being monitored."

"So you mean this as monitoring? Why the hell do you know about her? You even don't know where she went"

"Young miss calm down, the lady had always been missing every night and would just come back every morning. She might as well be back before sunrise"

Su Ming calms down for a bit. She seated on Su Ci Yi's bed while contemplating, "So, when did she say she will go home?"

The nurses and doctors look at each other, "That...She didn't mention"

"Young miss!" When everyone was silent and was thinking on their own, one nurse steps up. It was the nurse in charge of Su Ci Yi. She handed her pad to her and played a video clip.

The topic title was so hot on the webpage and even has her sister's title on the front page " Su's first daughter rampage on her ex-fiancees party" The topic title was even capitalized and highlighted.

That son of a bitch!

Whoever that writer of this article, he better be ready. He'll drag him to the depth of the earth, into the burning fire and pits of his darkest nightmare!

Daring to write something outrageous like this to her sister. She better not see this up. She might even be depressed if she saw this and her mental state would become unstable again from the criticism of the public!

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