Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 46

Volume 1 Chapter 46 Beautiful Melody

Huan Ro has already arrive to his relative's party. He was a little bit late since he had still doc.u.ments needed to be submitted on this day. He had taught that Xiang Mo Mo would been long here but the latter didn't arrive yet. He tried to call many times but her phones off. He was dialing her number for the nth time but no one answered.

Uncle Huan Zi tap on his shoulder seeing that somewhat he's anxious. "Little Ro, how come you are here. Why not join your aunt inside?" Huan Ro was standing outside his Uncle's village home and was standing under the shade of an unknown tree. Face that looks worried.

Uncle Li was a brother of her mother. They're family are different from the rest of the clan since they decided to seclude themselves and live on the outskirt of town. These folks lives normal. Though his Uncle owns some share of their company but he was someone that don't enter political struggle inside.

"I'm still waiting for Mo Mo Uncle Zi"

Uncle Zi smile, didn't bother his nephew and just went inside.

For a long time of waiting, Huan Ro decided to fetch her up. It's going to be dangerous if she would drive this neighborhood at night.


Su Ci Yi had enumerated what she had reflected while cultivating. A human nature is full of greed and jealousy. Life's that short lived, should have cherish and treasured. But all she could see was the vast darkness without a glimpse of light.

The more the fragile hearts embraces the dark side, the more the black mist take its life. Feeding out to people and their inner weaknesses.

Light and darkness. From the early times they where the arch enemies.

Lots of people had already been a victim of rampant darkness.

Cases like this are not different from what she had taken back from the Immortal Sword Sect.

But somehow, this case didn't involve the appearance of black mist.

Su Ci Yi turn to Lin Shushu who's arm had been pierce through. She was howling and crying hysterically. Bright red blood was oozing down the hand.

"Bear to remember these things" Su Ci Yi made a fierce glare at Xiang Mo Mo, "One: an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. I had just give you your fine share on this" She then threw the woman off the ground. "Two: a snake will always be a snake so better get rid of it" Thousand harden little blades flew unto the air as it struck the woman who was gasping from breath. On both sides, the little blades didn't leave her until all her clothes where torn off and she was bleeding blood in all body parts. Even her beautiful face didn't escape. Those blades where just pieces of dried rice straw that scattered the ground and was incorporated by her qi.

Then she turn her gaze to Lin Shushu. "Three: Always on the look out for accomplices." The blade that pierces Lin Shushu's hand was pulled back in an instant. The blood that stock because of the blade gush out and squirted. Lin Shushu howled in so much pain and agony. Sooner, she lost consciousness.

Xiang Mo Mo turn into a pitiful shell in just mere instant. Snot and tears flowing on her face. Even her mother wouldn't even recognize her now. No, even if Huan Ro came he won't recognize her in just a glance.

Her body was trembling nonstop as she coil pitifully on the smelly ground.

Su Ci Yi is not a bully of the weak. This woman is a mere mortal. Killing her would be against her rule. She doesn't swing that way anyway.

Mortals had a tendency, when they feel threat and power, they would immedietly cower in fear. Because they are helpless and weak mortals, that is them. She was once a mortal. She knew this kind of fear. Fear of the powerful. She won't reach the nascent soul stage if not for her perseverance and effort. His Senior Brother was the one that help her in ascending on that position.

Now that she owns this mortal body, she needs to cope up with it's needs.

But it doesn't mean that she would stoop low behind these fools.

In one last time, Su Ci Yi's feet brought her in front of the woman. Xiang Mo Mo cowered in fear of her aura.

She took her mouth near her ears and whisper " Do not forget this, if anyone would find out about what happened here...I will not hesitate the next time I caught you. So if you want your head to stay connected with your body. You better change your way of living and style."

Xiang Mo Mo gasp. Nodded her head in great succession.


Now everything is taken care of.

She better be go back now.

The sun was starting to set low. The wind that was hot on midday was now warm turning into cold as the night approaches. The energetic birds on the sky, one by one find their own nest to take their rest.

Su Ci Yi's foot stretches and the other hold the back. In one strike she dash and her figure disappear from the vast field.

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