Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 43

Volume 1 Chapter 43 Su Ming's Plea

Su Mo, Su Ci Yi's father had just woken from a tiresome night. This morning the sun has not yet cast his ray yet he's already awake.

It had already his morning routine to check all his emails and phone calls before doing anything in the morning.

One email notification popped up on his phone.

Su Mo's face turns black upon seeing the video footage that was sent to him. Upon finishing the video, he opens again another email and its content was the same.

Su Mo's face turns black upon seeing the video being consecutively emailed to him.

He has still hadn't recuperated his tiresome week and his body has now beginning to feel the burden of old age.

Seeing that he's daughter created another scandal over the night again, he furiously threw his phone on the wall. There was a loud crash on the wall and the poor phone broke into pieces.

Su Gi, Su Ci Yi's mother, frantically enter the room and when she saw the pieces of phone laying on the floor she immensely questioned the person responsible for this.

The Su couple stayed in a different room for more that a decade already. After their second child had been born, the two stay separately from the other room.

Su Gi called the maid to collect the littered broken pieces and said, "What it is again this time?"

Su Mo, "Hmph! We don't have a lineage of insane person on our family, I don't know where your daughter took her sickness don't you think?"

Su Gi knew what was hidden behind his message and said, "Being mental is not hereditary, or didn't come in any lineage, haven't you learn that in your middle school years? What causes it, its depression, and who cause that depression to her, I think I know someone. Don't you think you're partially blamed for her sudden mental incapacity? Your the one who pushed her to marry that son of a bitch bastard!"

Su Mo retorted, "I only say a few sentences and you declaimed a whole paragraph. So early in the morning and your being so loud."

Su Gi, "who's loud it is in the morning, you threw your phone over the wall! I woke up from the impact"

Su Mo glared at the loud woman and turn his back. "I don't want to fight in the morning. You go out. I need to be early in the office"

Su Gi rolled her eyes towards him and walk slowly while whispering, "Getting busy over a ruined business. Why not let go of that stupid company, I won't be shocked if you become like our first daughter and would start running around on the entire city n.a.k.e.d. Haist. I don't care what happens to you. Suit yourself."

Su Gi after walking out of his room banged the door loudly.

Su Mo has already in his business attire suit when he heard another sound opening. He raises an eyebrow and taught his wife came back to critic him again. "what it is again?! You came back--Su Ming, so you came back already"

"Dad!" A loud and powerful voice came in.

Su Mo looks at the happy go lucky daughter of his. "Dad, sister went missing!"

Su Ming, one by one reported in what she had found out. She had just come from the Huan Clan saying that her sister was taken by a man after the incident.

Su Mo paused for while upon hearing the bad news. But he soon recovers and regains his usual composure.

"Dad, We should find a search party to find her!"

Su Mo, "Nonsense, She hasn't disappeared 24 hours yet. The police will not take this case."

Su Ming didn't give up and retorted, "We can't wait for her aren't we? What if the man who took her had some dark motive towards my sister! Even if she's insane, she's still a woman, It's dangerous for girls to be with guys they don't know with"

Su Mo, "Do you think your sister didn't know that man who took her? What if they knew each other?"

S Ming, "But that, I don't recognize any guy like that. I don't even know him. Much more my sister!"

Su mo, "Who would be interested in an insane person anyway. Don't worry your sister will be safe"

"Dad, your heartless she's your daughter aren't she?"

Su Mo didn't respond.

Su Ming called her again "Dad!"

"Su Ming! I have a lot of crises needed to take upon this day! Don't pester me with trivial things!"

"Dad, my sister is also your daughter. How can you say it?"

Su Mo can't do anything about it. Filing cases for a missing person will be conducted after the 24 hours disappearance on the victim. He just hopes that the child is still alive by that time.

Su Mo gets himself busy and pretended that Su Ming was not there.

Su Ming, seeing that he can't win him, angrily stomp her feet. "I hate you, dad! Go to that shrinking company of yours. I won't care if you became insane like my sister. I won't care for you anymore! Hmph!"

With that Su Ming dejectedly, went out of his room with shoulders drooping over.

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