Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 44

Volume 1 Chapter 44 Beautiful Melody

The bright sky was clear from the malicious c.u.mulous clouds and there was not a percent chance of raining. The sound of gushing crystal-clear water was racing with the sound of harmonious tranquility. Tune of the Maya's sweetly and cicadas chirping with the verdant leaves on the treetops.

This day was beautiful and peaceful to cultivate with.

Su Ci Yi who was peaceful sitting with her cross-legs, hands in a yoga position and her breaths are coordinating with the flow of the atmosphere. There was no destruction of any form that would affect her concentration, for this place was located on the outskirts that humans couldn't reach.

Su Ci Yi was seriously meditating, a normal person can see it like that. But no one would know that there was an unknown substance in the air, a mysterious pigment that are coming together and entering her meridians. Flowing throughout her body. Beyond the n.a.k.e.d eyes, Su Ci Yi's body glowed as her spiritual qi increases.

Su Ci Yi felt the tingling sensation within her body as a luxurious smile appear on her lips "Level 2 soul foundation stage. Not bad for this remote place."

The process was just like that. Su Ci Yi stayed alone for the entire days to come.

Su Ci Yi didn't know that what she taught she could cultivate for just a few days turn out that she went missing for an entire week!

She has no clue that her face had become popular and every establishment has a portrait plastered on their building walls. She was even popular on TV news broadcast and daily newspapers.

The person responsible for this was the frantic and neurotic Su Ming!

The peaceful and tranquil Su Ci Yi has no idea what had happened to the chaotic mundane world.


It has been a week; Xiang Mo Mo was having the luxuries for herself. Of course, when she bought branded bags and shoes, she didn't show it to Huan Ro. She's a sweet and simple girl for him. So, no matter how she's dying to get her hands on the imported goods, she resists the temptation. She needed to wait for the right time to get those designer products that she's been dying for. She'll just wait when she became the official daughter of that clan! She definitely will get back on those things.

All she could be glad for now, was the disappearance of her arc enemy. That woman was just poorly run by her plan. It doesn't matter who, as long as she's the ex-fiance of the man she had set her eyes into, she definitely will take her out of the picture.

That poor woman, she would have been reborn as a goddess in her next life. So, she won't trample and used like this.

Oh well, what's the use of thinking her. That woman was probably dead by now.

"MoMo, these nails are so good! You really are an angel for treating me on this salon." Lin Shushu exclaimed with excitement to her. Mo Mo's train of taught was broken when Lin Shushu called her. She's one of her lackey nowadays. "Don't mention it. As long as I am the daughter-in-law of a successful family, you'll always be treated like this. You only need to be honest and show them how I treat you okay?" If she wanted to boast her good things, she didn't need to do it herself. That will make her proud outside. However, it will be a different matter if the one boasting was a different person. Gossips and rumors make a person popular nowadays.

"Of course, such good act should never be kept!" Lin Shushu chirp in.

Xiang Mo Mo rolled her eyes, this woman is a shameless gold digger.

After staying on the salon, the two went to an invitation of Huan's Relative. She had been invited; however, the location is in the outskirt of town.

Xiang Mo Mo needed to drive a long way. Huan Ro offers for her drive but she refuses, because the man was fully loaded on his schedule and she doesn't want to wait for him. She only reason out that she'll be late to pick up presents for her niece.

Lin Shushu was driving while Xiang MoMo was lazily leaning the car window.


Su Ci Yi slowly opened her eyes. She felt her new cultivation level and was satisfied. They say that there's no amazing treasure to a cultivator but to level up. Like the surreal and beautiful melody that pierces through every one's hearts.

Along with her qi, her emotional control had become somewhat stable. No mortal can cast away her feelings but a cultivator has a strong control over it. There were hundreds of thoughts, ideas, principle that she knew she made mistakes and would therefore correct it.

Incorporating with the right time and timing, she made her resolve firm and resolute. As she rapidly steps and dash forward, her thoughts running wild.

ONE: An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

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