Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 47

Volume 1 Chapter 47 Blood Ties

When Su Ci Yi return, she directly went to her bed. Tuck her blanket in and open her favorite book to read. No one notices her return that her room remains quiet for a while. However, her peaceful time was destroyed when some nurse came in. The nurse almost loosen her grip on the tray of medicine she's holding.

As soon as she saw Su Ci Yi, she jump in excitement and went outside to bring the good news.

Then after that her personal Doctor and Nurse came also in surprise.

Nurse Shan Mian lit up as she hug Su Ci Yi tightly . Doctor Tian Xu was smiling at the back and she knows that he's happy that she return.

Doctor Xu also took her wrist, and perform some rechecking on her body parts. Soon he hails in good sigh seeing that there is nothing wrong with her body.

"Good job protecting yourself Ms. Su. I thought you really went back with a child on your belly. Your disappearance set us alarmed and taught that your mental stability worsen again and some hoodlums take advantage of you. This is great. This is great. This is great. You came back in one piece."

Su Ci Yi was dumbstruck.

Su Ci Yi taught: Doctor, you said "great" in three times. Just how much unpleasant things you were imagining huh?

Su Ci Yi taught: Doctor, the man who will have my child hasn't been born yet, or might not be born on this world!!! Thank you.

Nurse Shan Mian added, "Ms. Su. We are really worried about you. The whole hospital was in gloom since your one of our famous patient. Starting when you were admitted, the number of admissions everyday increases and also our hospital was even featured in the newspapers! We also lit a incense every night on your room, so if ever your soul might be back, you will never feel lonely on your next destination"

Su Ci Yi: "..."

Su Ci Yi taught :Girl, if there is an increase of mental patient everyday, then this is not a good thing!!!

Su Ci Yi taught : Your hospital's photo would always be attached whenever an idiot reporter would make a critical report of my sanity. Girl, this is also not a good thing!!!

Su Ci Yi felt helpless with these people.

"Ms. Su..."

Su Ci Yi look upon the Doctor who called her name. " Anyway, were glad you are here now. If you plan to go out in the future, could you pitch us in advance. We don't want to be on the dark always, guessing wherever you go. You should also call the lady who's always looking out for you. She was so worried sick of your disappearance lately."

Su Ci Yi genuinely smile hearing the Doctor's advice.

"I will take note on that. I apologize for the commotion I made. Thank you for looking after me"

Doctor Xu's warm smile plastered. "Alright, as long as you obey the hospital rules. This establishment is open for you."

The two people bade their goodbye to her.

Su Ci Yi return reading her book but then again, there was the door that creak open. Then a loud voice was heard, "Sisterrrrrrr!!!My sisterrrr!!!"

Su Ming was delighted seeing Su Ci Yi's fine, right and in one piece. Her joy right now could not be measured by anything.

"Sister, where have you been?I miss you. I have been worried about you. I've been looking all over you..." Su Ming then jump up to hug her. "...I look for you through social media's, newspapers, poster, tarpaulins on building walls, even pester the police department to look for you immediately. But it was all no good. So I plan to even make pamphlets with your name and face written on it. People might recognize you that way. I was so scared that I didn't know-"

"Hold on, hold on" Su Ci Yi interrupted.


"Are you crying?"

The crying Su Ming vigorously shakes her head. "I am not. It's just a runny nose"

Su Ci Yi let her hug for a long time. Then when she taught that it's almost a minute past, she broke away. If not for her extra-ordinary strength she wouldn't do it so.

"Su Ming. Thank you for searching for me." Su Ci Yi's sincere taughts. Since the time she was here, Su Ming was the one who's always loyal to her. The one whom treated her like a true person. Someone who always visited her on the hospital.

Su Ming wipe away her tear and smile. "We are sisters, so I should care to you. Even the world turn upside down, you'll always be my blood related family. Even though mother and father doesn't care... Now that I mention, right now I am angry with father. I hate him. Even mother doesn't care of their insane child. Sister, don't be goody goody to them okay? If you do, it will look like I am a black sheep in the family because you're together while I have forsaken them. Is that okay?"

Su Ci Yi hum in agreement. Even if she won't say it, her relationship to this body's parents is like strangers. She had met the old man once and she didn't even like him on the first glance.

Su Ming has nothing to worry about it. She should always stay by her sister's side and Su Ci Yi will definitely do her job to protect her. This is a promise made by a cultivator. One that she will uphold as long as she live.

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