Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 48

Volume 1 Chapter 48 Likes And Interest

Qin's Imperial Corporation

299th floor, Office of the CEO

A typical day as a businessman. Qin Yu had just received another call from the international group about the upcoming conference on the said month. That group will just send their representative to the given meeting.

The place of the said event had already been decided and it will be conducted in the main hall of their own business building.

The Qin's Imperial Corporation was the tallest building all over the City. It could also be said that it will fall as the 4th tallest building all over the world.

It could be concluded from the call earlier that this will be a big event that they will be having to this year. As soon as he receives it, he immediately informs the offices in-charge with regard to their duties and responsibilities to partake on that day.

His day was all so much busy that he forgot he had brought a child with him!

Qin Tao decided to follow his father at the office. His days without his master was quite boring and uneventful. But he never taught that his own father would even forget his existence! How dare he!

Rebelling, Qin Tao also ignored his father.

And the two began the war of who's going to talk first, will loose!

Qin HuZao, Qin Yu's cousin drop by to deliver some doc.u.ments from the 103rd floor. Upon seeing that there was a child he was stunned. He saw his nephew last year and now the child had grown, even become chubby.

"Hey" Qin HuZao greeted the child.

Qin Tao who was quiet, seriously reading a book and was ignoring his father took a peek to the person who called him and replied, "Hey!" then he went back to reading.

His master said it was rude to ignore people when he's talking to you. So Qin Tao takes note of it and remembered to the heart.

When Qin Yu saw what his child doing he sense a De Javu.Then he shoved that idea to the back of his mind.

Qin HuZao's eyes lit up seeing that the kid was now willing to talk to him. He only saw this kid once. It was when the time he stayed overnight in Yu's mansion. However, at that time this kid has a problem attitude and won't talk to anyone. He was not even mute but the child refuses to talk to any person Only Qin Yu could talk to him, but even if Qin Yu could solicit a word from him it was still few.

The year had passed and he wasn't able to see him. The kid was still cute and adorable.

Qin HuZao went near the kid and lean on top of the sofa where the child was sitting. The doc.u.ments that he brought we're just casually put on top of Qin Yu's table without any explanation regarding the doc.u.ment.

Qin HuZao was busy observing the child. The child was reading a theoretical book about elementals and their affiliates.

Qin HuZao's slide from the sofa as he straightens up upon knowing what he was reading.

"Hey, kiddo. Do you like what you are reading? I can buy you some interesting books than that and you'll like it. Even your Uncle once read them"

Qin Tao was serious"hmm. I will read them if they are interesting"

Qin HuZao beam and excitedly said, "Jack and the beanstalk, David and Goliath, King Midas and his golden touch, Cinderella...etc. Tell me if you like any of them. I'll definitely buy it for you"

Qin Tao was disappointed and his positive points from his Uncle decreases. "Only an idiot child would read those"

Qin HuZao,"..." Was he an idiot child also.

Qin HuZao added again. "Come on, even your dad read them before. You should try it when you have time"

"I don't read that stuffs when I was a child" Qin Yu who was busy sorting doc.u.ments took the time to defend himself.

Tsk. This cousin of him was so serious. Just like his Child. They definitely are blood-related. Tsk Tsk.

Qin Hu Zao has given up shoving kid's fairy tales on this child. This kid has no interest in these things anyway!

"Ah Tao, Ah Tao, what do you like to read then? Come, tell Uncle about it and I'll but them to you"

Qin Tao flashes an adorable smile hearing his uncle said this. Then his positive points towards his Uncle skyrocketed. Qin HuZao felt that his heart had been pierced through. At this moment, he decided to climb the mountains high, reach the high moon and swim the deepest part of the ocean just to find books that Ah Tao likes!

"Qi Cultivating Techniques, Just easy: Opening meridians, Finding true aspirations in Leveling, Digging spiritual energies and qi, Serene Mind in Cultivation, Do's and Don't in Channeling Spiritual Qi..."

Qin HuZao's mouth almost drops as he looks at Qin Yu and taught: Is your child still normal? What part of being a child like this? How did you raise this child!?

Qin Yu smirk at him, "How is it? Can you buy those books?"

Qin ZuHao return his confidence and said in a cheerful tone, "Just leave it to me! At this moment, I will deliver this to you, your honor!"

Qin ZuHao took his phone and search for that various topics on the internet. After a few scrolling, typing, chatting and massive calculating he felt that fire would emit on his nose! How did these boring books sold out already! It even had only one copy! What kind of author is this?!

Amitabha Buddha. Was he even doing it for a livelihood!

Where the heck would I get these books then!

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