Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 45

Volume 1 Chapter 45 Beautiful Melody

Lin Shushu was driving insanely fast. The outskirt has fewer car travelers on the road and its very exciting to race on the empty road. When she saw a woman in the middle, she quickly steps on the brake. The car stops harshly and she almost hit the front from the impact.

"B*tch" Xiang Mo Mo wasn't able to guard her mouth as she blurted out.

Lin Shushu was looking at the front. "Look! SheShe's Su Ci Yi right? She's still alive!"

Xiang Mo Mo and Lin Shushu both look at the woman dressed in silky white patients' gown.

"Hahaha" Xiang Mo Mo broke in a hysterical laugh. What we do have here. "Quick, start the car!"

Lin Shushu looks at her in disbelief, "What if she died!"

"Are you crazy, there's no one here! No one would know! As long as that woman lives Huan Ro's attention will be separated for his lover and his childhood friend. You don't want to waste your long-time investment on me right? Step on the pedal now!" Xiang Mo Mo urges her.

Lin Shushu was in dilemma. What had this woman had turned into? Was she like this always? She was more and more beginning to resemble a madwoman who was obsessing over something.

Lin Shushu who was thinking, release her foot on the break and the usual speed of the car resumed.

"Ha-hahaha hahaha" Xiang Mo Mo focus her attention, without blinking an eye to the person they are planning to run through.

The moment appears.

The car bump into something hard. Xiang Mo Mo & Lin Shushu had fasten their seat belt and they were not severely injured. Just a small scratch from the impact. The two look at their front and their eyes almost popped up!

Su Ci Yi was still standing alive.

Shit! How many lives this woman have?!

Xiang Momo, even more, shouted: "Lin Shushu, just run through her, at your fastest speed!"

Lin Shushu started the car again but only to hear an irksome mechanical sound. The car has been lifted while its rubber wheels are still spinning.

Xiang Mo Mo saw Su Ci Yi's insanely strength and she almost flop to the ground. Holy Cow!

Lin Shushu: "What is that woman?!"

Xiang Mo Mo "I got a feeling that this woman is cursed! Who would have taught I am right!"

Lin Shushu "What are we going to do?"

Xiang MoMo was about to escape but their car suddenly shook as it started to move alone by the woman's strength!


TWO: A snake will always be a snake so better get rid of it while early.

Su Ci Yi's face was blank. No signs of emotions could be seen. Her strength was overwhelming that Xiang Mo Mo and Lin Shushu was crying in nervousness. The car shook and shake tremendously. They have no idea where Su Ci Yi will bring them.

Su Ci Yi stops after a few minutes of dragging the two..

The car now was dismantled and pieces were starting to fall off on its own as it rendered motionless in the middle of an empty riceland. Xiang Mo Mo and Lin Shushu went out before it's too late because Su Ci Yi turns the useless car upside down. If they fled a little late, they would have been sandwiches inside.

Xiang Mo Mo nervously pulled her phone to call for back up but the moment she pulled; it was cut into perfectly tiny squares. Xiang Mo Mo, trembling look at the culprit behind. "C-ci Yihow come y-you are here?" She tried to divert her attention. She was hoping it could prolong their demise.

Lin Shushu was crying in full tears. "Su Ci Yi, you only have a grudge on MoMo. Why the need to include me here. *Wuwuwu. She was the one who orders me to run through you"

Xiang MoMo looks at her in disbelief. This gold digger wench! Out of panic, she picks up a stone beneath her feet. SU Ci Yi was getting closer to her that she didn't have any weapon for defense.

"J-just what the heck are you? You knew I'm going here right? That's why you followed me. You pick a rural area like this to act your crime! If you do this in the City, I know the police will immediately catch the likes of you. Even Huan Ro will push you to live forever inside the jail!"

Lin Shushu " MoMo don't provoke her"

Xiang MoMo doesn't want to stop. "Coward! If you want to kill me, do it in a populated area!"

SU Ci Yi smirk "Who said, I will kill you. I won't kill. I'm no murderer" she said that as she took Xiang MoMo by the neck and strangle on the midair. Xiang Mo Mo was lifted 2 inches from the ground.

"You didn't kill me back then, so I'll return the favor. However, the feeling of gasping, I want also to share that experience with you."

"S-su C-I Yiii. I-I'm not the one who pushes you on the pool." Xiang MoMo tried to save herself at the last minute by blaming someone.

"Your servant. I know it. But isn't he receiving orders from you? But that's not important now"

"D-damn you" Xiang MoMo still able to curse her despite her gasping. From time to time Su Ci Yi let her gasp for air for a short while.

Lin Shushu had taught that she had been forgotten and would have grabbed the chance to smack Su Ci Yi's head with a rock, however before she could act- a sharp blade pierce her hand and shouted eerily.

THREE: Always on the lookout for accomplices.

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